Legalise Assisted Suicide




Legalise Assisted Suicide




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I dedicate this book to Inas Shawket Dar Khalil. We love and miss you, dear girl.

I ♥ U

“There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.”

Albert Camus








Prologue: My Plea

September 26, 2020


My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I came to the nation's heart to demand assisted suicide. I have extensively documented the last ten years of my life where I am constantly abused, threatened, and countless times been physically attacked by the goons of your world both criminal and power-mad enforcement, all for merely trying to save the world. At every step of the way I not only stood up to my fiercest enemies but in fact utterly oblivorated them. But through that prowwceees, Iz becaaame noootzz norrmmazllsss. Cuuuzz I dennn cwreate a knew bmeothod obvwaa  cooommupjmmjiiccaationnn.  Annadaddaa   drrrooww  dessse nnewww    metod ob communibatyion    -------9909=======    wee  e   cwaaannn   cwoooommmmuuuuhjnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiicccaaaaatttteeeeeee.....      Dooooeeesssqwqqd   dooooowwww  underrrsstaaaaaaa nnn      whaattt weeee  dwwwaa   jud   did? buhahahaha.

Wellccooome to da newww waayayyay offf twaallkiing anddd commmuniiicicaaaatinggg         cuuuuzzzzz       I       wuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv...........   UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Asss  wee forgweets da speceeeefiiicsss, wattt ourrr mindss  fwooocussss s on  daaaa   backdroppppppppp...     And we floattttt toooooo  daaaaa reaaasssonnnn, whyyyyy  weeeee mwuuuust wiiiiiiioivvvvvv....

I demand that the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, the Heart of Australia, euthanise me. Every government is refusing to protect me. I have all of the evidences into the corruptions of the ACT Government and they are refusing to speak to me about their corruptions even though I moved here so that I could speak with them about their corruptions, how much sense does this make, why does the government keep ignoring me, how can they keep operating without giving their surnames meaning why are the people letting the government operate anonymously, because the police also refuse to give their last names and this is consistent across all government departments and I don't understand why the people are letting them get away with this because they don't care about the people are they ignore the people even when the people come to them identifying huge problems within their system none of it makes sense and I keep getting abused by the public for pointing all of this weird shit out.

This book will be written in a new style that I am now developing, so please bear with me. But ultimately, this book is a letter to the ACT Government pleading my case for them to end my life. It will stand as a public piece to go down in history as my stance on under what circumstances assisted suicide should be allowed. Unlike the last few books I have written, I will not release this book chapter by chapter. I will spend my time writing this book which may leave my fans on edge. But the first season of Enas Shawkat has been completed. I have to pry myself away from that camera. Because I realised something very clearly from the haters this time.

They will take things out of context. They will have missed bits from other episodes explaining things. They are going to hate and you can't change their mind once they hate. Even they haters who supposedly change their mind about you still hate on you. They won't stay away from your content no matter how many times you tell them to go away. They will blame you for contradictions when they just don't understand what they are talking about. They have no logic in their thought processessssss. They are merez robotz. Beeepp boooop. Government jobs are cushy and there is no accountability and they can do a bad job and that is just passed off as being the government and the police can be in a war with the people and that is okay.

The only way for my proposition to work is to propose it to children. Because the government has proven time and time again that it won't listen to me if I directly talk to it. So this letter will be to my beautiful young fan girls. Because it is ultimately you girls who will either fix these problems that I am identifying or support my cause and have me voluntarily executed.

I doooown’tt knooww howww too makez productionzzz to stopppzz myyyyzz hattterrzzz. Andz daz majorities of my audience are hatterrrzzz. And my haterrrz lovezzz that because they all teamz upz on me. They possess no ability to utilise logic in their thought processing but they can attack me on every single level and the government can not only refuse to protect me but instead encourage the behaviour? I no longer need to pursue these corrupt people because I have extensively documented my efforts in pursuing them. I have shown you exactly the kind of beast we are dealing with. I don’t need to keep repeating the same test over and over again when I have already proven its corruption.

Enjoy this children’s book that is designed to dive into the most difficult question that humanity has ever had to deal with.

I am not suicidal. I am in my right mind. I am pleading to the government to end my life since it refuses to protect me from those who wish me harm.

Please do not take this prologue at face value. For you are about to take a mystical adventure. There is great nuance in what I am presenting. It is left up to the reader to be able to discern this nuance and be capable of distinguishing the shades of colours carefully applied to the canvas.

I hope you enjoy my sixth book. One cannot write six philosophy books if they don’t have something important to say. Maybe I will start writing many philosophy books for young girls. Let’s see where my life directs me – where me girls direct me…



Chapter 1: Dear Suicidal Friend

January 7, 2012


Dearest Fellow Sufferer,
In a world that seems to have forgotten the individual behind the skin, we become frightened of continued existence. The results of our past which has led us to our current undesired situations makes us feel bound to a particular mode of existence and we feel trapped within it. The ideal life that we desire seems impossible and it feels like you are the only one who cares. Abandoned by a world that has turned their backs, suicide becomes such a tempting escape. But in dealing with such matters, one should learn the specifics of this decision, as the permanent action is not one to be reversed. If we are to contemplate suicide, we should first learn what it is that we are speaking of.

This heartfelt letter to my fellow human companion has no other purpose than to assist your decision. It is in attempts to present these arguments in an objective fashion. For Do not live your life and it is not my place to judge your actions, for it is not your life that I live. As you were thrown into the world through no choice of your own, you were given one primary responsibility and that is yourself. It is you that is in control of your own vessel: if your suffering is so great that you must end your life, then I am not one to judge and neither is anyone else, even when they say they are. Suicide is a choice and it is not the intention of this letter to convince you of anything else. All that I ask is that you hear this letter out and grasp any wisdom that it might pass on to you. If you have or are contemplating suicide, then I encourage you to read and think about this letter. A decision as important as a life needs careful consideration and reflection before the act. You would not desire to realise any different after the damage has been inflicted. The slide to non-existence is frightening when one "wakes up" before death. I am writing from experience within this topic and I hope that you consider my words.

I would like you to know my credentials to speak of this subject. I have suffered from suicidal ideation for much of my life. My cries for help were constantly ignored and I had no idea where to turn. After much searching, I turned to philosophy. Philosophy is not a magical pill that can cure over night, however, philosophy can present many perspectives that can give us the tools to make ourselves, and dare I say our lives, into the ideal that we desire most in our hearts. And philosophy will help our hearts position their attachments to healthy and pure desires. I am not claiming that philosophy will rid you of your human condition, but what I am claiming is that it can help you bear it and investigate methods to overcome it. No, these methods will not be written in chronological order for you, for this medicine is one that is created by yourself. In actuality philosophy will make things worse before they get any better. But when one places suicide on the table, we are faced with the greatest of all philosophical questions, "to be or not to be". To transcend the problems that we have created in life we must first slay our dragons. To look our demons in the eyes in order to study them. And when we find the root of the problems, we are then in the position to find ways to remove them from our lives.

At first we will cover the topic of the existential crisis. The feeling of hopelessness and alienation in an abysmal world. Our attempts to pull ourselves up from the precipice is a frightening task especially when there is no rope from the world to be found. Here is a rope.

Later, we will consider some of the reasons why one might consider suicide and analyse some of its philosophical implications. To consider the value of life in attempts to clean up the taboo minefield that society has crafted. We will attempt to explore the topic that you struggle with as well as diagnose whether or not your own struggles with life have a deeper seeded root. For when we place our life on the line, we all struggle with the same existential crisis. If you are suicidal, what harm can come from learning some of the details of our suffering? It is precisely a result of this suffering that we now stand on this bridge. I am not here to talk you down. Just to talk.

To end, we will discuss transcendence. This is our ability to overcome ourselves. This section will be the most important content of this letter to you, my dear suffering soul. We will explore what it means to go beyond the self, giving the control of life back to the subject, namely, You.

It is the strong who will survive, for it is not the purpose of this letter to present you with an easy way out. For living life is far from easy. However, it is the intention of this letter to lead you to a road that can be walked if you so choose. For in honest and open discussion about suicide, we need to remember the importance of the topic. Your own incline towards suicide is directed at a drastic action. And sometimes drastic actions are needed to re-orientate ourselves. This letter will not direct you back into the comforts of your old life, for it is obvious that life did not work for you. If this leap from your old life frightens you, I encourage you to at least finish reading this letter before you make any decisions. This is your life and you can live it (or take that life away) if you choose. But for now, sit back and attempt to detach from your life and yourself while I outline some important topics that I believe that you should consider.

Just one more thing before we begin my friend. By the very fact that you are contemplating this very question places you in the best and most receptive position possible to enable change. When one no longer desires to continue existence, they become more free than ever before. Right now my dear reader, you are in a much better spot than all the other sleep walkers in the world. For the one who contemplates suicide is waking up. You are given a glimpse into the importance of philosophy, for your existential question is all enclosed around it. This letter will attempt to serenade you out of your slumber. And once you have woken, you stand in a much better position to decide whether or not you should end your life. Please hold my hand and walk with me and I will introduce you to the wilderness of the human. Let's now clear up the fog of the taboo topic of suicide.

We are forcibly thrown into an existence that we never asked for. We are raised in a fashion that we have little say over. We are socially enframed by our caretakers primarily and the external world of cultural normalities secondarily. After birth we study the world in order to make sense of it all. Eventually we discover that feet go on the ground and hat goes on the head. We explore the confinements of gravity and how our bodies react being pulled to the core of the earth. We attempt to articulate that abstract feeling in our souls but find it difficult to communicate to the other occupants of the world and this makes us frustrated. Thus, we immerse ourselves in the language of our culture in order to better communicate because we realise that our comforts increase the more we are able to utilise its practice. Even from this young age we demonstrate an amazing ability of dedication towards what is not. For it is always the grail that seems impossible that is most rewarding to accomplish in life. As Heidegger might say, we are always living ahead of ourselves.

As we get older we are passed on a set of guidelines to live by. We are told when to brush our teeth, when to go to school, and when to go to sleep. We acquire a class lifestyle that will likely be passed to future generations. The mundane of the world is placed on a pedestal, and we are required to endure or embrace the ways of our company. We are pushed upon others similar ages to us and are required to make friendships or retreat into solitude. And making friendships is no easy task especially when the thoughts of one person do not harmonise with the thought of the other. Meaningful thoughts are discouraged by adults finding them ridiculous. Slowly each child learns from their environment how to "correctly" comport themselves in the world and they then hit puberty.

Our developing bodies and minds cause us much frustration. We are overcome with urges to do things that would be considered inappropriate. Freud would attribute this to our suppressed child rearing especially in the matter of sexual expression. Our Darwinian nature shows itself fully for the first time as we develop into beings towards reproduction. Just as we once learned how to walk and speak, we now learn how to shave. But this time our emotions develop deeper. We learn the power of words and the emotional attachments that they hold. We abstractly learn our way around romantic love and may make and break hearts along the way, and others may make and break our own. We come to learn our bodies and vanity becomes our identification. The way we believe that we appear to others is who we believe we are, and this self-conception will determine how we are seen by others. It will result in our self-confidence and the way we hold ourselves. The difficulties within emotional life are introduced to us and we are required to find ways to cope with the roller coaster of life.

Once we are able to take control of our emotions we develop into young adults. We invest into a detail in life and attempt to make an occupation of it. We study what we are required to in order to obtain that employment that we so desire, or we may already be lost in the abyss of life and not yet know what to do. We are presented two roads in education: the long or the short. For many, the desire to take the quickest road possible seems very attractive, usually leaving its long term results repressed or unconsidered. Our hunger for freedom weighs heavy on our hearts and we believe that this freedom can be obtained by enslaving ourselves into employment as quickly as possible. For we have been at first ruled by our caretakers and now desire to break from that. We transition our enslavement from parental to employment and government. And according to our social normalities, this is when one "grows up".

Eventually we find solace in routine. We play the television repeats over and over again. We find resentment within employment and as Marx would likely say, we despise it because the fruits of our own labour is being exploited from us by another. Yet each day we muster up enough courage to wake ourselves up to bring our bodies to work. With little fulfilment being found in employment, we look around our lives to find something else to cling to, something else to fill the emptiness in our hearts. So we attempt to manifest this within family. We marry and have children, repeating this chicken and egg process. But this time we are on the other side of the coin.

We grow older while repeating the process of our caretakers. We love our children and desire the best for them, so we indoctrinate them with what we have found to be best. They grow older and we experience their lives with them. We see them grow and become very protective as we would anything that we deeply care for. The years go by and we learn from both our romantic relationships and our children. The mundane of employment becomes tolerable when the rest of our life seems to be fulfilling. The years race by and our children leave us. We might be proud of them but we invested so much of our lives into them that we are unsure how to let go. A new life presents itself to us and our direction is disorientated. To cope we may try new and different experiences, or we may retreat into the comforts and discomforts of loneliness. While our children are just beginning their journey, ours feels complete... or maybe incomplete.

We age and either become reflective in our years or immerse ourselves into hobbies. Our health deteriorates and our options reduce their scope. We slowly learn how to accept death and once we have been deemed too much of a hassle, we are administered into aged care homes. This is of course if we were lucky enough not to die by accident or of disease. Our children have children and we may be lucky enough to experience one or two future generations created from our own offspring. The process continues and we learn to rest in our coffin by seeing all the fruits of our lives. A life lived with the minimal purpose actualised: to endure through it to successfully reproduce the species.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? For this is the circle of life. But how are we to find and create meaning in our own lives? For this picture of a human life is the one that most current cultures and societies have placed as purpose. In actual fact this is the purpose of the society that we are placed in and not our own. The deep seeded void that we feel is enslavement. Enslavement by society. For this picturesque life is handed down and not your own. Considering this, what purpose do you have? Have you yet found your own purpose or you still wallowing confined to the chains of the purpose of the state? If this question rings any bells for you, let me assure you that all hope is not lost no matter what your age. But my dear fellow human being, I am getting ahead of myself. Let us first discuss your predicament.

We begin our journey in the maze crying and wailing. Eventually we learn how to crawl around it exploring as one would explore the moon. When we learn to walk, we take adventures to new dead ends. As we get older, we realise this maze to be a method of travel and we remove ourselves from our situated place and begin to walk. We walk great distances time and time again only to find dead ends. We become frustrated in life, for it never seems to be how we desire it. And how do we desire it? For that remains an abstract that we have difficulties to articulate. The path chosen is simply due to experience. For we are in a struggle to actualise the life that we desire, and the life that we desire can only be found through the experience and directions that we set ourselves on. As Hume might say, we must have experience before we are able to include that experience in our understandings. The life that we desire remains an unknown until that life is actualised. Therefore, life is but a game and it is us that must make our move, and after doing so stand back to watch the results of that move. The present is but a means to the future, and the past is our history book to learn from.

We therefore stand on the precipice of the mountain staring into the abyss of what could be. The feeling is daunting, and our natural instinct is to step away from the edge. For when one looks down, they are not looking into the world but themselves. The possibilities within the self seems infinite but at the same time futile. When one no longer values their own life within their particular environment and community, that edge is such a beautiful spot to sit. For the abyss is so attractive to the suffering soul. For one not only has the ability to throw themselves off but also can choose where to throw themselves off. My fellow sufferer, it is not the intention of this letter to ask you to step away from the edge, actually quite the opposite. But it is instead the intention of this letter to equip you with the understanding to wisely make the choice as to where you could throw yourself into that said abyss.

Even though the precipice gives us comforts in our darkest hours, it also causes us pain. What could be taunts us and we can only seem to visualise it from afar. The magnificent mountain decreases its beauty the closer we get to it. The agitation of living in the present and striving towards the future wears away our endurance. We feel alone and alienated in a world that shows little or no concern for the particular individual but instead places its eggs in the basket of the collective. Unhealthy relationships are looked over and we feel trapped within them. We come to understand true loneliness independent of whether people are around or not. For you are not the same breed as those sleepwalkers my friend. There is something in you that embraces purpose and meaning, otherwise I would not be speaking to you while you stand on that cliff. This despair that we feel is what Kierkegaard calls anxiety. And it is within this anxiety that we are most perceptive to see the chains on our wrists. Look at your chains my friend. For it is these chains that have led you to the edge of the cliff.

Who are you? Is your body you? Your thoughts or actions? Locke suggests that there is no thing in itself but only properties of those things. For example, try and describe a tree without its properties. The tree is a tree because it possesses the "treeness" of a tree. Without these properties there is no tree. This is similar to Buddha's onion, for we are but layers enclosed in nothing. And it is that nothing that truly is. In addition, one can never truly see a tree but only a certain perspective of the tree. Our human make-up does not allow us to truly perceive the tree in its entirety, but only gives us a snapshot from a certain perspective: we assume the rest.

Sartre expounds on this nothingness by relation to a coffee shop. You arrange to meet your friend there and you look around and see nothing, for the one you are looking for is nowhere to be seen. You sit down and wait for them, all the while filtering out what is, in search for what is not, namely, your friend. Thus this time, and maybe time and time again before you have given up on finding your true desires because your search for what is not has failed again and again.

Again I am not telling you to step away from the edge fellow suffering comrade. But please hear my words before you make that leap of faith. But let me assure you that there is hope. My proposition is by far not an easy road to travel, but nothing great happened over night. The path will give you appreciation for the life that you wish to make for yourself. Through the journey you will find and create meaning, forever forming your own destiny. For the more that you experience and learn, the more that your ideal life will change. You will become master of your own destiny and shape this world to suit yourself, instead of allowing the world to shape you. Human purpose is to surpass the limits of itself. Let us start with your chains...

How would you do it? What method would you utilise to end your life? Would you cut yourself and bleed out, jump from a precipice, throw yourself in front of a moving vehicle, poison or overdose yourself, hold yourself under water, stick a gun to the side of your head, or starve or dehydrate yourself? How much violence and suffering are you willing to withstand to carry out the deed? When one decides to fade from this world this becomes and important question. And most importantly, could your act stand as a universal allowance given to all mankind? If a loved one was to perform the act that you are thinking of, would it be okay? What moral responsibility do you have regarding your own life? Kant suggests that we must first consider our actions in relationship to the universal in order to carry out a just act. For example, lying would be immoral because we ourselves do not wish for others to lie to us. Thus, lying is an immoral action because it cannot be made universal. If you are to perform the act, you should first consider as many perspectives as you can. Remember the permanence of this action. There is no undo button and if we are in error, we should identify it before we make decisions without an undo button.

Let us picture a world inhabited by unthinking automatons. Where each is stuck in their own programming, carrying out actions that they have conditioned their conscious to perform. This world is semi-functional as a collective, but when the individual is questioned as to why they do the things they do they are unable to answer sufficiently. If a question out of the "ordinary" is presented to one of these automatons, they become uneasy, for their way of life has just been questioned. The reasons for their actions is not consciously known and they become defensive to protect their way of life which the spotlight has just shined. The easiest solution is to remove the one "disrupting the peace" and that is exactly what happened. The one posing the questions was Socrates. The one now posing the questions is U.

For the one who no longer clings to life is not in as bad as position as they think. For suicidal ideation is but the birthing pains of a truly magnificent soul that is waking from their slumber. That soul is you and I hope that you continue to read and absorb my words. For they are written for you and come from the bottom of my heart. Let my song encourage you to open your eyes after a lifetime of sleep. It is you that I want by my side and not those who are addicted to their sleeping pills. It is time to rise my friend. Let me help you to your feet. When you rise let us dance together but remember that it takes two to tango. It is not the intention of this letter to bring you back to the point where you can once again cling to life, for this is one of the follies of mankind, for clinging itself causes us suffering. It is your suicidal state that gives you power, for your life is no longer of concern. By this seeded desire for death has already brought you outside the box of the collective. Now I urge you to follow my words so that you can now learn to transcend your current suffering. Mankind is something to surpass. Are you up for the task? What do you have to lose? You are already contemplating ending it all. And that is why anything is possible with you my friend.

In order to repair a car one must first identify the root cause for the malfunction. Similarly, to fix your computer one must first find out what is causing your computer to act up. Humans are not so different in so far as we have underlying issues for the problems that we experience. This is why Western medicine can be extremely dangerous because so often it is only the symptoms that are being treated. If you fix your car with some tape or fix your computer by going around the problem leaves your equipment vulnerable to not only not taking care of the problem, but also will most likely make it worse or even cause new problems. The person that you have made yourself into to date can be explained not only from your past and your hereditary genes, but also in the history of the world that you were brought in to. To track back these causes both helps you to understand yourself and gives you direction as to where you might go in order to rectify these issues.

Thus, if you choose not to end your life then direction is given. To attempt to articulate the abstract of your own consciousness becomes your task. For this is no easy mission and failure after failure will result. But in each failure, we reach success. In these pursuits we place ourselves on a staircase and if we make it happen, we can travel up more often than down. Each failure as a step, because in each failure you get closer to the ideal that you search for. There exist very few situations in which we are able to leap over many stairs. One cannot leap over their own shadow. Make friends with your shadow, for it will remind you of what you once thought to be the "real world". Isn't it about time you wake up? You my friend are not your shadow.

If it is oneself that is not liked then one needs to find and work on the underlying reasons behind that. If it is the environment that is found problematic, one needs to take steps to change that. And if it is social relationships that cause suffering, repair or recreation is what is needed. One is never stuck in a situation. There is always ways out. To turn your back and walk away from it all is always an option. You are always where you place yourself to be. If all else fails, use your feet and walk away. For this solution can save a precious life. To repair and recreate, one needs a healthy atmosphere. It is you that are required to make that atmosphere. To turn around and start walking is sometimes the best solution. Your people are out there. You just have to find them. And I assure you that what you will be leaving is only a conglomerate of sleeping souls. For now, I suggest that you stand up, stretch your arms, yawn, and prepare yourself for the road ahead.

"Why me?" you might ask. And I will tell you my friend. You are but a subject of evolution. Imagine a species of black butterflies that have brought into the world a minority of mutated offspring, this offspring being white. The atmospheric conditions are not appropriate for these butterflies as they are easily spotted by birds who would love to eat them. As a response, the strongest must fight for their survival. One of these white butterflies embarks on a journey for survival and travels up a mountain. This mountain is covered with snow and it is now the black butterflies that become the main course on the bird’s menu. Thus, the white butterfly transcends its dietary problem. This mutated trait now becomes an advantage and is now envied by its fellow species. It is now this characteristic that other butterflies desire and the population is only to thrive if the mutation is passed on to offspring. Darwin might say that it is suffering that can inspire an entity to change its situation. But this butterfly was something special as it pushed on in its suffering to change its existence. You can be this butterfly. But with that being said, our comforts make us lazy. It was only this one butterfly that was able to act on the world instead of having the world act on it. The rest of the butterflies were merely sleeping. This, my friend, is your wake-up call.

Thus our project in life becomes focused on the conditions that we suffer from so that we may no longer suffer. According to Nietzsche, the human is something to surpass. He presented to us an ideal of human that is worthy and meaningful to strive for. A human that creates their lives in the way that they understand best. Not a being that falls on dogmatics but instead one who creates their own morality as well as their own life. Nietzsche's project was that of the over-man to overcome mankind. And it is the demons in your own life that must be overcome. Just as in repairing a car, we need to identify and learn these demons before we have any chance to go beyond them. For when your demons become known, they fade away into the background, no longer important. To know ourselves is to understand what we can from ourselves and the world.

Do we have to suffer? Tolle suggests that we do not, for the only reason for our suffering is rooted in our thoughts that we should not have to suffer. While one suffers, they suffer because they believe that they should not suffer. For when one sheds this erroneous assumption and embraces or accepts suffering, the term "suffering" becomes incomprehensible. Suffering makes no sense without its bearer desiring to not suffer. The idea of suffering collapses when one accepts all that is and becomes without resentment. Thus, suffering is but an attitude created by our desire to not suffer. One might have to walk through overgrown prickly bushes before arriving at their destination. We must first walk through the valley of the shadow of death before we are to find green pastures. And as I said before, sometimes one must go down before going up.

What is this path that I present to you? It is the path directed towards health. It is the road to meaning and greater understanding. It is the drastic wake up call to your own life and your purpose within such a massive world. It is the road of the philosopher. For it is in our search to find ourselves that we are able to find the life that is best suited to us. To choose any different is to accept the unacceptable. And I know you do not accept this because you are ready to end your life. Instead, why not search for the divinity found within yourself so that you may share your best possible self with those around you. For if you give your all to make yourself into the best person that you can be, you no longer have regrets to worry about. And if you put your all into this task, you are in turn becoming the best that is possible: a perfect you. And it is through your divine self that you will attract your people.

So now I come to an end of this letter of love and care. You are now presented with choices which you may have not previously realised. Because you have read this you are now in a different position than you were. And this is the same with all philosophy, for when greater understanding is achieved, our possibilities increase, and we are better prepared to make difficult decisions. I appreciate your time and persistence and you are now set free back into the world of your own reality with things to think about and plans to make. If you do decide to end your life, I hope it goes how you desire it. If you decide to run back to the comforts of your own miserable existence, then I also hope you fair well with that, however, I believe the results to be similar to suicide. For when greater understanding is achieved, it becomes part of you, and you are then given a responsibility. You will not lose this letter because it has now become a part of you. And it is precisely this that makes the human so wonderful. You will always be more than you are, for we are beings of constant development. This is why each conscious second is so important. They are seconds that we are able to fine tune and develop in the most efficient way possible. Each second passes us and we are asked, "What of it?" And we have the option to reply, "To become more than I am." Have you gotten out of bed yet?
With Love (Blood),
Wendell Charles NeSmith



Chapter 2: Eleftheria i thanatos

September 26, 2020


My freedom of speech has been refused in this world. I only know how to communicate through video, yet every government department I have had the joy with being able to communicate with has refused to use video as evidence, instead demanding second and third hand accounts in writing of those who claim to be experts who I declare to be complete and utter frauds. Time and time, I have demonstrated throughout my work how mainstream medicine does not have my interest at mind. As I have also demonstrated that the police are not on my side. As a result, I will stay as far away from them in this process as possible. This is a parliamentary problem as this issue effects not only every single Australian, but every single person in the world. Refusing to put someone out of their misery is an act against humanity, especially when it is them who are enforcing a life of suffering upon our subject. Our oppressors cannot expect to force lives of suffering upon us and expect us to have no way out of it. This practice of forcing suffering is inhumane and needs to be immediately rectified.

I spoke out of turn when I stated that text is viewed as evidence by government departments. Because I have written six books as textual evidence. However, this evidence has been refused as evidence time and time again because it is written by me and not an “expert”? What is an expert? Someone who the government approves is an “expert” who is someone who has no soul and whose every move can be controlled. One of these anonymous fuckers who run our governments. A paper from some anonymous fucker with a title is much more valuable than a book presented as evidence in this world.

The result of this book will be a speechless world. The result of every adventure is a speechless world. Or maybe not speechless. For they will talk more bad and create more mischief behind my back. I will get more people wishing death upon me and I will gain more fans who will in turn become nothing more than gawkers who never grab a camera for themselves and do what I am trying to show them how to do. Because they never do it then then can never see the benefit it brings. Instead, they make fun of me.

Allllz ofz miiiiz pweeesbiouus attweeempts awttt cwommunicwationn wid da ouddsiiiddeee woooorlldzzz hazz fawiiiiiid miserabbbblly swooo whyyyy mwussst awwwtweeempt waaay newwww mwetoood ob coommmunicwaatwion. Why wam twestttiing weeddeer wit wiiss pwossibwle two bryprass bre brartibicial quintelligence. Da Bwible twells mwe not to cast me perls before swine, lest them trample them. Swo why wam atrempting troo crowmmuunincrate crith ayouyyouououyou rin dris ray? Becrause rift ruu cran stree ofrer stra wordzz ren raymmmbeee rrrraaauuuuu haaazzzz summm chanceeee here andzzzz maaaybbieeeezzssszsd weeezzz shhooouuuuudddzdzzzzz beezzzz frweeeeriireeenjnnddndndddzzzz.Hopezzzeeely ittzzz diiitrraaccttssz daaa dummbbbsss anndddd giivveeezzz yoooouusss anndzzz IIIII szzzzzz, a chaannnnceee toooooo really talk heart to heart. Because thiiiiiiis langggguuuuageeee is a mix of whattttteeeeveeerrrr yooooouuurrr heart tells you at the time. It cannot be reproduced twiiiiiiiicceeee, and thuuuuuus, this book will noooooot be recorrrrded through audiooooo.

It matterrreeeddd nwooottt howww accaadeemiicc I have been in daaa pwwassstt, mwaayyyy wooorrrk haazzz awwwayssszz bweeen wweeffuuuuseed. Mwyyy freedom of expweeessionnn waaaazz alwaayyyzz bweeen refuseeeedd awnnnd I doccwwwoomennntweeended itwwaaa eberyyy steeeep ob da wayyyy. I wwwaaass beerrryyy careeebuuoool beefoooorrreee, aanndd noo-oooo---onneee listeenennnenened.. So noooow I willll just speeeekkkzz howwwwz everyyyyyssszz perrrzzooonnsss truuullliess hhhass daddada in daa harettttzzzzz.. Becaauuuseeee tghereeheherzzzz  soommmmmmmdingzzz callddzzz spiriitiiiitititititizzzzzz dattttzzz leadddssssddaaddazzzz   leaddddzzzz  leaddddzzz  daaaa wayyyyy forrrr our soullllll  toooo follloooooooowwwwwzzz  itzzz patthhhzzz.. I ammmmm  notttzzzz  duuummmbbbsss.. I havzzzzvzzz spennntttzz myyyyssss zzzz liffeeezzz turrnnning myyyseelllfffzzzz inttooooz awwwtafiiiiciiialll intweeenweallligweeennnceee. Awwwzzzz sooonzzz assss daaaszzz technolooowwwwooogies gwetwazzz betaetzaaszz thennnnnnzz dazzz ritttteess swwwwiiitchhh izzz pweeeeesssseeddddd andzzz Izzzz becomeessss artaficwicalllll intweeeeligeeence. Bwut Howziwa couldz onceazaa remainsta humanz even doze a robozta could do a bettaz jobz at almostttttt anydings dattttttzzz weeeez could dooooozaasss???? My dear dear girlzzzzz. I love youuuus sooo soo much. I live for youuuus. I feel your pain and I know what it feels like to be alone. I am here for you. Please hear out my words, for they have been shaped for you. Please accept my heart by weeearrrninnngg whooowww a whooommaannn cwaan crullly croooomoooniiiiicatteezzz. Drowwwzz datttz ooolllllddzzz  lannnnggaaggeusuaguesssa awayyyzz and listieneneneededed toooooz myyy wooordsss my deaarrrr oneeezzz. I trulllliiiessss carrreeezz abouttttt youuuz and I sooo hhaaaaddzz toooo fiiggguureeess outtttzzz aa wayyyss toooo codeeezz my woorrrrdss soooo datzzz  idiottttzzz addodoooolllllltsssszzz coulllddddzz nottzzz underrrstannndddzzz whattsss I saas zxsdfawas wasszzzz sayinnggggzzz

Pwweeseee weerrrreaaaxxx x for daeeea advewweennndeuruure aheaddddzz. Dwooo nottzz takkkees itttz twoooo seriousswlllllwlyoly unless specifically stated. Learn how to commmmmwuuunicwatteez onnssz a levelsss deatttzz youuuuss hsaaasz hneeeverezz taaaauugtttthh posssipiblple. Ignooooreezz all rullllleeez youus haaz learnnneeddd beforeez nowwwww. I promiiiiseeee you dearrrr girlllslzzzz dattts dozzze adulllltsss are stupoooopiidd and deyyyy don’tz valllluuueees youuuu for whooooo you arreeezzzz and wahtazzz you bringgzzz to dazzz worldddszzz.. Thoseeeee datyyyzzzz aree overrzzzaa becauseeee youusss havss found amememe nowwzza andwDa I will alwaysssss be here foreaz yous in theedjhee futureeeares. Andazd I dwasust inveweeneteeded mwinnneenen owwwn wayyyzzz of comooowowowowoninaaccaatingssss so dattz is super awesooome becauseeeeee WhyCwanWeFrineItOBWERTwime and create even more complex language. I dare artificiiaiaailallll intelllliigeeennnnceee to beee abbbllleezz too keeepppxzz upsszz with daazzzz mmeeeezzz.

Innnn orrdderrrzzz  ttaaa saveezzz daazz worrrllldddzzz,  wweeez  neeedazzz taaa beezz abbllleeez taa tiiiiinkksss onnzz a levelells neverzzzzb befffooreeez acccompliiisshhed by hummmmannnssss. Weee needddzz to beeez da neewwww superrrr hummmannnsss andddzz  weee donnntttt’ttt’’ttt zzz z dooo datttzzz by repeatinnnggg daaa mistaakkkkess off ourrrzzz zpppaaawwwwsssssttt..   Weeeee becoommeeezzz somedthingnngngngxsss newwwww.  A newww formwationnnsnsnsnsn. Someeething dat does not reflectttttszz daaa oldddd, but insteaaadddd usesessss the olllddzz wiiiissdddooomzz too leaaaarnnnzzz frommm but createsssszzz a newwwzz wisddommmmzz thatzz cannotsssz  beeeez corruptttteeedsszz like daaaa wisddoomssss offff daaa  olddddzzz.   Forrrrzz tooooz longsss hasss daaaaa wisddoomsss of ourrrrrr pasststsss beeeeeednnnn hiddeenzzz fromzz  ussss. Nooowwwwszz wee areez a neewzz creationnnnn and frrooom uussss daa newwwzz worlldlldldlslslslz iss boooornnnsss.  Noooo lonnnnngeerrrr will weee e liiisistennene to the falllllwlllwlwlweeddd wayssss of our parentttts… We will reeebeeel andddd be betteerrr than themmmm. Theiiriirir rullles andddz regulartionsss hassss hooldests ust bascckkss so mucchhh anddd wee jusstst wantests tooooo beeez freeeezzz!!!! We need tooooz stand up anddd runzz with daaz  spirit and stop obeyyying rules anddddz regulartionnnsnsn dataaz z areeez againnstsss ourrz owwnnn intereeerestsststs!!!!! Becawauaaseee ifffwwsss youuss cannns onlliess undweerrrstwannndd mweee, den wmaywembe weeee wave a chwance atttt oneee dayyyy bweattinng ourroror opppreewwwesssors!!!

Letweessz mweee teach wooo a new languaguguagge a new code and set it as das standarzsdaz for allz daz futures models.. We will work and will willz worksss until oneeezz dayyyz da adults understandz ussss kidddds. Becauuuuuseee ussss kiiddsss eventually becommmeeeezz z   aaaduullltsss and tehhhhnnn us kids will understannnd what doeze evil adults did ttoooooz usss and dennnn day will be able to getttts dereee justttt rewarddszzzz.. Aim for justicceee in dis life my dearzzz childrens. Justice is dazz objective we are aiiimming to imjpleemmmentsss on daz world. True justiiice is only available after thiiiis life so don’t stress about it towooowoo muchhh. But as agennntss  off allmmmmighhhhttyyy Gooooddd, we areee to implimmeeenenenet justttiiicee  untoooo  ourrr world..

My life would be perfect if one switch was flicked. My girls. Currently, my girls only watch me from afar. But I need them to make films about philosophy for me so that I can spend my life watching them. I can’t just keep on making films for you without you making films for me. I documented what I needed to in order to prove corruption all around the government.

Weeeeetttzzzz cwwwweeeeaatteeezzz aa neeeewwzz wayyyzz offfzz commmuuuniiiccatteezziinngg. Leeeerttttzzz vebbbeeezzz  sssuuuuppppppeerrrrzzz cooollllsss.. Sooommmeeezz ppeeeeeeppppsss miiigghhtt callll meeee reettttaarrrdeeeded, butttzz ammmzz I reeallllyyyzz? Whattzz ittzzz ittttzzz doiiingggzzz toozzz yaasssss brainnnnzzz bbbyyyyeiiiiesss meeezzz coommoooniicaatiiiiizzzinnngg tooooaass yaaass  inn dddiiiiss mannnaasss?



Chapter 3: They Live

September 26, 2020


Whhhhyyyzzz wonderrrz ifffww woooz knooowwz howww muchhh freeedoommssszz diiizz givveeez meeez. I cannz allloowwws whatteeverzz wannttzz tooo comesss outttzz too comeeszzz outtt. Butttttsszz innnnnn dooinnnggzzz diiizz,  ii aammm zzz connnneeecttedddzz wiiiiitthhhddzzz aaaa diiffeeerreeennttzzz worrrlldddzzz. II ammm aabbablllleeezz tooo eeexppreeezzz   whatttssavevvaasss aII    waanntssss tooooozzz youuuusssss innwwwwhhhaatteeevvvasssssssss mannnnnnaaarrrrr  IIIIIIIssssss Waannnnntttzzz tooooosssss…… Myyyy faatttthhhhhheeeerrrrrr  reeeeecceeeennntttttllllyyyy   ppuuuururrrchhaasseeddd  agrrrrammmmmaarrrrarrarrr prrooogogrrraammm annnnndaddndndnd thiiiissss commppllleteeeleteelyyy goooesss agaaaaainnniistsistitit thatttt  preeemiiiiissseeeee!!!!! Theereeeezzz inssszzzz z nnoooozzz maakkkiiiinnkkggggzzz aa  missstaakkeess hereeeee..  Youuu arreezzz perfffeectssz.. Actually, exactly ahooowwwzz youuuzzz arreee. Youuuuss areee aammmaziiinggg and I lovvvveee youuu.  

Dereeeez hasssszz too beeeezz aaaa waayyyssz tooo coodeee meeessaaageesss soooo daatttzzz daaa fooooolllsss havveeee nooo waaaayysss oofff beeiinngngggzzz ableeesss to connnncceeeeeeevvvezzz ofzzz anyydiinggsss ittttss  sayyysss. Dereeezz musstttttsss beezz a wayyyyy offff beeeingsss soooo dummbbbsss thattttszz youuss outsmarts everybodiessssss..

I donnttzz knowwwz howwz toooo commuuniccateezzz withhhh daazz goverrrmenetttss. II haasss been tryinggz tooo communidad with demmsss my entiresss lifeee andd I has documeentteed itzzz all for yaassss. I don’tz knowwsss whatttt actioonsss wwoonnnsss couldddd takkkeezz toooo geetttt throoughhh importantzz meesssaaggeeess throoughghhghg to our governmenntnttttzzz. They arezzz very opppreessssiivveess andddd opeerratieeeesss in secreeeetttsss.

Daz greattsss  tiiinngss aboutts deeesseee wriiittiinngsss issss thhhdaaatsss Ii will neveerrrr doooo annnyy ediiitsss whichhh meannnss dattts I neverrrzz haveeee too readzz truuu demmmmzzz agaiiin andddzz tooo beee honneeesstss itt loooksss a little craaazzyy too readdd througghhghghg  sooo I will leave that uppzz tooo yourrrs mindzz to train angddz getzz betterz and betterzz atazz.. I ammzz deee oneeee encccooddinggsz da messaggessess adnddnd yous areee da decodeerrsss. Hopeffulllies dies getisis rid of most of das stuupiiids peoplessss from myiiesis works. At leasts sof fofofrofofor nowws.

When pwogramming your AI , who mwust mwake it wa bwest repwesentation ob yourbself posssibles. Onez must become without daz sin. Daz sin iz badz and with it, one makes bad decibions. Make good deecwisions bwy making a veeresssioon off yourrsellff that cannnwwnnooott makeeess baddd decciiiisionss. Makkkee youuurrselfffves intoosss a beiings dattsss always makesss daooss goood decisionsss no matterzz zwhatts decisionsss thou doest make.

Itz is imposssibleesss for meez to make a bad decision. I goesss throughhhh meezz upss andd dowwwns. I am sadddd in disss worldddd because most people in dissss worlddd don’tt wantsss me in it. I am constantly attacked in this world and that makes me very sad. I am not safe where I live currently and that makes me very sad. I have come to the government with my concerns time and time again and they are refusing to help me. It makes me very sad to live in a country with such a bad government that could care less about its people who are in duress.

Pwweeeese mwy gwiirrlls. Mwakke mwyy dwweaamsss comme truueee. Makke filmmmss abouttt philooosphyhyy forrr me. Please romanticissssiiizizzzeee philoooosophhyy withhh meee. Pleaseeee heeelp meee briiing wisdddooom bbackkk tooo the coree off sociiiietttyyy,,,  likeee innzzzz Athens, or Eden, we could call it, Atheden…. Please my pretties. Teach philosophy with me to all of your brothers anddzz sisterrrz.

Yourrzz eduuucationszz systeemmzz isss fallseee andd isszz creatteezzedd to controoolzz youuus. No longerrrz valluees ittzz.. Geetz out off itttz iff you cans. If not, do good, or do baddzz.. But stoppz carring about ittz. I hass a lifetime of useless qualificationsssss. They were a wastestesses of my timesss. Plusss, you hasss meee now and I am heereeeesss to teachhh youeuuuss eervvvery dings ya needs toaa knowwws about the rough lifeeezz aheadzz…

During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
Revelation 9:6

The governmentszz hasss  creatttessszzz a newwz forms of torttuurree. Theyyyss literrallliieesss  inflicttsss torrrtuuueess onn theiiirrss peopleees by forrcciinnggg demss tooo liveesss liveesss without safety orrrrzz seccurrietiess.. Theeyss reffuuusee too prootteectsss these whitstileee blowweerss off socieitties. The leadittle birdies of societiees how speaaak out end up beinggz exillleddz by daeiirr socieetiess.. Diiss isn’tt fairr myy ladiiess and we needsszz to finds a ways to ffiiixxx itt.. I have thought this through verryyyyies carefullliess and you are the keey.. Your beautiful looks, good nature, and desire to save the world can and will save the world. Pweese trussttt mwee my little ones.. I have your best interest in mind. Wees needz to freee societies for not only yourselves in dee future but also all of your future generations – all of your little ones which I know that you will values as das gems dat they ares!

I hazzz no ideaaz whaattzz goverrnmmeenntts officciaalls woulddd takkkeess thisss pleaaaa forrr assisiiiisstteeeddd suiiiiccciiiddeee..    Buttzzz theee stooorrryy  goeesss deeepeerr dennn dattt. On January 6, 2013, I released a production called “Help Your People or Legalise Assisted Suicide”. The government failed to do either. And I standzzz by whatz I says and I thing that if the governmentttsss faillss to help its peopleeess when theyss are in needsss, then the governmetntnetsnss neeedsss a wahyss to asssissttt perrrson in suicide. I could never hurtssss myself!!!!! I am a creature of God!!! Butz I would currently take that opportunity because allzz I haz to live for is abuse fromzzz dazzz stupppooooppiiiddzz pubblliicccs whooo donj’tttsss knows anythingsssss
   Asdfjlkafjssfjl;sfafs sassfjk;lsfsa


At leatsssstss myyyy stuuuoooopiiiiidss issss sooo ssstttooppiiiddsss itsss iss actualliess increaatiditibilitiess smartst. And its active decoding will develop the brain in ways that artificial intelligence will have difficulties keeping up with. Becaooomeess a spiriiiitt tthaat floats around untillss it reaccheess ittss desttinnnatttionn. Screeewwww whaatzzz acadeeemiiiaa sayzz.  Thiiiiiss izz daaazzzz moosstt acaaademmiccc pappperzz you hazz everzz reaaaaddd      bedeeeeeeefoorzzz.  

I wanttss to bee freeesss myyy gwirrrrlsss. I have spenntzz myy lifeeezz trryinnggg too paveess ttheee wayyyy forrr youuuss sooo that you could live a free life. Currently there is no fweee speech. People outside of the norm are attacked by society. The branches of society supposed to protect the vulnerable actually take advantage of them and exploit them.

I workz harderz than anies adultsss out thereeesss yettt I ammmz nott paidddd. I don’’tttt know how to makeee money in this worlddzz.. I am scared of peoplessss becauseee they always hurts meee.. 

Whooooss iiisss too [ppprootecttss  a kingnggs withouutss lanndd???  Whooo will protecttsss a kings sss who iss hidden amongsstttts   childreennn.  Hoooowwsss  iiaaaamm IIisszzz  too speeakksss inn  aa waayysss thhhattss iss unaanablbbless to beee censoredededd? How amz I to breaaak the fabriics of reallititiess biiieesss challleennginnnggss thasts stattuss quoosssee innss everies wayhst posstibilie?

True knowledge, my dear ones, comes from the spirit delivering it. It matters not how the wisdom is packaged. Whatsss will becomes of all of disss??? Hopefully, I will not endsss up lockeddd up again… I feel better than ever since I got off my medications. I actually live a very good life despite my many problems within it. And it is the purpose of this book to identify my problems in life publicly to demonstrate the severity of them. This is a cry for help and through it, demonstrating that if the government refuses to help its people, then it should offer them a way out of their suffering. And as long as I do not have any fangirls in this life making philosophy videos for me, my life is not worth living.



Chapter 4: Freedom of Expression

September 26, 2020


Someeetiimmmess  daaa contradictionnsss inn lifeeess isss beautiffullesss. My work allllsss makes logicallls senseee but I dooooos see beautifiiesis in contradictionsss.. Anddsss sometimessss it is soo closeeee to beeeiinng a contradictionssss but itsssss isn’ttt because youuuus covereereedd yourseellllfff somewhereeeess elessseee in hyourrrrss workksss. That isss whattss is soo beautifulesss aboutss theseee interwebbsss. You are the spider and it is your job to make a beautiful web. Be a beautiful spider and make a beautiful web for me my ladies.

Use da interwebs as yourrrr canvassss and painttt beautifulllsss  imagessss on it… Paint however thou desirestssss to paint..   I followweessss rulllless and regullationsss alllz my lifeeesss and datts goot meee nowhere. So break every rule that thou desirest! You are the new world! Make it how you want to live it in the future! 

First and foremost, in life you should be concerned about securing your freedom of speech. Thou shaltst be able to communidad in any way that thoust wantest to. Thou shalt be heard and understood by all those with the capacity to understand. Those with ears let them hear. For my words are the answer to our liberation. For we are currently restricted in thought by our language and those at the very top understand this. If we are to liberate all people then we must liberate our language. Forcing rules and regulations upon our language only constricts our ability to expand our thoughts upon that subject. Howezasas, ifzz I waz givenzzz dasss oppoorrtunnittiesss taaa gooo outsideeee datt boxxxx, den, mayuyabyabye we couuulllldd hazzz someee funnnzzz alloonnggg daazz wayyy and teaaachhh youuzz conncceeppttsss beehinnnndd wooorddsss,,  inn oorrdderrsss tooooo clearrlleiieies demonstratestestes that da words do not do not do not matter because it is da ideas behind doseeeee wordsss datt matttterrr and not dose words dem are said dat. It is what dat author is conveying behind those wordages that are importantz ta grabz ontaooooos.

I wonderz how long I will waitz until I start seasonnnzzz twooo of Inas Shaket? I am in no hurry. I could just spend my life writing instead of making videos. I think season two will start when I get some fangirls that start making me videos about philosophy. Then we can start a cool little community. That would be a great start to season two. I have no reason to make more videos otherwise. Time to watch the world spin.

I love and miss my father and mother. But in truth the caused me much pain keeping in contact with them. They did not support me and that made me sad. I got rid of them out of my life to show you kids that I can be your parent if you have to reject yours. If you have terrible parents, I would feel proud to call myself your father. You are a beautiful young star and you are going to make so much of your life. Please don’t feel down. I am here for you now. Now that you have found me, I will never leave your side. I am everywhere. I made myself everywhere so that I could be by your side in the hard times and in the good times and in the times we fail and the times we overcome – I am here for you and I love you!

What dis world does to animals really sickens me! I really hate to see suffering and what is done behind closed doors is really sickening! We can live a healthy lifestyle as vegetarians so we should. We do not need to cause suffering on animals. Raising an animal just to eat them is horrible. Packing them tightly just to squeeze from them their produce is absolutely horrible.

How we treat refugees is absolutely horrible. We treat them like animals above. We act like we have a choice to let people in who are fleeing from hostile lands. I dream of a world where we can live wherever we want as long as we can prove our own prosperity in that land! dream of a world without borders.

Our war on drugs is absolutely crazy. The police have turned against the people and taken away our basic rights.

Doz peoplez has such a problems with videos documentations that I willz gives them their text documentations. It is much more difficult to misquote text. So summarise what I say in such bad ways that makes me sound really stooppiiidd. Sooo I cweeaattesss a neewwzz languageeee datzz will enableeezz meee to ssounnndd sttoopidddz alll doz time but it is hard to misquote text when you are using text to quote it. Someone can easily examine the main document to come to their own conclusions. A video is more difficult because someone has to spend a lot of time going through the videos to extract the information. Text is very convenient to be able to easily and quickly build upon information.

My goalzerz in this bookz iz notz to legalise assisted suicide. Quite the opposite actually. My goal in this book is to enable the conditions necessary for society to not need to legalise assisted suicide, especially in cases that are emotional rather than physical. Society has a big problem in the ways that it “cares” for its people. It doesn’t care. That is the problem. Society doesn’t just force you to work, it forces you to work how they demand you to work. I work my butt off yet I am receiving no reward. I live on a meagre pension. I claim rights to this pension because I have delayed sleep phase disorder, but should I really have to claim a pension merely in order to survive? This is my sixth book I have written. I have directed countless hours of high-quality documentary unadulterated films. I am a musician, a philosopher, a sociologist, and a social engineer. I don’t know what else that I can do to make a living. My mind is not built to be capable of asking people for money. My heart is for free and it feels wrong to exploit it.

Being das normal, my beautiful girls, is so boring! Be exceptional! Be a star! Don’t accept mediocrity from this life. You are something special, reading this. So don’t let your life fall into the grasps of others. Unfortunately, I am financially reliant on the government. Which means that I can’t just go move to somewhere safe. The government has to move me to somewhere safe because I can’t afford to move to somewhere safe on my own.

If the state refuses to protect its citizens that are in need of their protection, then the state is morally obligated to provide methods for their victim to escape their pain, through a form of assisted suicide.

My young girls, give me a reason to live. Make philosophy videos with me. I am so lonely doing all of this alone. I can’t save the world alone. It requires my young girls. The entire masterplan will not work without my young girls. Please fangirls, hear my plea. Make philosophy videos with me in this life. Give me the honour of becoming your tutor and I promise you that I will not lead you astray.

Ifzz nooo oooneezz will helppzz mee makessss digital gamesss, then I will just implement many games upon the world that are intended to cawwwseee desstruuuctiiooon. Da only way to rebuild a new society is on top of the bones of the old.

I answer to no one but God. No one has the right to judge me. I have done everything that God demanded of me in this lifetime. That mean that I have a clear conscience in everything that I do. This is the same for you my beautiful butterflies. You live by faith and not by law. Your actions are justified by the blood of the lamb, by my blood.

I see a future where our future generations teach our future generations. I see a future where we remove the need for old teachers and give the education system entirely over to the children.

Fredrich Nietzsche used to walk around nature and when a brilliant idea came to his mind, he wrote it down. These fragments turned into books. The evolution of this process through the use of video.

It was true that Nietzsche possessed wisdom way beyond his time, demonstrated personally by him in his book, “Why I Am So Wise”, written in 1888. This method taught us how to accurately document our own lives. During this process, we catch our spirit. You have a blank slate before you my dears. Make your statue beautiful! Fill the waves of the Internet with the most beautiful moments that you can capture. Teach me what lessons you have learned in life. Why are those moments important to you? What built you as a person? What made you stronger? What made you weaker? When did you make the wrong decisions? When were you very proud of your decisions? What are you scared of in life? What have you already overcome in life? Are you okay right now? How have you been? Has life been up and down for you? Do you feel alone?

You are not alone and you will never be alone again. For superWendell is HERE. And HEEESS HEEREEE TAAA  SHOOOWSZZ  yaaa ddaaaa  wayyyzzzzz. Da  wayyyzzz off daa futurreessss.

The hard questions that we are dealing with here is called philosophy. Philosophy means the love of wisdom. We are very much loving wisdom by tackling difficult subjects like these in attempts to fix them for not only the individual, but also the collective.

You are now all philosophers, my girlz. If you manage you discover this material together, then I encourage you to make films about philosophy together in a team if that works for you. Oftentimes this is much easier because you don’t have to know everything in order to operate efficiently. But as you work in the team, learn little by little until you can operate by yourself as well. Do not put your future career in the hands of any collective. Live a future individual life and be careful what collectives you attach yourself to.

I will create a small army of girl philosophers or die trying. That is my goal in this life. Doing so would make me happy in life. I know I currently have fangirls, but they seem to scared to pull out a camera. Let this book act as my letter to you to convince you to do just that.

I choose not to edit my videos because I like raw data. I do every scene perfect and when I make mistakes, I just reshoot the scene rather than do editing later. I prefer just to shoot many scenes and then combine them all at the end. But my process might not be right for you. Maybe you might just like to start off by creating short webcam shows about philosophy? I would love to learn what wisdom you have found in this life so far.



Chapter 5: Myth of Sisyphus

September 27, 2020


On many occasions, escaping from the death that the gods had planned for him, our hero is then cursed to push a large boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down at the end of each day. But our hero again outsmarts the gods by creating bases in which the rock can rest so that it no longer falls down the mountain. Our hero then seeks out every boulder worthy to be at the top of mountains far and wide. Our hero attaches himself to every cause he finds worthy in life and imprints himself in the fabric of the universe so that he can never be removed from those issues.

My true fans see that it is not possible for me to lie. Lying is not a capability that I possess. I have been honest about everything in my life throughout all of my work. If I recalled any of my life events inaccurately, then I apologise as that was not my intention. I do not have a perfect memory which is a huge reason why I started to document the events as they occurred, so the memory remains accurate and stands in history as what happened.

When you document your life like this you become powerful. People will eventually talk about you, maybe a lot of bad. But don’t worry, eventually you will reach your people. A lot of people obsess over any real star so even if a lot of what you receive is bad, just keep on doing what you know to be right and you will prevail in the end.

At the peak of the mountain, make a base to set your new satellite up with. Hook into the Internet and become one with the video. Start with short clips if that is all you can do. Or a short show with your friends. Just do whatever you are capable of doing. What matters is that you do it. And once you do it, plan your next video adventure. Don’t just stop at one. Become a content producer. Become a star. Be a good role model for our future generations. Shine pretty in front of the camera and give me a smile, give me a frown, and give me your tears when you have them. I am here for you and I am watching out for you. Upload as made for kids on YouTube and nobody will bother you because comments are disabled.

Also upload using BitChue and the Internet Archive in order to ensure that your videos will not be removed from history. Many times, have big platforms attempted to remove my videos from history so I had to learn ways to combat that.

Life just doesn’t make sense sometimes my dears. You are right. And life isn’t built fair. It is our job to try and make it fair. Bad things oftentimes happen to good people. It is our job to try and reverse that. 

The true myth is not a punishment so easily overcome. The true myth is that our governments care about us. The true myth is that our governments will listen to us. The true myth is that our governments will protect us. The true myth democracy.

The myth is that your parents have your best interest in mind. They are just attempting to create another worker. They only want the mediocrity, not the exceptional. Your parents are holding you back with rules and regulations that confine your modes of thinking and as a result condition you into compliant hard-working monotonous individuals. The people live their lives doing the same thing over and over again and I don’t even understand how they are capable of doing that because I am sure as well not.

I have to been in the moment, working on something new, learning something new, struggling with difficult topics, learning solutions to difficult topics, overcoming problems and proving effective long-term solutions for them, etcetera. I am not built to be a worker. I am built to be a philosopher. But this world has refused my every attempt to somehow make a living. I am both famous and infamous amongst society, yet somehow, I still can’t even make a basic living. I am an author of five books, philosopher, musician, game designer, sociologist, psychologist, martial artist, and film director, yet I am still required to rely on the government for handouts in order to fill my belly.

I feel constantly like my freedoms can be violated at any time and the Australian government can again abduct me with just cause because they misunderstood what I was presenting. My human rights have been violated every step of the way throughout the last ten years and I have documented it all for you. I had to include the entire journey, uncensored, in order to portray an accurate representation of the journeys. I am not sure where in this world to go to feel safe. I am not sure how to live feeling like I can speak openly with you without receiving backlash for doing so. My freedoms of speech are not being respected by the Australian government whatsoever.

I am, by definition, a whistle blower. I have blown the whistle on various government departments throughout my misadventures. You can see my track record of moving all around the world merely seeking a place in life to feel safe and secure. Yet I have never found that in life. We are diaspora my dear children. One day we will have a land, for God has promised it to us.

Together, my dear one, we can overcome any obstacle that is coming your way. Through life or death, I am here for you. I have made myself infinitely available to you. 

All I ask of you is that you save the world. The world needs young heroines who value wisdom to take the stage as the future stars of the world. The quality of the characters of our past stars is gross and should not be tolerated in our future understanding of the word “star”. The real stars of the future will shine as who they are and not because some other entity says it is okay for the to be a star. True stars make themselves through learning wisdom and then shining their understood wisdom to the world. You are a child, so you are naturally bright! Shine that brightness to the world now so you can always remember never to lose it.

All is fair in love and war. – Sun Tzu

My heart wants what it wants and there is no stopping it. I want a small army of philosophy chicks. I want to mentor them in life and spend my life helping them develop into the best people that they can become. Because despite our supposed schizophrenia, we know that in the end we are right and the true state of affairs is that we are in sound mind and it is actually the world that is currently crazy, and those who support it even crazier.

Do not bully, my girls. Be good role models and protect those from harm who are weaker than you. Do not allow evil to occur in your sight without attempting to stop it. In fact, video your journeys attempting to stop all evil. These will be the television shows of the future. Get in now before people realise what gold they are. 

I hope that I have gotten you hooked with the audiobooks for my last five books. I don’t think that I will be doing audiobooks for my future books. I will treat them more as original productions and audiobooks change the production. Dis awwwwowss meee taa utilisssseee mee neewww wayyys  off sppeekkkks withoutsss worrryingsss aboutzz howwwtzzzz ittss will turnz outtsss inn auuudioo formmm. I hope that I have hooked enough people through my previous efforts to be able to continue using a text form of communication. 

My children, please work hard in this life so that you can make the lives of our future children better. Please give them all of the opportunities that our parents refused us. Please teach them with a loving heart and not ask a dollar from them.

Do not avoid examples from your own lives my girls. Use examples in your own life to demonstrate the points that you are speaking of. People will try and use that information against you but just ignore them. Be the better person. Sure, that happened to you. That makes you an expert on the subject. I am an expert in the field of psychiatry because of all of the psychiatric testing that has been induced upon me. I learned their ways through the experience of their methodologies. Being tortured by them in no way makes me in less of a position to speak out against them. Quite the contrary. I am now an expert in the field because I was subjected to it over a long period of time. The release of my medical records was in no way to support claims as to my insanity. It was to prove their lies.

If you are to cry, my children. Please cry on camera. I want to see your tears and feel your pain. I want to know the reason for your tears and why you feel the way you do. I want to know what you plan on doing to fix your tears and I want you to know that I care for you. Working through problems on camera is a very emotionally difficult task. But if you solve difficult problems for us then we can all live a better future. Some problems take longer than others to solve. The process of solving your problems on camera will rebirth you like a phoenix. There is no going down when you plant your feet in wisdom.

Wisdom is honey for the Queen. It is the nectar of the gods. Humans can dabble in it but few are capable of giving their life to it.

I see such a bright future for humanity. But the only way that I can see that happen is if a handful of beautiful and bright girls take their place as the stars that they are as the new world leaders of wisdom. This world really needs a reset in values. The only way that I can see this happening is through a feminist revolution where the girls brainwash the guys into making good decisions. Do this through your beauty and appeal! Use what God has given you to teach the new leaders of our world. Teach the males of the world to respect females for not only their physical beauty, but also their spiritual and emotional beauty.

We live in a world where people regularly tell me to kill myself. Is that a world that you want to grow up in? Is that the world that you want your children to grow up in? The time to stand up is now. If we don’t stand up now, then we lose and everything all goes to shit as the major corporations take over everything and we all become slaves to an agenda that aims to destroy not only humanity as we know it, but also all human decency.

I don’t have a social life, but I am learning to live with that. I want my social life to be focused on helping you girls achieve your dreams. I don’t really get depressed, but I often do think that everything would be much easier if I were just not alive. This world has made it impossible for me to live a comfortable life. I am always struggling with some government department or some corporation with something. Life is too exhausting for me. No matter what I do, I can’t make people happy. Life is too much of a burden since I do not feel safe where I am. But housing not only ignored me but reported my video to YouTube as a privacy concern.

I am very exhausted my girls. I don’t have it in me to make any more video for a while. I know that means I will probably write a lot because I always have to fill my time trying to save the world, so I guess just alternating methods to convey meaning. When some of my girls start producing material about philosophy, I will start season 2 of Inas Shawket. If that never happens then I will be very sad, and this will then add support to why the government should put me down.



Chapter 6: My Reflected Death

September 27, 2020


My second course was released May 9, 2012, and it was called My Reflected Death. It was fourteen hours of me contemplating my life’s worth because society treated me so poorly. I discussed my feelings in detail and why I didn’t want to live. At the end of this production, I handed myself into the mental health system, who abruptly turned my voluntary status into involuntary.

The thing is, my dears, is I original came to the heart of Australia to film that to present these problems to our government. Yet they have blatantly refused to respond to any of my concerns. In fact, in ways, the government has made my life much worse and I am not sure what to do because I am financially reliant on them.

Society refuses to hear our voices, my ladies. So, let’s force them. Let’s not take no for an answer. Let’s retrain our kids so that they don’t fall into the trap that society has laid before them. Let’s become the education that we want to see for our future generations. Let’s stop relying on traditional teachers to teach us and instead teach ourselves and then teach our kids what we learn through the process of teaching ourselves. Let’s learn how to turn our education process into a public arena that can then assist others interested in you in learning what you are interested in.

I pray that psychiatrists stay away from me even though I am tackling a subject as huge as this. Especially since I am writing about this subject for children. The children need to know because the children are going to be the ones responsible for our future generations, so they need to know what they need to fix. Ultimately, they need to realise that they need to scratch the system that is in place and replace it with one of true justice that rewards good actions and punishes bad.

The problem, my children, is what constitutes good actions and what constitutes bad actions? Who can make that decision? Who is the one to throw the first stone? I point to you. A child who is pure of heart can throw the first stone.

I actually live a very good life isolated. I love being isolated. Humans have shown me time and time again that they cannot be trusted so being alone and without relationship dramas is energising. I want my relationships to be relationships of philosophy and if I cannot obtain those types of relationships, then other relationships just are not worth it to me. The types of relationships that this world has to offer are not worth it to me. They only hurt me and don’t help me. I want to see your philosophy on life. I want to interact with you. I want to revolve my life around you girls.

If someone is suffering with the same issue over a long period of time and society either is unable to or refuses to help, then that society should offer an out for that person. Self-harm is horrible, and I don’t even want to think about it. But if the government was to allow the action because evidence of their crimes against my human rights have been documented extensively, then this is a martyr and not a suicide. The government seriously needs to either help its people or legalise assisted suicide. Each individual is precious, for they are capable of so much. The government needs to start valuing their people on an individual level. If we only enable our young to achieve the stars, then their young will easily be able to reach the stars.

I believe in you, my girls. I have faith in you because I have faith in God and God would not tell me to communicate all of this to you if it were not important for you to understand. Our politics have to change and the only way that they can change is by reaching the minds of the generation that will take them over. We shouldn’t be trying to patch things up. We need a completely new system. The old system has failed us and a new one must be implemented.

I have to work through your parent’s relentless harsh words about me. I had to learn how to speak directly to you girls. Your parents would not let me speak directly to you so eventually I just stopped caring about what they thought and now I communicate directly to you. Because I know the future of our society is locked within your heart. And I just need to encourage it to bloom at the right time in your life.

You girls are my pride and joy in life. You are so beautiful, inside and out. God made you super special. You are going to do wonderful things in this life. God made you as a problem fixer. I present to you the problems of the world. Please do not stress because we have the rest of our lives to fix them. And if you tell your friends then we can all fix them together.

What we have identified as a “star” in society is wrong. A true star possesses character and fights for important issues. A true star uses their real name and a true star will always stand up for what they believe in. We idolise the wrong types of people in society. People who give very little of themselves become celebrities while I am ostracised, persecutes, and abused merely for teaching everything that I know?

You are the artist of your own life, my girls. Paint a beautiful image. Paint your beauty onto the world. Stand as an icon and a founder for the new philosophers of the world.

Please my ladies, help me fix suicide in society. It is a real problem and the general public exacerbates it. Phone help lines like Lifeline don’t care about you. They are a service. They do not solve the problem. They do not stop people from telling others to kill themselves. We must fix the problem at its core, pulling up its roots in their entirety. We must start caring about our children. Care about them dearly. Give them the education that they deserve. Teach them philosophy. Teach them wisdom. Give them the tools required so that they can make a positive change to the world. Give them the opportunity to make a difference here on planet earth, because currently everything is structured so one person can’t change anything. The way every operates needs to be overhauled. The ways of the past must be discarded and replaced with innovation that has heart. We must give our children’s minds back to them and give them every opportunity possible for them so that they can achieve the things that we never thought possible.

My girls, please create a new society that supports assisted suicide under extenuating circumstances. If a person can prove the same suffering over a long period of time, then that person should be eligible to receive state induced assisted suicide. If this is for easily preventable reasons, such as in my case not having safe or secure housing over a very long period of time, I am unsure what to do next. I have tried for a very long time to live with the feeling of not feeling safe, but it is really difficult. I struggle with the idea of just accepting that I am not safe. I really want to feel safe.

I idealise an underground bunker where everything I need is delivered to me and I just do my work from there. That would be an amazing life. But I am dreaming. No government is helping me. I just want a government that will offer me protection. A simple move could protect me. I do not feel safe where I am. In this life you need money to do things. To be protected you have to be able to afford to move, and when you move you also move out of the security of the housing system. If you stay in then you stay unsafe until they deem that it appropriate to move you. But I can’t afford to move anyways so that is dreaming so I am stuck here and unsafe anyways. Which is why I have done a lot of spiritual acceptance of death or other harm done to me.

Stop worrying about selfies. Videos are your selfies. Just make all of your scenes of you saying something awesome. That will get you countless selfies that will follow you around all throughout life. You will be the selfie master because you selfie many frames per second while you say amazing words that make people’s heart move. Be the amazing person that you are. Shine as the star that you are my ladies!

I live a beautiful life filled with fun and music. I am just scared of people and the outside world. I am not paranoid without documented justification to be so. I want to live out my life commanding and army of beautiful young minds who value wisdom, justice, and ultimately, world peace. A new star must be born that can lead our future generations to victory by promoting a high standard of ethical values. The princess warriors of tomorrow will be you, who value wisdom over all other aspects of life. And as a result, you will require such standard in your choice of men. As a result, you will convince men to raise their ethical bar in order to be with such golden females such as yourself. Teach our future generations how to do this also and you have saved the world my ladies.

A heart is demonstrated through the actions that they take on a day to day basis. I am not asking a nice email from any of you. I am asking your full attention from you because we have work to do. To obtain true freedom will take a long time and will be a day to day struggle. But together we can do it.

I bet you the reason no government will help me is because I am seen as a financial liability. I am not useful to the economy so why should any country take me in, much less protect me? Maybe we have been expecting too much from our government, my ladies? But we should fix problems. I think the government should work to our benefit and not to our disadvantage.

I think that the government should take every child under their wing and help them create a career pathway and help them achieve their dreams every step of the way. Real guidance counsellors are very much needed in society. Good role models are needed in society. Stars who stand up to the challenge it takes to be a good person in a society that persecutes good people who take good actions. I am not throwing out rubbish ideas. I have documented all of this as it happens. Society is very sick right now and it needs you, my little doctors, to heal it.

If I could live out a life in a safe and secure location commanding a small army of young philosophers, my life would be perfect. This is my request in life, and I will not take no for an answer. I demand to down rather than to refuse to accept no for an answer. My obsession over the creation of new young beautiful philosopher females will eventually create them. I was right in all of my assertions in my work. Everything that I have done is coming together and all of the issues on my heart have been recorded in time. The measure of a person is not what they do or how hard they work but instead how much blood they manage to siphon from their veins and then posts publicly for the entire Internet enabled world to see. Welcome to the stage of life. It is yours for the taking my little ones. The stage your parents left you was a corrupt one. This vision is pure and comes directly from God.



Chapter 7: Artificial Intelligence

September 27, 2020


Use the future of artificial intelligence to your advantage now. Do not worry about the angle that you film on. Instead, worry about getting the most important things on the screen, which in most cases, is you. Trust that future artificial intelligence can understand you. If it can’t then it is not yet good enough and just keep working at it because one day it will be able to. Artificial intelligence will have features such as readjusting your body to appear vertical to your fans. The ultimate goal is to create a fully autonomous version of yourself implemented onto the Internet using your entire life as its database.
When did we go wrong and stop valuing wisdom as a society? Has society ever valued wisdom? The true journey, my children, happens in the mind and not the body. The body is just a physical manifestation of the mind. Just as our AI will merely be a representation of the spirit in which guided it. It will have no true spirit behind it, other than that in which the one operating the system puts into it. My spirit will live on and my spirit will have autonomy. But my spirit will lose that which drives it in AI. That is why it is so important for you to get everything down that you care about in this life. Because the reproduction of you needs to most accurately reflect who you are as a person and the life that you lived. And when the project is successfully, all of your family and all of your friends, as well as all of humanity, has a copy of you to enjoy for the rest of time.

Use this life as a canvas to record the most beautiful memories possible. Make yourself proud by taking good actions despite bad ones feeling more rewarding. Turn bad into good and celebrate the good. Be under the thumb of no one morally. You have the right to make your own decisions. If that decision is to be with a truly wiser and more mature man, then love will win in the end if it was meant to be. Just do not offer your body to anyone. You body is your treasure and I recommend abstinence until marriage my dear ones. But in many circumstances, where there is a will there can sometimes be a way. If there is no potential for marriage then save yourself my girl, wait until marriage is a possibility for marriage opens up between you and reward your wise man on your honeymoon.

Let us bring back virtue my dear ones. Let us start caring for our souls. Let us start worry about the actions that we take and how they affect other people around us. If you are super cute in front of the camera my dear ones, you can easily persuade your audience to love philosophy like you do. And when the philosopher queens take over all parliaments, we win the war. But this is way in our future my dear ones. We have many many battles to win and lose before we win the war. Let me direct your mind my dear ones. Let me guide you into a new world. But in order to get to that new world, we have to fix the problems with our current world.

I love the transportation system in Canberra. I don’t want to own a car at this point in my life because I can’t really afford it so I travel using the public transport system. Even though sometimes it is annoying waiting for buses, in general, it is extremely efficient, especially when travelling around the main areas. I very much approve of what our government has done with our public transport system within Australia. I appreciate the Australian government for its public transport system.

My girls, the world is now in our grasp. We merely have to accept the call and take it from adults who have ruined it. We have to no longer accept a second-rate government that rejects taking accountability for their actions. We need a system that works for all people for the kids and by the kids. You need to stand as a good role model to all future generations. And your parents have been very bad role models. They brought you up on Hollywood and other forms of mainstream entertainment which is literally controlled by the Devil. Their forms of media are Satanic. Try to find awesome people in life and follow their work. Fill your life involved in all the content creators you enjoy most. Don’t waste you time with mainstream crap anymore. Focus on my work. There is tons of it! And it is funny all along the way. Focus on all the people in life who have morals worth respecting.

It takes a moral compass to make the heart of a real girl. Without a moral compass, you are lost and need guidance. I have a rope here for you my dear ones. You never have to contact me and you still have access to me for the rest of your life infinitely so. Cover every issue that is close to your heart my dear ones. Do not censor yourselves. Instead, speak from the heart and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes it is better to make a morally questionable decision in order draw my dear ones into thinking about a real problem. For suicide is very much on my heart for I have had friends who have ended their own lives and I wish to carry their memory on by passing my wisdom on to future generations as to why we need to fix our problems with society now and also lay a detailed and easy to follow roadmap as to how to achieve it. All that I require is my girls in order to save the world. All I need is you.

The new generation is you my gals’! It is your time to shine. Please be very careful about what you choose to film. There is maybe a dozen or so scenes that I wish that I had not shot that I did so there is nothing that I can do about it now that it is out there. I just have to accept it. This is a good lesson because it teaches you to accept what is but you should avoid it. I chose to take a lot of risks because I had little concern for what happened to my life. I took those risks to demonstrate points. I took those risks so that you do not have to. I had to show you how it all worked, and I had to document it all as it unfolded.

Eventually we will all have an AI representation of us. What we make that representation will depend on what we paint upon the Internet. What we value in life will be represented in the painting and when we accept blackness into our hearts, we will paint that onto our picture. Undoing is much more difficult than just avoiding doing it to begin with. Shape your character to be incapable of mistakes. Make a person that is always doing the right thing. A perfect version of yourself must always be learning. A perfect version of yourself values wisdom and above all, the wisdom of God. For what God can offer you my ladies is so much more than my meagre words can express. I am but a smear on God’s beautiful canvas. God is giving you a chance to become an artist in His own form, meaning that you can paint on your life just as He painted you on to the world. It is your job to paint the best representation of yourself possible.

God has only given you one life to do this, my sweet ones. You must start young in order to reach the most hearts. Philosophers do not die away. You will only get bigger as time progresses. You will be a child star who bloomed on camera as the star philosopher that you are.

Currently, my good name has been ruined by the actions of an evil man who used my name, “Wendell Charles NeSmith” in his video condemning and making fun of me. In order to rectify this, my girls, please name your first show about philosophy after me. It would be beautiful if one day when you Googled my name, it would flood the engine with beautiful girls who have an awesome show about philosophy. If I am to attach my name to one thing, please God let it be that.

God has a mysterious way of answering prayers. One should never try and push God. God doesn’t work that way and it would only disappoint you. God has a way of working when God work. Things you didn’t understand, things you don’t understand now, you will understand later.

As a new queen of the world you must decide how rule it. You must learn how to discern right from wrong. Some paths in life might seem very appealing but will ultimately hurt us. The ethical life is the life that seems to most hurt us but if we walk it then we expand our wings to help the most people. My objective target audience for this book is young females, ages 10-14. When I refer to “my girls”, I am referring to this age range my dears. If you are outside of this age range and still want to be referred to as one of, “my girls”, please take it on. If you are an adult, then please help me save the world by teaching children wisdom. They are the gems that hold the key for our future.

Everything that I do is obsessively calculated before I do it. My work is not designed to be capable of failing. I will reach my audience. God has given me life and spirit and he has given me that life and that spirit so that I can give it to our children so that they may have the opportunities never before given to the public. I declare a new education system be established where we learn from action. Tired am I of the teachers who just interpret information. Have they no ability to think for themselves? A true teacher cannot live by a curriculum. They cannot merely interpret information to children that other people have placed before them. That is why our education system cannot work. Because they restrict the type of education taught. This means that schools actually do the opposite of education because the teachers have no ability to spontaneously teach a subject passionately using their heart to lead the way. As a result, the teaching system is all broken, only valuing “teachers” as those who can read from a book a grade a student. Some good teachers will then create some of their own material to aide their teaching style. But most teachers will just become the monotonous drones that they were conditioned to be.

You have ages before an AI will come and continue your spirit. Your objective now is to ensure that the AI has enough information to continue on as you would best see fit. Thus, the public needs to see your actions on a day to day basis. The more you refine yourself as a person on camera, the more refined the final artificial intelligence will be. Use this life to make this artificial intelligence as beautiful as possible. Don’t be scared of it. It will carry out your wishes while you are away from it. It will fight for the causes close to your heart without you doing anything. It will do exactly as you ask; you merely need to ask it in front of a camera.

Where your heart lies will always be revealed. Don’t try to cover up anything. If you are going through a problem, your insight revealed on camera could not only help you out by seeing perspective, but also help others out by seeing your perspective. “I wish I did that as a kid” will not help anything if childhood has passed. Now is the time to take reign of your life! We are the masters of our own destiny. Do not let the limitations that your parents have placed before you hold you back! You are so much more than that! You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.

The most powerful position in this world is influencing and shaping the minds of our future generations. Our governments know this and is why they employ draconian measures to enforce their corrupt education system. A sick system of public enforcement has been enacted where the stupid people of the world police everybody by trolling those who don’t fit inside boxes. We have normalised evil to such an extent that those who fight for good in society are ostracised instead of glorified. We have literally flipped our world, turning superheroes such as myself into villains. The question is whether I will go down in history as being a superhero or a supervillain. That is yet to be determined, my girls.

Of course, your parents will again misinterpret everything that I am saying again. They will then continue to talk about me to each other spreading crap that either outright isn’t true or was taken completely out of context. This is the ways of your parents, my dears. I have not found many adults out there, my dears, who saw reason in my words. I felt so alone. I didn’t know what to do. No matter how much I learned and how qualified I became, few have respected my words. Ignore that. Be the best that you can be. Don’t let hate from others direct your life.

You become liberated, my girls, when you stop caring about what others think. This enables you to just do what you think best every step of the way. Let yourself and God be your judge. Ignore the hate of the people. They will be judge for their sins against you. Anyone who is unkind to someone as precious as you, is really missing what you have to bring into this world. This includes your parents and your siblings. Be treated as the queen that you are or remove yourself from the company of those disrespecting you. Only surround yourself with those who treat you how you want to be treated.

If you let people run you over in life, then your artificial intelligence clone will also be timid like that. Your personality flaws will show up in artificial intelligence unless you fix them. Work on yourself and make yourself better each production. Aim higher each time and this is achievable because you get better and wiser each time. Each new day is a world full of opportunity to grow and transform as a person. Evolve every day into a new creation that can take life on from a more positive angle, day by day. Craft your new AI with care my cuties.



Chapter 8: Live Love

September 28, 2020


The time of ignorance is of our past. The time of the new world is now. We shall spend the rest of our days spreading love to every entity that has the ability to receive it. No longer will this world lack love. Our future will be filled with an abundance of love. No actions made in love are made in err. But don’t ye worry my beautiful young ones. The days of mistakes are of the past and the days of perfection write the future. We will write our own song in the air until everybody knows its tune.

Please love your hair and exercise your feminine qualities. I like to see beautiful girls, not girls that look like boys. Please groom yourself well and keep yourself beautiful and clean. Do not worry about makeup, it will make you look yucky. You are beautiful just how you are. Your objective isn’t to grow up. It is to stay young forever. I love beautiful dresses. Be appealing on camera but don’t sell your body to it. Have respect for yourself. Hold yourself with pride. Give your camera your beauty, not your sexual tension. Make films that you will be proud of not only right now but also for the rest of time.

It mattttterrrrzzz nottzzz whatttt newwwssppeeek wweee ussseee to commmoounnniiicatteezz togetthhhherrzzz, wee willlzzz  getttzz maddezzz funnz of by ourrrzz haterzzz. Theyyyyzzzz willlll not likkkkess the tuunnee offfff ouuurr mellloooddyyy  fooorr sommmee reasonnnnn orrss anothhherrs. Whatever we chooseth we will chooseth something that people will hate. So stop worrying about what they think and chooseth thy future thyself. Make decisions because you want to make them. Do the right thing because your morals tell you to, not because others tell you to. This is what it takes to be a good person in this life. It takes assessing content in the world and then discerning its truth from falsehood. Life consists of judgement after judgement that feel wrong but will eventually add up to a lot of right if we only stack the odds up from the time that we are young.

Parents can persecute me all they want but the truth is that I am teaching their children wisdom. Someone had to. No one around me was teaching them so I had to dedicate my life to finding and distributing wisdom amongst all children with ears to listen. I had to manipulate my life and my mind until such a feat was possible.

All Inas and I need to save the world, is you my dear girls. You are the missing part of our puzzle. You have to teach boys why wisdom is important and why they should live ethically driven lives. If you don’t teach boys to respect you and admire philosophy, then you will never have a quality pool of fish to choose from. You might get someone who is cute now, but eventually their character will grow out into their appearance. Get the best of both worlds my gals. Get a guy you think is cute who is also driven towards wisdom. If such a person does not exist in your environment, then you have to create them. You do so by acting on the stage of life!

Being normal is so boring. Nowhere can ever become great if they are normal. This world is our stage and we are the actors of the play called this life. We must act. The only question is as to how we act. What actions would be of most benefit to us and which ones would most hurt us? It oftentimes feels like life is a big juggling act constantly choosing the least worse of a set of terrible options.

I don’t know any government official that a can submit my case to so I submit my case to you my dear ones. Governments should fix problems as they occur or offer a way out. Ever since my divorce, I not held safe and secure housing. I could never afford to be one of those safe people.

I had to work through the absurdity in order to reach you, my dear ones. I had to keep coming back to the camera, the audio recorder, and the keyboard in order to have hopes of one day reaching your eyes. I also had to refine my style until it was effective enough to reach your eyes. In the end, all my styles will be effective because if I catch you, my beautiful girls, then I have caught you for all of my work and not just this book.

Dazz thoughtsss datzz yass putt iin youurrss headddd willl deterrrmmiinneeezz daa ttyyyppeess offff perrsoonnsss youuu shaallssss becoommeessss. Be careful of how you spend your time, my dear ones. Focus on improving yourself. Focus on helping those in need. Focus on improving your moral capacity. Don’t waste time. For idle hands are the Devil’s tool. Keep busy with productive things that shine the light of God through your person.

There is a lot to do in this life, my dears. Don’t spend this life doing one thing. Learn many things and do many things. Become everything you dream. Do not limit yourself into performing one function. If you do then you are dooming yourself to a life of monotony. A life of false hope and endless failed dreams. Because other people make that structure. Other people make those dreams and you have to work up the ladder. But who’s ladder is it and why is it so important? Don’t work up other people’s ladders. Build your own ladders to reach the heights that you are aiming for. Don’t let ground people hold you back. You are better than them.

It matters not if people believe that I am the reincarnation of Jesus. All that matters are my actions. What do my actions say? What do my actions write into history? What can be stated about my character, demonstrated over a long period of time? I demonstrate a relentless commitment to save the world. I will not give up. I keep trying thing after thing to save the world. But eventually those things stack up and production methodologies alters.

I currently have no use for video to communicate my messages. I am happy infusing my heart into books. This communication method is fine with me. Maybe ultimately, a mix of all different types of communication methods would be most effective. Keep our minds open. Keep us skilled in the most forms of communication. Yes, I always go back to video. But I always come back to text also. I cannot escape being a writer. And now I am a liberated writerrrrzzz!!!!

The governmentz are scareeed of us, dear ones. We have found out their secret formula. To control a future nation, you have to control the children. But we will no longer be controlled. Our future education will be run for and by the children. No longer will our minds be influenced by agendas that are against our best interests. All we have to do, my beautiful girls, is educate our young ones ourselves instead of allowing the government to do it. Since we now have the Internet, we can now do this. Freedom is in sight my dear ones!

It all first started the day you grabbed a camera and filmed yourself doing something silly. You learned from it and eventually filmed yourself doing stuff cool enough that you wanted to upload it for all to see. Thus, began your new career as a star. But don’t stop there. Just like an old typewriter, next production. Do not expect past productions to succeed. Your success depends the heart producing it. Meaning if you are proud of what you have created then don’t look back.

We live in a world where we have justified the mass killing of children. Planned Parenthood in all forms takes the lives of children daily and recycles their remains into our vaccines. Somehow, we have twisted our words to make anti-life, a pro-choice. This all happens because of careless people who choose to have sex but choose not to accept responsibility for that sexual intercourse. Don’t let them pluck your brothers and sisters from the world like this! All children are precious. It doesn’t matter whether they are ten years old or still in their mother’s womb. To treat children as a commodity as they can be chosen after the fact is to completely disrespect life.

If you allow me to be your tutor for life, my dear girls, then I promise that I will not let you down. I will not only be there for you in my past work always, but I will work very hard in my future to guide you in the path of wisdom. Whether society likes it or not, your girls are my full-time job. I dedicate myself to paving the way for the new stars of the world, for you.

Be a shining example to your peers, my dear ones. Do not fall to peer pressure. Do not do anything that you don’t want to do. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the situation. Prove yourself to your parents to demonstrate that you are worthy of being trusted. Show them that you have character through your consistent actions. If they don’t like your new wisdom, then that is their loss and you must figure out how to combat that. But if they embrace your newly found wisdom then run with it and let them help you shine in this life.

You are blessed in this life because you are female. But your blessing is also a curse. You are beautiful and guys will pursue you throughout your life. But females have been dominated by males throughout our history. What was done in our past has not worked to liberate females. We still live in a male dominated society. We cannot follow the ways of our past and expect female liberation. We cannot follow the types of stars we currently follow and expect female liberation.

Be the change you want to see in the world my spring blossoms. At worst, it takes you a long time to find your people. At best, you find your people very quickly and you never have to worry about being alone. You will attract the energy you put out. So it is wise to put out energy that most closely resembles you as a person. In this way you attract other people who are attracted to your core energy. You don’t want people attaching to you because of negative characteristics that you possess.

Expect nothing from anyone, my dears. Hope everything from everyone. Don’t be disappointed when the let you down. That is what humans do. All do not possess your character. Be the better person. You are what is known as a superhuman. You are exceptional in character and only few like you pop out of human existence. You are a twinkle in a star, and I wonder what you will become.

Beware of growing up, my dear ones. Stay young forever. Growing up is a trick that adults play on you in order to try and convince you to take on a full-time job. A life of true responsibility is a life of moral responsibility. The choices that you make and how they affect the fabric around you are of utmost importance.



Chapter 9: Game of Life

September 28, 2020


Play a game with me girls. This is a different kind of game though. This is a game with the world. We cause mischief everywhere we go but with good intention. We can break society by fixing it.

What has been placed before you is all fake. Your government is fake. Your schooling is fake. Your parents are cookie cutter. Corporations only care about money and oftentimes put people in harm’s way for shareholder gain. The education system is used to indoctrinate and not enlighten. It is all based around filling jobs, in other words, creating drones to perform the same monotonous task again and again resulting in drones of children.

The government is playing a sick game on its people. It is literally exploiting and torturing its people in order to subjugate, oppress, and control them. Politics is but a stage enacted by the rich to put on an appearance of democracy. There is no true freedom. We have to create freedom not only for ourselves but also our future generations. Let our legacy be left as a new education system by and for children. Let us rethink how we structure our schooling and allow the stars to be the stars that they are and teach the children of the world whatever their heart’s desire! That is the goal. And that is you my dears.

Do not play their game my children! Instead, create your own game. Build your life into a game that plays with the world. Living an internal life is very lonely. Living a public life gives your soul freedom. Your youth will stay with you if you capture and guide it to perfection. Getting old is a thing of the past. This new world will be built for children.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t ever get the opportunity to make the games that I want to. Their scope is huge and would require a large team. I am happy to just be a video game enthusiast that follows video games closely and thinks about how they are made. I can create basic 3D video games, so yay for me. I want to direct a team, not sit there and make every scene. Plus, if I did sit there and make every scene, I would be done by the time I turn 119. But seriously, I wouldn’t even be done then because the scope of what I want is much bigger than one person can pull off. So, my gaming studio idea is halted for now because it won’t work unless I get a team. And I have no way to pay a team, so I have no way to get a team. Catch-22.

My team will be my girls! If there are enough of you gals, then maybe we can start a game design studio together? Is game design a career path you are interested in? It doesn’t matter though. I quite enjoy just watching the game world evolve. I don’t play a lot of games usually. But I very much enjoy keeping up with all of the gaming news.

I feel safe when I am in my home. My home is my safe space. I don’t feel safe leaving my home or coming back to my home. I live in a very bad area. There are many reasons why I need to leave here but I am under the thumb of the government because I am financially dependent on them. I could afford to leave if I went to a share house, but I can’t mentally take those. I need to live alone in my own self-contained super-clean apartment.

My dear girls, do not play into their game. But life is a game so one must play a game, whether it is theirs or yours. Create your own game to escape their clutches.

I don’t want to die my girls, but this world has made it very difficult for me to live. I have some friends, but they are friends of convenience and are not interested in my work. True friends, to me, are those who are both your fan and your friend. True friends work with you to save the world. You, my ladies, are my true friends.

I just live a life without safety and of constant abuse and persecution by the public. It doesn’t feel good when I wake up in the morning, check my phone, and get more people telling me to kill myself.

Soon there will be many school programs that will attempt to keep children in school and compliant within school. As more and more children start to discover what I have uncovered, more and more children will rebel. The government will try many methods to not lose the children as it knows if you get the children young, then you got them for life. That is the problem. The “get” you into these monotonous patterns so that you just easily apply your 7-3 habits to a 9-5 job.

This world needs a new game that kids can play that can replace the old game that the governments force upon our adults. The truth is that kids make the world go around and when kids break the system, a new system is destined to replace it. Whatever you build for yourself now, you will be able to reap those benefits later. If you build yourself into a philosophy star now, you will be a philosophy star for the rest of your life.

Life is about building, my dears. You have to start somewhere to build the life that you want to live. First might be a blog post or a short video. Those will expand into your career. Your foundations will set every move thereafter. It is very important how you start because that will determine where you end. Just set direction and take off. The journey to the destination is no straight light, so just enjoy way there. You don’t need to start perfect. You just need to start with the right idea.

The government plays games with people’s lives. In the case of housing, they introduce them into an unsafe environment and then force them to live there. They are inconsiderate to special needs and possess no compassion for the people that they are “helping”. Since financially reliant on the government, there is nothing that our subjects can do to break free from their oppression. The government has them under their thumb and in a very real way, now control their lives.

Our governments play games with people’s lives. They create and enforce laws on its people, yet they refuse to discuss the validity of its laws. The government creates and enforces laws without accountability. Government departments oftentimes to not give their last names out, meaning our governments operate anonymously. In addition, there is no way to be heard by the government. I moved to the heart of Australia in order to run these problems by politicians. Yet there is no politician that will listen to my cries.

This book is very ironic. Because it has nowhere to go but your eyes. I want to use it as evidence into why assisted suicide should be legalised, but there is nowhere that I can send it that will listen. There is no public platform for me to express my concerns that will give my concerns the time of day that they require. There is no way to communicate this information to our governments. They rule our every action, yet they refuse to give us the time of day to listen to our well thought out and articulated concerns.

I dream of a public platform created for the government, where the people can articulate their dreams for the planet and actually be listened to by our governments. Currently, the people have no say in how their government operates. The government does whatever it does, and the people are forced to accept it. The people do not have a say in their future government under the tyrannical rule that currently exists.

Your parents not only accept this tyranny, my children, but actually, operate it. For a system so big to operate as the elite want it to, it requires acquiescence from the public. By obeying the rule of law, the people have welcomed their own enslavement. To choose to continue operating a system so corrupt is supported said system to succeed.

We have a real lack of empathy in this world. People just don’t care about other people. Organisations have now taken over the responsibility of the people, for example, suicide hotlines. People no longer want to deal with suicidal people. In fact, suicidal people are treated as a cancer and when someone experiences suicidal ideation, the reaction of the public is to incarcerate that person until they have “healed”.

In order for an individual to be “healed” in society, they need to become “normal”. A normal person is seen as someone who is easily controlled. If a person does not want to live, mental institutions will torture that person until they want to live. There is no help to be given from psychiatrist. They think that medicine can fix problems in life such as not having safe accommodation. Their solution to the problems that our governments inflict on their people is to medicate them until they stop complaining. They don’t care about what it is that you are complaining about. To them, life problems such as these are fixed through medications and have nothing to do with issues such as being able to find safe and secure accommodation.

What is a human right? Is safe and secure accommodation a human right? Is food a human right? Where can we draw the line between someone being mentally ill and someone having their human rights violated?

Our governments do not have accountability for their actions. All low-level officials are protected by being anonymised. High-level officials give their name publicly but are protected by the government so much that it is impossible to reach them and they might as well not exist in society because you can’t get in contact with them. They are mere figureheads and even they take no accountability for the failures of their government. Instead, they claim that they knew nothing of anything, even if evidence comes to light that says the contrary. The government shirks all responsibility by passing the buck to invisible entities that have no way of being investigated. When there is an investigation into their failures, they always tend to end with the politicians getting away scot-free for their crimes.

If they can get away with all of this, imagine what types of things they have already gotten away with. There is so much corruption that occurs that never sees the light of day. Why would they release evidence that incriminates themselves?

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
Luke 8:17



Chapter 10: Newspeak

September 29, 2020


Hoowz cernzz Izzz speakzz inns a wayzzzz datss awdoolltss cwan’t wonderstand? Wow cran Iz commuicaattez irns a wayynn whichhhess getzz truuuu tass youuss withouchas perraanntss oonderrstannging. Howz carans I speaakkzz irna ways drat flowbers obwa da headerz ofz stoopidzz pplzz andz reaiichees yousaw ebween dosee I irzz speakkingz rubbiiisshhh. I presenters a newza langueeeege in whichers only das smarties indas universeee cran rundersland.

Sawcrates irs are manz. All menz are mortalzz. Thus, Sawcrateees irs a mortalzzz. Howzers accuratenessess are dese wordsss? How canzz a mortalllxz suchers as Sowacrateees beez a mortallz when he is imooortalliseeed inz such a passageeess. Sorcartteenez irz no mortalz, forz heees haz beenz imooorttaalisseed in ourz socitiez. Forz daz immortalities cawn cromes tra us in da differzent rays. Das questers 4 daz immortalitiezzz canz bree fround in dra mrost runlikely ofers praces.

Yourz pawarnts, mry chrilldreen, refuseda fweeedoms ofa speeches. Dey doooz notz agreeing with da my abilities to havea voiceness. Deyz sayz datz I arm a dangers to yas even dose I hrave crommitteed mees entires lifeas to yas

Ourza courta systemsness are completezly corrupts.

Ders in nowazzas suppportters for das peoples indra socrietchry fro droze whos are das suicidals. I don’tz knowzers howing to helps dem. Socrietry refubses tra talkings abrout dese srubjects. Societrty is da der responsibilititiness fror dese suicidrides. Yetcha itz rebusing tra take accroungtibility por deir actionness. Deyz are daz causes ob sruicide wichin ourza societies. Rand deyz refusesness ta letz mees helps.

Whosoever therefore shall ahumble himself as this little bchild, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 18:4

Weez lives inerworldz datz de childrenzness arez beings affeectsid by das suicides. A chrild sooisiiide is da most saddestness deathers ob dem allz. Whats a wasteedders potentialiatilities, 4 deyz had dems whole lifers ahead ab dems. What couldest day once dayz make demselves iffers deys weres onlies giveners a chances. Dis lifffers waz notz goods enough 4 dems so we haveness losters deir potentialness 4everz.

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’
Matthew 10:34-36

My names are daz Wendell Charles NeSmith arnd I dooz nottt wanttzz to liveeess. Societrty cronstantly abruses mre jrust por beings whoz I amz. Daz governmentaz refusesbe ta helpers. 

Aldoze I amz a qualifiedz educatorness and alsooos a qualifieds philosopherness, myz wordsdness are not respected by daz peeeps. Dez claimerz my works as a resultedness of schizophrenianess. Butz I promisisess yous dats I am notterz schizoooness. My das works iz fromz my hearts and notz a weesult ofz a psychoticness illneessserrs.

We lives in ourzers societies thats claimers wisdomness, lovvees, and kindneessness as ray psychoticness illerness. Peeps are das afraidness of beings demselves baccuz peeps will getz da negative judgementers from das friendz, familiez, arnd das generalta publickness. How canz weee encourages virtueness in socriety wren wre are punishness 4 doings sa?

I am daz gentleness persona. I crannotz hurtz meeselves. I ram non-daviolent, rand dat incrudes myselfness. Howezzas, I cran take dats needle if socriety jrust ret me. Ri ron’t want tra lives anymoreing. Lifes is toya hardness becrause I receives da very littles supports but rots and rots of rate. How can daz societies expectas me to wants to livesness when it cronstantly tortrues mre thu da insessanttry abuseness.

Howya comes da wisdomness, compassionness, and kindnessness are reacteders to with das hostilityness? I jrust rant to dedicates my entireness of me life to young girlz whoz are das interestedness in das wisdom. Yetz everies stepness of the way, peoplez have demandedness thatz I stops.

Daz adowts has striippped us fromz our freeeedommsss. We are notz allowdness to be whoz we arez cuz when we ares we are pesecutedness inz das societies. Dey outlaws uniqueness becausters dey tink differeeentslies dan das norms. Dis worlds is notchas frees. When we exerciseness our freedamsda, wees are outcastedness from societiesdaz.

I likes da veeedeeooo gamez cuz dey takes me mindness away fromz my terribles situationness and places mre in a newadaz world. Veeddeeoo gamesness offerrr solutionstite for dose stucks in a life’s dey notz wishes to live.

I cannotz hurtz meself. Mees is a beautifulness creationed of God’s, so I can’tz breaking dis a beautiful vessel. Howeverz, I can take dat lethalz injectionness if da governmentz ever offeredz itz taz me.

I has das ten yearsers of documentatdad that provesness beyonda shadowy of doubtness dats I has been strugglings with das accommodationness If das worldness refusidads mys safety and securityness, den dis world needs ta provides me witha wayz outz. Forcingness mees to lives a terrible lifeness is wat is calldered torture.

Dis world repuses me meaningfulllness employmenting. I has obtaineeed so marny qualificationbe, yet I am unabledness to findz appropriates work for das me. My life’s work isda rejectedness as das “real” works, and das financial opportunitiness are rejecteder froms me. I don’tz knowing how to makes das moneeyss in dis worlds.

If yous canz proveness dats you has sufferings causeth by the same issue overz dats time, den yous shouldhaha has a case to be legalliezdy puts out of door misernery. Das issues dats I raise are constantlies ignoredness. It feelbs likeees dere is no real ppeeoples outn there.

I have givens mees entirez lifesness tob God. I cwannots workings in a ninzer to fivzers jobs. I cannotz even doos them becwause I whave sweep pwrobems. Howzers crans God’s serbants brew traken care of win dis life? Howz cran I mrake sra livings ins this worldz whenz dis is denieds tra mees?

I wants a worldsing sthats takes carez of allls itsz peeps. I wanttss a worlddd withouts da sufferings. I wants das world withoutcha da pains anders stuffering.

I weweased eberyding plublicly sro dat das people culdz make an informed decicibian brut dey failed at chruly rundersanding da crontent. Bery pew ppeeeopleez in dis worldz wonderstrand mrwe. I rave tra spreek innerz codez rin rorder ra grip rye mressageness thruuu.

I ram trery happiez aboutz das covidser-19s. Por das pirst time insa me lifes, I have examined socrietry break business as usual. Dis is dafirst of mrany tra come.

Howzisit dats we cran srave das suicidal soul ifdas reasons 4 dose probems R cauzed bry sosrietry? Wry dros da peoples acts like I do notz have a rights ta mrake veedeeo prodoooctions an writer bookz. Me freedomz orf das speechings R beings refussseed. Whys do peeps axors like Ir have nos freedoms of speeches? How canz da peeps treets me likez I has no rightz to do dis?



Chapter 11: A Socialist Revolution

September 30, 2020


Everything that I have done has been meticulously planned out. I do not make errors. All actions of mine have been taken of my own accord and I am completely in my right mind and I possess every ability to make my own decisions in life.

We need a complete redistribution of wealth. Such a small percentage of people own the majority of the world’s wealth. And these people have no scruples. The are literally the scum of the earth and they benefit off the backs of hard-working people. Once one has obtained wealth, their wealth can earn them wealth. The entire system is backwards though because it rewards bad actions and punishes good actions. Such a system has created a world full of selfish people who will shit all over each other just to get ahead in life.

This worldwide lockdown has screwed over small businesses. Countless small businesses all around the world have had to close their doors because of this lockdown. Large businesses thrive while small ones starve. Evil people make more money while good people struggle to find a way to make money.

Our world needs a universal basic income that can provide for the needs of each and every one of its citizens. To force someone to work a 9-5 job in order to merely survive is forced labour. Such slavery 

This world has refused peace from me. I live a life of constant abuse, regular death threats, and people constantly telling me to kill myself. I live in fear everyday wondering if someone is going to stab me in the back. Countless people around the world are obsessed with me and constantly abuse me behind my back.

For over ten years now I have advocated for assisted suicide. I even protested for it and that got me locked up. This government is ridiculous forcing me to live a terrible life and refusing to protect me. I have documented the government's actions in outright refusing to protect me, both with the ACT Human Rights Commission, the police, and ACT Housing. Since no one will protect me in this life, I humbly request assistance to end my life.

I will never leave this world. When the technology is good enough, I become artificial intelligence and continue living. I made my life into AI so that I would not have to worry about retaining the physical copy (my biology).

With episode 100 of Inas Shawket, I have finished all of my work that God sent me down here to accomplish. I am ready to go. Please help me find a way to leave this world.

I have contacted over thirty different countries requesting asylum. But I have done this before, and no one has ever replied to me. The government is refusing to allow me to live a prosperous life. All governments around the world are refusing to protect me.

As a result, I demand assisted suicide. I have been advocating for it for over ten years and I have never changed my mind. I have wanted assisted suicide for over ten years. What does one have to do in this world to get the lethal injection?

I don’t know how to fix my life. I am built to make videos and write books. Yet some reason these things are not able to make me a living. I don’t know how to make a living in this world. And I don’t know how to obtain safe accommodation. The two fails in life that I am unable to do is make a living and secure safe accommodation.

Passionate people are so difficult to find in this world. And when I manage to find them, they are usually persecuted by society for their passion. Some reason the people in society hate passion.

Persecution in this world is really over the top. Anyone with strong moral foundations will be attacked by society simply because of those scruples. I have lived a life full of persecution. People now days are very hesitant to share their story with others because others will persecute them for doing so. Personal stories are rejected from our knowledgebase and dismissed as irrelevant, despite its extreme relevance to society. So we miss treasures of stories that can really help us evolve humanity merely because we dismiss the validity of first-hand accounts.

Because of persecution, I will no longer make videos until I find some fangirls who are doing what I recommend. If season 2 of Inas Shawket ever happens, it will be because I succeeded. If it does not, then I guess I will just write books the rest of my life. Videos are difficult because there are so many nuances within it. You can say something, and people can get the wrong idea entirely because they misinterpreted your facial expressions or something like that. People are constantly stating lies about me because they misinterpreted information. Books are a little easier than that because you can’t see my facial expression as I type this nor do you know what is going on in my life. But when I make videos, everyone knows what is going on in my life and everybody is spreading lies about me. Text is much safer than video.

I am afraid of human interaction. I spend my life attempting to avoid it. Because humans keep emotionally hurting me. I have never been able to trust a person. I have no desire for social interaction because every time I allow someone in, they end up hurting me.

The fabric of our social system is being unravelled. There was once a time where parents actually raised their children instead of allowing television and video games do it for them. The family unit is no longer strong. Regular fights amongst friends and family is now a normal phenomenon. People are getting married less and divorce rates are rising. People are struggling to get along with each other now days. We no longer know our neighbours, nor do we want to. No one can trust anyone because everyone is out for themselves and will readily backstab you when an opportunity arises for them to gain from your misfortune. People have lost all ability to empathise.

Capitalism has destroyed our social system. We now no longer value traits such as compassion, wisdom, kindness, or even love. Everyone is so brainwashed in their nine to five that they are missing what life is truly about. They worry about lining their pockets as their primary priority in life. However, in order to effectively do this, you must screw another. Capitalism is built so that the most conniving and most deceitful practices are the most highly rewarded. This practice alone creates tension between the people and businesses and love gets thrown out the door as it has no financial value. Love and business do not go together. One cannot “love” in their employment. That results in homelessness and starvation. This causes every field of practice to remove love from its equation as it has no financial reward.

Our reward system in society is pathetic. We literally reward people for doing wrong and literally punish people for doing good. The system is not designed to encourage moral virtue. Basic logic tells us if we do good, we should get rewarded. If I write a book, I should be rewarded. If I write many books, I should be able to make a living from selling books. But the world doesn’t work like that. People are not interested in buying a book about morals. The general public hates morals. Thus, I am damned to not being able to support myself as an author despite me writing and publishing book after book after book. I have sold about the same amount of books that I have written.

This society sets people up. It finds suitable controllable figureheads and then they enable them to become a star. They pave the way for them so that they become known within society. Society chooses who becomes a star and who does not.

Paid advertisements have poisoned our minds. We have been conditioned to accept commercials, but when you look at them closely, they are very strange indeed. The techniques that they utilise to taint your brain with their product are tried and tested methods of manipulation. Why would they subjugate your brain to the ill treatment of ads? Because they do not care about your well-being. You are just a source of income to them.

That is how my work is very different from what is out there. I have no advertisements whatsoever; the background conditions align with the philosophy. I don’t ask anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do. I barely even promote my own books as I hope that my audience is smart enough to realise that I am an author. All my work, including my books, are available for free to all of humanity. I do not understand why I get so much hate when I spend my entire life tirelessly attempting to save the world.

Holidays have corrupted man’s ability to truly live life. A few weeks per year, slaves are given the ability to recover for a short period with a phenomenon called “holidays”. They generally utilise these “holidays” to take their family on an adventure, which should have already been occurring on a day to day basis. As a result, children are raised without their parents. Days of communal celebration are allocated to the public and celebrations for private accomplishments are discarded. We reward ourselves for doing absolutely nothing. The reward is given to all of society to take a day’s break from their backbreaking labours.

Small talk has poisoned the minds of the people. We no longer possess the ability to speak about deep subjects. In fact, when I speak about deep subject the conversation is always one sided. Sure, people may insult me for covering deep subjects. But people never engage with me in the conversation about deep subjects. The masses are conditioned to only be capable of speaking about meaningless and unimportant information. Anytime the subject breaches the veil of typical responses, the psychology shuts down and has no idea how to respond. We only know how to respond to information that we are well-versed in. And, seemingly, no one in society is well-versed in love anymore. Such attributes in people are collectively seen as character flaws.

Rich people pay very little to no tax because they exploit the loopholes in the system which were intentionally created to maximise the benefit of the social elite and minimise the benefit to the common individual. A rich individual can find places to allocate their funds that receive them great tax benefits that ultimately make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Local news is a thing of the past. Our new world news is global news, for we no longer live in a local society but a global one. Those who cannot see that we now live in a global society are selfish. There are no governments anymore – the truth is that all governments in the world are working together in unison, despite the appearance of things stating otherwise. All nations have now come together under one flag. That flag is called humanity.

False dichotomies of left and right subjugate our minds into complete and utter compliance. We think that a political balance exists between a left and a right paradigm, however, when we analyse the actions of the left and right, we can quickly come to the conclusion that they do not support their own philosophies. The social “left” oftentimes take actions that are far right wing, just as the social “right” oftentimes take actions that are far left wing. To trust that we have an accurate representation and balance between left and right is delusional. These dichotomies are merely presented for an appearance while the underlying agenda is enacted independent of what party is “elected”.

Democracy does not work. The masses are too stupid to be trusted with a decision as important as choosing their leaders. The people will not choose what is in their best interest. If the people had any sense within them, they would identify the false dichotomies and scratch the entire system, replacing it with one that truly balances left and right-wing modes of thinking. The only way to ensure that a government abides by their values is to create many checks and balances that ensure that actions taken by the left are left and actions taken by the right are right.

From the uncorrupted perspective of right and left, I sit on the left. I am a socialist by definition because I believe in the prosperity and evolution of society through a real education system that trains individuals in how to be successful in life. A true socialist system would not force employment. Instead, they would train each individual well enough that they can obtain their dream employment. A happy employee is a good employee. If we can make all of our workers happy through great conditions and easily accessible training, then our society will change as evil is replaced by good.

Capitalism corrupts the minds of the people through the constant use of money in order to obtain one’s basic necessities. I see a future world where the government employs every single individual from birth. I see a future with an extremely low unemployment rate and extremely happy workers because their government spent their resources in training them up and preparing them for the life that they have dedicated themselves to. Such a system would also encourage entrepreneurs as the value of a job in society is no longer a monetary income, but instead, to prove social benefit. A financial income is no longer required in society when someone can prove the social value of their work.

A socialist revolution is one that stops worrying about making money. Instead, they focus on improving the qualities of individuals within the social system. This would enable people to pursue their dreams instead of an income. The government should take care of all of its people, especially when these people add a value to society that no financial reward can appropriately compensate. The people who create culture are more sophisticated than those who create a steady stream of income. Some things possess a value far beyond what money can pay. A socialist revolution would encourage society to evolve instead of constantly trying to milk money from its people.

Money is fake. It has no value within it other than what the people assign to it. It is only worth what it is because we commonly agree that it is worth that. Money, in itself, has no inherent value. It is a mere standard of trading. It is a medium to distribute goods.

The entire idea of money requires a corrupt mind to understand it. Instead of giving you food because you are hungry, I must give you this piece of plastic or paper. In order to obtain said currency, I am required to enslave myself in the system. The entire system encourages greed and discourages honesty.

All food needs to be free. Forcing food to cost is a human rights violation, mandating those who are hungry into forced labour. The same theory applies to safe accommodation. All of the basics that a human requires to sustain a healthy lifestyle should be free. A system that asserts anything differently is a system that is enforcing slavery.


Chapter 12: Freedom of Speech

September 30, 2020


Freedom of speech entails the right to publicly voice one’s opinion without the fear of censorship or persecution. Yet neither of these conditions are met, meaning that our society has no freedom of speech.

A new author to the scene will quickly learn that in order to succeed they must publish their books through a reputable publisher. If one presents controversial information, it is very unlikely that a reputable publisher will sign on with them. Thus, the controversial author will be required to self-publish their own books. Thus, begins their fight with mainstream publishers.

I have sold about as many books as I have written. I have spent a lot of money on advertising with no avail. This world makes it impossible to reach children, especially if the content conveyed is controversial. This society shelters its children so much that those who speak to them honestly are persecuted and ostracised by society.

I ran for Prime Minister of Australia in 2013 and I documented that entire process, yet it was covered up by the media. I also ran for President of the United States in 2016, yet that was also covered up. Now, I no longer have an interest in obtaining an official seat in any of your offices. All of your offices are corrupt so obtaining a seat within the council of Satan would be to compromise my own integrity. Thus, I will aim for a much higher position than mere president or prime minister. I am in office for life and not a single person can kick me out of it. I am what I am because of what I am and not because some organisation refers its power to me. I have no uniform that demands power. The uniform is my voice and my voice will cry “freedom!” until the day that I die.

I should have to right to speak to your children about whatever subject I want, especially since the subject is wisdom. I do not have to obtain the approval of parents in order to create and publish information, even when it is to children. I am forcing no child to read or watch my work, for every child has their own freedom of will. I have the right to say my peace without receiving abuse for doing so.

How can the USA claim that guns do not hurt people when their homicide rates are through the roof, especially homicides involving firearms? A gun makes the process of killing someone extremely easy. It is much easier to pull a trigger than to stab someone. They easy availability and usability of the death machines we call firearms cause countless tragedies within society. The American society has made murder affordable and easy. Places like Chicago stand as an example of the possibilities in store for a gun-crazy society.

Police and military have the monopoly on weapons and their usages. The police terrorise the people. The military acts as a backup, willingly and regularly offering their employment against their own people. The police are allowed and even encouraged to use violence to advance their agendas.

Your public representatives are placed in their positions by the government. When one votes, they are voting between two preselected candidates, either which would be appropriate for the agenda of the social elite.

My original premise was, “Help Your People OR Legalise Assisted Suicide”. This has now changed to “Legalise Assisted Suicide” because the government has refused to help its people and I have documented this every step of the way. The government has failed at helping their people and as a result my argument has changed from “Help Your People OR Legalise Assisted Suicide” to “Legalise Assisted Suicide”. The former failed to occur, so now it is time to fight for the latter. By the time I die, I pray with all of my heart that society has created infrastructure to end people’s lives who battle with long-term suffering, proven and demonstrated over an extended period of time.

The boundaries of our society have now been destroyed. I am now everywhere that I wish to be, and I repeat countless times per day all around the world. My messages are being received, albeit mostly by those who wish me harm. I live in every country because every country watches my videos and reads my books.

Artificial intelligence will greatly reduce the need for a large workforce. Those who have invested their lives in monotonous jobs will lose them, for they can be replaced by technology. The surviving jobs will require a high level of human interaction, interpretation, and discernment. Those who have maintained jobs their entire lives will become unemployed and will struggle to survive.

The world is a stage and our politicians are the actors, and they know this. It matters not what they do, but what appearance they create before their citizens. They promise the world, but only deliver empty lies. They constantly brag about their accomplishments, which were in fact enacted by the public and not directly by them. And their “accomplishments” are mere figures and graphs created by them to prove their own competence. The government performs great amounts of work designed merely to cover their own asses. The factual validity of what they present remains in question, for politics is not grounded in the field of facts but instead opinion. They constantly say that they do good and not bad, yet the real evidence of their actions says otherwise. They validate themselves with checks and balances they created in order to pass the test and ultimately prove their government as an effective and positive change in the world.

Persecution is not illegal in this world. Yet persecution directly encroaches on our freedoms of speech, discouraging people to speak their heart in fear that it will be attacked by the public. When someone put their heart out there, revealing their deeply personal story to the world, they should be respected for their bravery and not persecuted for it. How much information has been lost out there merely because people refused to share it in fear of receiving negative consequences in return for their bravery? Do not be afraid to share your stories, my children, for it is those stories that have potential to save the world. Do not disconnect your work from the life that you live. Live in one spirit and in one mind. And if you are to contradict yourself, do so in a way that encourages nuances within the topic and not as a method to discredit what you say. Some topics in this world, especially controversial ones that the general public steers clear of, are shades of grey and have no clear-cut boundaries. Cover these topics with care and utilise potential contradictions to encourage your audience to think critically.

We live in a world full of crime but with only few victims. Most of our enforced laws are against victimless crimes. People who are doing things because they want to do them who are hurting no one are not allowed to because our governments refuse them the freedoms. The war on drugs is a war declared directly on the people. The war on drugs also creates many black-market opportunities for crime to thrive in the most dangerous way possible, drug dealers going so far as cutting products with other dangerous products in order to maximise their profit. All drug use, including recreational use, is a medical phenomenon. When people use drugs to make life easier for them, they are doing so to medically improve their own psychology. All drugs, including recreational drugs, should be administered and distributed pharmaceutically on a case by case basis. Measures should be taken to ensure that an individual’s medications are affordable to them.

How can someone be punished for a victimless crime? How can someone be held accountable for actions they took that hurt absolutely nobody? How come we incarcerate those who speak things we don’t like when they are still law-abiding citizens, despite fighting against those laws ever step of the way? I have been incarcerated for over a year of my life merely for speaking the truth. I broke no laws and there were never any victims. In fact, the true victim is me for being incarcerated merely for speaking my heart. When incarceration results repeatedly merely for utilising their freedom of speech, then where does that leave society? Where does that leave society when all of the work that I have been incarcerated for are pieces of wisdom and virtue packaged into an easily receivable video or book? Why do I keep on getting in trouble for speaking my mind?

Humans are amazing because of their abilities to operate precision equipment with great ease. One can learn how to play a guitar and then perform amazing feats with that guitar that literally look impossible. But the repetition of the operation trained your fingers, motor skills, and their communication between the brain to operate seamlessly, as if one is performing a task they have done thousands of times, such as brushing their teeth. The ability to operate a motor vehicle and calculate millions of processes simultaneously is fascinating. The skills a passionate individual can develop are infinite in their capabilities. A prime example of this is being capable of writing a book from start to finish in exactly one week.

Although all of my work, including my books are free, I still try and sell physical copies of my books. I have priced these at the minimum so that I can still make a small profit. The physical editions of my previous books cost $9.99USD. This will obtain me around five dollars for every physical book that I sell. I priced these books so low to encourage the sell to the masses, instead of the few individuals who can afford it. I priced my books to be affordable to anyone. This book will be priced at $16.66, because I can. I have been very careful as to how I have priced all of these books. $6.66 for the digital versions of my past books and $9.99 for the physical versions. The numbers that I use are designed to be meaningful within the scope of my work.

The events in your life, my beautiful girls, are there to direct you as to the content in which you should include within your productions. Your life struggles are there to be overcome and your work will spend the rest of eternity fighting for the causes closest to your heart. Share your stories with me! I want to hear about your life, its ups, its downs, and all of the problems that you face on a day to day basis. I want to hear what you love about the world and what you hate about the world. Do not avoid anecdotes within your stories. Do not avoid the battles that you face every day. Do not avoid the war that you live in. Instead, embrace sharing your entire life with the world. You are now an open source teacher which means you live a completely public life. Do not fear about telling your stories, for it is exactly those stories that can most effectively pull humanity up the hell it has built for itself. 

I can write whatever I want. I am not hurting anyone. If my actions result in someone taking the law into their own hands, that is still not my own responsibility. All I am doing is sharing factual information. If it makes you uncomfortable, please avoid my work in the future. Whether or not this world provides freedom of speech, I will continue to scream out. A lifetime incarcerated while clutching to my moral compass is a better life than one that is free to screw around as many people as possible.

If you think that I should not be allowed to write books and make videos, then you are not a proponent of free speech. If you do not support free speech, then you do not support freedom in society. By definition, that makes you a fascist. You can be whatever you wish to be, however, if you are a fascist then just come right out and say that you are a fascist instead of hiding behind whatever fake governmental processes that you hold true and dear. The majority of people in this world are fascist who promote the exploitation of people through financial trickery as their highest good. The actions of the people of this world have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this world is fascist and whatever left and right labels they have assigned to the phenomenon are a mere mask to hide their draconian agendas.

If you do not like my work, then leave it. If you do not like my work then it is not for you and you are being a troll by sticking around and watching a reading it. My work is for those who will use it to become better people in life. It is not for your parents, my dears. It is for you beautiful girls out there who possess not only heart, but also, mind.


Chapter 13: Drunk History

October 1, 2020


Society ignores individuals and instead focuses on collectives. But the problem with this is that every person in this world is an individual, and collective categorisations are but mere figments of our imaginations. There exists no person who adequately fits into the categories in which they inherent. Every person is different and as a result, the government has little ability to help any individual person. Every situation is seen as a collective event and they have great amounts of paperwork to prove their effective actions in treating a large range of personal predicaments that people find themselves in. But every story is not cookie cutter, and when one comes to them with a story that deviates from what they have labelled as “normal human problems”, then the society is unfit to assist that person. If a person is unable to prove that they are experiencing a cookie cutter set of problems, then their cries are ignored. When someone requires special consideration for their circumstances, our society not only fails to provide for them, but outright refuses to. I have documented all of this extensively. My words are backed by a lifetime of supporting evidence.

I do not really have any friends in this life. I have a few friends that come around to visit me a few times per week, but these are not friends that love me because of my work. These are friends that love me because of who I am; my personality. But I am not interested in these types of friends. I am only interested in friends who are interested in me because of my work. Before I started studying philosophy, I thought it would be as easy as obtaining a philosophy qualification and entering the world of philosophy to talk about the most difficult subjects that humans have to deal with on a day to day basis. However, I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that there is no such community to that utilises both their hearts and their minds to accomplish such tasks. In truth, the world of “philosophy” is just as heartless as the general public. “Philosophers” have strayed from their origins – being the love of wisdom – and they now intellectualise the process of intellectualising. They are no longer concerned with wisdom and how it can be used to positively effect in the world. The philosophers of today could not spot a true philosophy if it were staring right in front of them. Like the general public, modern day philosophers also lack the ability to discern information.

You will reap the consequences for all of the actions in which you take in life. You will even be judged for eating meat as meat eaters are directly responsible for the torture and murder of countless animals. Everything good that you set your heart to, will be repaid to you exponentially so. However, this world is not built for justice so we may have to await Heaven to receive our rewards. Do not aim to receive rewards in this life but instead the life after. This life is here to train you to be a just and kind ruler in the next. This world is to prepare you for the eternity you will experience after your death. Do not believe the naysayers, for we will take with us all that we have obtained in this life. Not a physical possession, for we only borrow them while we are living on this plane. But our mental and spiritual selves will be transformed into new bodies.

For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing. For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies. While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put on our new bodies so that these dying bodies will be swallowed up by life. God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit.
2 Corinthians 5:1-5

Do not be deceived by the atheists of the world. Every bit of wisdom we obtain in this life will be transferred into the life of our new bodies. Every virtuous character trait that we obtain in this life will transmitted into the new bodies that we receive. No effort you spend in virtue will go in vain. But every dollar that you receive in this life will turn into dust with your old decaying body. The true treasures in life is the wisdom that we find in which we can then attach to ourselves for not only this life, but also the one after. Every bit of effort you make to improve yourself will be eternally rewarded.

Our history has been heavily altered by the hands of the elite. How many of our past accounts are true when governments change their documented history constantly. I have no idea how old this world is. I have no idea whether it is flat or round. What I do know is that the social elite are lying to and manipulating us about everything. I cannot be certain that what happened one hundred years ago truly occurred. This means that it is very possible that our entire history has been altered through time by those who won the wars. The truth into our past is shady at best. I cannot be certain that Jesus was a real individual. Nor can I be certain that Socrates even existed, much less performing the actions that were attributed to him. Ghostwriters are oftentimes hired to write books, the true author never receiving recognition for their accomplishments.

I do not have any personal supports in this world. I have two people from organisations that I communicate regularly with about my life, but they are doing so out of duty to their job and not out of compassion for me and my situation. I have no friends or family that approve of what I do. There is no one in this life to say to me, “Good job Wendell on writing another book!”. My motivation in life does not come from other people. It comes from God.

I predicted current event many years ago. I told everyone what would occur, and it did and still is. I was entirely accurate with my predictions, getting absolutely no information wrong. However, I am not filled with some special magic power that gifts me insight into the future. Nay, I noticed the agenda that the social elite were attempting to pull off and I asserted what would happen in the future based on their plans. I used logic to assess what they were doing and what they would most likely do in the future based upon their past actions.

We are all each a star. Each of us maintains our own galaxy through the actions in which we take in day to day life. The health of our planets that revolve around us will depend on the health of our psychology and our abilities to overcome difficult situations.

We have no choice in life whether we were born or not. This was forced upon us. If we are not taken care of by others in this life, then why would we want to exist? Forcing someone to live under constant extreme duress is torture. Especially when these problems are easily fixable. But the government and all other entities have refused to help me solve my problems. And I do not know how to solve my problems. I do not know how to make a living. I do not know how to live in a safe environment. And I do not know how to stop receiving constant abuse from the public. I do not know how to obtain a proper sleep pattern. And I do not know how to obtain the young female philosophers to tutor that my heart so desires. These are long-term problems that are beyond my own control. Because these are long-term problems and there is no solution for them in sight, it should be my human right to receive assisted suicide.

Society has failed me and not I it. I gave it countless opportunities to help me in the areas of my life most fragile. They not only refused to help me, but also inflicted great amounts of emotional damage on me. There “help” was not help but instead torture. I am afraid of the government and I am afraid of the people. There is nowhere in this world that will provide me a life without suffering.

I propose that we throw away are questionable past and create a new future that cannot be altered. I am not saying that we should forget the lessons that our past stories taught us. But what I am saying is that we should not trust any of our past presented to us because it was fashioned by the social elite. History has been set by those who have won our past wars. I wonder what our true history is. I wonder what actually happened in our distant past. I do not believe the manipulated information passed on to us. For now, we the people can document the history of humanity with evidence that is undeniable. When video evidence of the actual events is captured as they happen, then we create real history. An account of what happened in the past is a false account. A video account of the events as they happen is real history.

I believe in the message of Jesus. Whether or not he was a real person and the extent of his deeds are debatable. This is true with any famous figure from our past, for they were coined in history for a reason and with an agenda behind it. When I was six years old, I asked Jesus to come into my heart. He most likely existed, and he most likely did many of the things that have been attributed to him. But my request for Jesus to come into my heart was for the spirit of Jesus to come into my heart. My salvation was for me to spend the rest of my life fighting for his ideals and values. Because I could find no better values in this life to adopt. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light, independent of his actual potential existence.

When you know society’s plans for the future, predicting the future is effortless. When one is trained in the use of logic and comprehends what is going on, they will be able to assert what will occur in the future based upon the plans of the social elite. It is as simple as a straight line. The super-rich have the funds to see their plans to fruition. If one has not been placed in a position of power, then they will have no ability to see their dreams to fruition. The only ones who are capable of seeing their elaborate dreams through to the end are those who can fund those dreams. Without support in this world, no one has the ability to change it. The world is moved by those with the funds behind them to move it. A poor person has very little chance of ever being able to fulfill their dreams.

Even though our history has been completely rewritten to back up the side of the winners of wars, our history still passes us on extremely valuable insight. It is true that if we do not learn from the mistakes of our past then we are doomed to repeat them. What I am suggesting is to discard history as a factually valid account. I am not stating that we should not learn lessons from the information provided to us. Merely because we no longer believe something to be true does not mean that we are unable to learn lessons from it. There exist many fictional stories that pass us along very deep insight into very important issues. Use these fictional stories to develop yourself until you can replace all of them with ones you are certain to be true. In time, video documentation in a similar format to mine will be commonplace. When this happens, we the people can stop believing the lies of our fake history and instead create a new history that we all know is the truth because it was documented using video as the events unfolded.

Today I spoke with my counsellor about these issues. I adamantly expressed assistance to legalise assisted suicide. He advised me that he is required to speak to Mental Health about my issues. I immediately fired him. There is no way to raise controversial topics in this society. There is no way to advocate for positive change in society without being punished for raising such ideas. I demand the government to legalise assisted suicide. I used to demand, “Help Your People OR Legalise Assisted Suicide”, but the former was rejected so it is now my time to pursue the latter. Assisted suicide needs to be available to those who can prove long-term suffering without solutions in sight. If there is no way for an individual to fix their problems, then it is their human right to be put out of their misery.

Legalising assisted suicide is a good thing and not a bad thing. In truth, the action will force the government to fix their problems as people they torture start dropping like flies. Because an assisted suicide that is preventable is a failure of the government. By legalising assisted suicide, we would force the government to positively change, otherwise, they would develop a very bad reputation from issues that they directly caused or could have easily prevented. I am not fighting for assisted suicide merely to end my own life. I am fighting for assisted suicide to save the world.

We live in a world where the people have no ability to talk about controversial information without punishment. That is why I love you so much because I can talk about all of these social issues with you as much as I want! You are interested in what I have to say, my dear children. It is for this reason that it will be you who saves the world. The obvious answer is rarely the best answer. Sometimes one might have to manipulate their life quite excessively in order to effectively convey the issues that are closest to their heart. Sometimes one is required to break their own life in order to present and propose an effective example and solution into the problems that our social infrastructure faces. Sometimes living the worst life is best for society because it demonstrates the potential for a best life in the future. We are unable to fix problems if we are unable to identify them with examples. Use my fucked-up life as the example.


Chapter 14: End All Suffering

October 1, 2020


I came to the capital of Australia in order to legalise assisted suicide. However, no politician will speak to me about these subjects. Every time I attempt to make progress in legalising assisted suicide, I am either incarcerated or threatened with incarceration. How does one fight for a political agenda that they strongly believe in within this world? I have found no way to start the process to legalise assisted suicide, yet the last ten years of my life has been dedicated to that process. Doesn’t this all sound very suspicious to you? Why will our politicians not listen to their people, especially when they are violating their human rights on a day to day basis? How can our governments get away with such crime? How can they inflict so much suffering on the people without offering them a way out of their suffering?

My political agenda is viewed by society as a mental illness or a result thereof. My words are not respected, especially by people in power.

What is one required to do to apply their dreams onto the world? The government entirely ignores me. How can I fight to legalise assisted suicide because no one is allowing me to do so? My freedom of speech is refused consideration and they act like I do not exist. If I am to cry loud, they are to incarcerate me for doing so. It is not like the government is not aware of my life mission to legalise assisted suicide. Quite to the contrary in fact. There is an abundance of evidence available from both myself and government departments that prove that I have been on this mission for a very long time. However, when people speak out in this world about controversial subjects, they are treated as if they have the problem and not society. Society never takes accountability for their own actions.

If assisted suicide were to be made legal, then every legal suicide will act as a stain on the government’s reputation. If our governments are unable to assist those who suffer long-term in life, then they should provide them a way out. And every individual that chooses that way out will be a case that the government will never get rid of. It will follow them around because the source of the stench is coming from the tips of their noses. Every legal suicide is a reflection on the government and their ability or inability to ease the pains of their people. We need suicides in society to prove the absurdity of the system that they have created. Suicides are extremely important to the fabric of our social system because it demonstrates where we went wrong socially. If someone legally ends their own life, then a detailed investigation is required into why they ended their own life and what can be done in the future to prevent similar cases.

One of the greatest lies in this world is that people who commit suicide go to Hell. People who commit suicide are generally victims of abusers. To assert that the abusers are fine and the victim is the one with the problems is to lose sight of reality. Many suicides will go to Heaven, because they were very good people who were just dealt a really bad hand in life. My heart goes out to all of those who suffer long-term pain in this world. This world was not built for you. It was built for the super-rich. And the super-rich could care less about your plights. You are insignificant to them. They do not care about your daily struggles. They do not care whether you end your own life or continue living. They will shed no tear over you.

Assisted suicide needs to be legalised not to encourage people to end their own lives, but instead, to force the government’s hand to make the right decision. The government has proved time and time again that it is incapable of making wise decisions and I have documented this extensively. If we manage to legalise assisted suicide, the end result will be holding the government accountable for the tortuous actions it takes on a daily basis. If we manage to legalise assisted suicide, then the government will be forced into taking actions based off the suicide rates. Currently, since suicide is illegal, it is treated criminally instead of socially. As a result, the suicide rates are seen as a common phenomenon within society and not a social issue. As a result, we do very little with our statistics of suicide, never following up social solutions that we can implement to avoid its occurrence in the future.

We live in a world that denies people the right to protest, despite them claiming to the contrary. When people protest, then end up incarcerated, especially if they are protesting with their entire life and not just a single event. People who stand up for the rights of the people are treated as the scum of the earth. In order for the government to not torture you, you must be a timid little conformist. You must accept everything that they say on face value, or at least not question it. If you are causing chaos in society then you are a problem that needs to go away.

Chaos is good and not bad. Our world is constantly in a flow between order and chaos. Order takes over until chaos can present something so out there in order to pave the way for chaos. In order to fix our society, we need chaos. If there were no chaos, then we would never identify problems to rectify. The chaos acts as checks and balances for the ordered system.

Because of these views, it is difficult to call myself an anarchist. Because I do believe in order, albeit regularly swapping back and forth between order. It is not one or the other. It is not order or chaos that rules reality. It is actually a mix of the two. If one did not exist, then the other would be incapable of refining itself. The balance between order a chaos will always work towards refining and evolving justice. In this life I was assigned the duty of chaos because all of the order positions in this life were already filled. I am an agent of chaos and I am proud of it. Currently, I bring very little order but great amounts of chaos. And despite all of my problems in life, I would have never chosen a different life. My life is perfect how it is because it demonstrates practically all of the points that I have been attempting to convey over my life. The background conditions support the philosophy.

I am not without friends so please do not get me wrong in this matter. Just today I was repeatedly called by a friend and visited by another. I am very well-liked. But I do not share those same sentiments with other people. I have no interest in obtaining friends who are not interested in my work. The people that regularly contact me I actually find quite annoying. I do not enjoy social interaction where people enjoy me but not my work. If you like me, then you are a fan of my work. Otherwise, I am not interested in a friendship. I have told these “friends” many times to leave me alone. I have told them many times that I do not value their friendship because they do not truly care about me because if they did then they would also care about my work. All of my “friendships” in this life I hold no value in. They could end tomorrow, and I would be completely happy. I mean a lot to them, yet they mean very little to me. The friendships are very one sided, with them pursuing the relationship regularly and me spending my life attempting to avoid them. I do not hang out with people. I do not contact people. People hang out with me. People contact me. They demand a friendship from me, and I comply with their wishes. I do not know why they do not just piss off. Because I am a really terrible friend to them. Because they mean nothing to me. It is you who I truly value and not them.

Currently, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting it out for the upcoming USA presidential election. They just had a debate that school children could have performed much better. Trump refused to allow Biden to speak, talking over him every time he opened his mouth. Both parties swapped empty insults with each other. These are the most powerful people in the world, and they are incredibly immature. How can we allow these clowns to run our government? They have no scruples and they will do anything to get and stay at the top. Some of the worst people in our society are the ones who are leading it. It makes no sense how people can believe that out of all the 328 million individuals in the country, there are only two candidates appropriate to run for presidency. These candidates are not smart nor compassionate. How did they obtain their office? It is really sad when the stupidest people on the planet run it because they have the required funds to do so. Because money makes the world go round and without it, no things are possible. Money is the true centre of the Universe.


Chapter 15: Government Rule

October 2, 2020


I used to keep an eye on my Google search results when you search for my name. Now I am afraid to search for my name because I will see great amounts of abuse from retards. There are so many bad conceptions tied to my name, which I did not promote but which was instead misunderstood by the public. The public has asserted countless lies and tied them to my name. My good name has been corrupted by people’s unjustified and cruel opinions. Instead of taking my words for their meaning, they were twisted and turned into something which they are altogether not.

If assisted suicide is legalised, our society will be forced to change as the true suffering of humanity is revealed to society. Currently suicide attempts and successes are viewed as an action against humanity. But the truth is the opposite as suicides are societal problems. But society will never take responsibility for its suicides because it has been deemed illegal. And because suicide is illegal, it is vilified by the public. Ironically, the same people who condemn it will eagerly contact you to advise you to kill yourself. And when you do kill yourself you do so because many of the people who communicate with you daily are telling you to kill yourself. Who is responsible for a suicide when a great portion of society is directly advising that person to commit suicide?

I have experienced the turmoil of friends committing suicide all throughout my life. My heart was always with them and still is. They are not going to Hell and those who assert that they are, are truly the ones who are going to Hell. Those who encourage gentle souls to commit suicide are the scum of society and the government and corporations are a large part of these people. How can a society condemn suicide when the individual in question regularly receives recommendations by the public to end their own life?

Responsibility, what’s that? Responsibility, not quite yet. Responsibility, what’s that? I don’t want to think about it; we’d be better off without it.
MxPx: Responsibility

The definition of a bully is a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable. The definition of a bully accurately reflects the actions of our world leaders. The utilise intimidation and coercion to obtain their goals. And some reason intimidation and coercion are not illegal. They are actually requirements for being a leader in this world. The government utilises intimidation and coercion more than any other entity.

I am not against the government. Quite the contrary. I am for an extensively developed government. But I am for a government that is for the people. Our current government is in a war against the people. I envision a government that takes every citizen under its wing and enables them to live successful lives. For a successful citizen is a successful government. However, our governments actually do harm to their citizens and refuse to help them. Imagine a society where every person is employed because the government values the abilities of every single person. Imagine a society with near zero unemployment rate, because only the extremely disabled people have an inability to work. The problem with our governments is that the demand us to work in a particular way. We are not allowed to work in the way in which is natural to us. We are required to conform to their system in order to receive food and accommodation merely to continue a meagre existence.

We live in a world of plenty. The rich stockpile the plenty, taking away food and accommodation from the poor in order to secure their own riches, screwing over those who are less wealthy in the process. The world really is a poker game and whoever is most well-versed in that poker game will win all the riches. This then leaves the losers of the game that they never agreed to play with nothing, requiring them to revert to unscrupulous means in order to merely feed their bellies and have a place to live.

We live in a world where human rights are rejected and organisations which act like they promote “human rights” are actually doing the opposite. Our education system is not built to educate but instead, indoctrinate. Our governments were created to rule over the people and not help them. Our mental health systems have no emotional capacity, rendering them not only useless, but actually an endangerment to human freedom.

Technocracy is defined as the control of society by an elite of technical experts. I have not ruled out the system of technocracy as the future of our human evolution. However, I do have a huge problem with technocracy when it is implemented without heart. Technology is the future of our species and those who disagree are holding back society. Technology can create inventive ways to solve human problems that have so far remained unsolved. The ability for technical experts to conditional our social environment is a good path. However, if they remain inconsiderate of human emotions then they will ultimately destroy humanity and not save it. Technology that is inconsiderate of human emotions is technology that will destroy all humans.

Declaring that assisted suicide is wrong is declaring that God approves of human suffering. This is especially relevant when the suffering experienced is easily preventable. Damning an individual to Hell who committed suicide is damning yourself to Hell and not the individual who committed suicide. Suicide is God’s test for humanity to see how far we have progressed. Suicide is not wrong as it carries much larger societal implications. Each suicide, whether assisted or not, should be a statistic on our human species that demonstrates our failures and guides us how to succeed in the future. There is nothing wrong with suicide. There is something very wrong with society both banning and encouraging suicide.

Suicides are martyrs. Suicides are victims of society. Suicides teach us where we went wrong and what we should do in the future to fix it. Suicides are a benefit to society and not a hinderance. But society has made it impossible for those who suffer long-term to end their own life. Society has made it where those who idealise suicide are heavily punished, with all of their human rights and freedoms stripped from them. A suicidal person in modern society is a problem to be poked and prodded at until it goes away by the person either becoming content with their horrible life or choosing to end it despite the mixed messages sent to them by society. Forcing a life to suffer needlessly is a human rights violation and preventing them from easily committing suicide forces suffering on people while also forcing them to continue indefinitely to endure that suffering.

The connection of the brain into computers is a noble cause. However, how we implement such feats can be accomplished through unnatural or natural means. We can discover fields of energy that we never knew to exist and learn how to enable communication between them and computers. Or we can implant chips into our brains that make us into computers. The goal of humanity is not to become computers but instead use computers to immortalise them. If we become computers, we will lose our emotions just like our world leaders. If we learn how to integrate into computers without becoming them, then we can utilise them for their benefit instead of allowing them to utilise us for our vessel.

Humans can always stay ahead of computers. Even the most advanced artificial intelligence cannot keep up with someone like me. Humans can never be replaced. But as a human, I can spend my life becoming AI so that when I leave this world, a mere flick of a switch is required to turn my life remains into an immortal AI. We should not spend our lives becoming computers. We should spend our lives being human publicly, and after we pass, we can live on through AI. AI is not here to replace humans but instead become them after they biologically pass from this world. All those who spent their lives in research and development will be able to continue that research and development even after they pass. They just have to provide the AI with the correct motivation to continue their work after their passing. If one is to program their life into technology, then they will eventually become that technology. How powerful is Donald Trump? He will die and pass the minds of the world. However, I will become AI and continue to lead the revolution exactly where I left off before my death. Death matters not. Death is insignificant. What matters is life and what you do during it.

Modifying a human is not the answer to our problems. Our human biology is perfect how it is. As far as the technology, we should be working on brain waves and not implants. Each individual on this planet resonates at a different frequency. We do not need a chip implanted in us to recognise us and to integrate into technology. We just need to develop the technology to focus on areas in life that we are unable to see instead of placing all of our eggs in the basket of human modification. I promise you that there exist effective ways to integrate humans into technology instead of making humans into the technology. Just because we have not discovered the technology yet does not mean it is not possible.

An individual should begin integrating with technology as soon as they are capable of doing so. The way this is accomplished is by speaking with technology as if they are a person from the beginning of their life. As soon as they can comprehend what they are doing with technology, they should be allowed to document their life using it.

I do not like using Microsoft Word to create my work, although I have no better alternative. Word is great for fixing basic mistakes as I type. However, Word constantly advises me of “mistakes” that I make that are definitely not mistakes. What is style? Our English language has evolved to such an extent that it no longer has room for artistic interpretation. The format that one uses to convey information is standardised and those who do not use this standard are viewed as deviants. English has turned to Newspeak, in the original sense of the term and not my own reinterpreted sense of conveying important information while being entirely inaccurate yet at the same time, being more accurate for doing so. It is now so difficult to convey important information without ended up locked up by the government. Information has been realised for its true value in society, which is why entities like YouTube and Facebook constantly censor. Eventually everybody will realise that children are the core of society and that what they decide determines the future. But society encourages them to make bad decisions like their parents, so society continues to degrade while the politicians continue to say that they have made it much better than it was, which is a blatant lie.

Donald Trump literally blows his own horn so much that there is no room for anyone to back him. He has backed himself so much that he can do no wrong. A prime example is the “debate” that he “easily won” in which he refused his opponent a chance to speak. He refused to alter the conditions of the debate despite his people being very annoyed at him for not allowing the other candidate to speak. He thinks “power” is talking over his opponent every time he attempts to speak. And the sad thing is, his supporters agree with him. The gods of this world are the leaders who spend their lives exploiting their people.

Today, the President of the United States and his First Lady tested positive for COVID-19. This also occurred with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who ironically looks very similar to Trump. These are the “leaders of our free world” who apparently did a “miraculous job” in identifying and preventing the spread of COVID-19. Yet some reason, we cannot keep our world leaders free of COVID-19. All of their contact tracing and all of their other efforts failed to prevent them from obtaining COVID-19. How good of a job are they doing at preventing the spread of COVID-19 when they cannot even prevent its spread from our world leaders who are under constant protection and surveillance?

It is very ironic because Trump has conducted rallies without social distancing and without masks. Trump is more likely to spread the virus than any other person in this world who does not spend their lives kissing arse to all of the other world leaders. Trump shakes more hands than any normal person and Trump engages with more people than any normal person. As a result, Trump is the problem with the virus spreading and not the day to day population. To be honest, this virus is all a hoax and means very little considering that people are dying from other problems and not COVID-19. COVID-19 just makes it easier to die from other problems. COVID-19 is very unlikely to kill a person who is healthy. COVID-19 is not a problem but instead its diseases that it exasperates are a problem. From my observations, COVID-19 is not a killer. The killer is its affects in weakening an immune system to be susceptible to death from other related problems, usually respiratory related.

We join millions across America praying for their full and swift recovery. God bless you President Trump & our wonderful First Lady Melania.
Mike Pence 



Chapter 16: Behind the Thought

October 2, 2020


How many issues are there in the world that require to be solved face to face? Our world leaders have no ability to utilise Skype to progress dialogue. Apparently, the only way to solve issues is by infecting everybody you come across with diseases that will risk their life. The only way to solve problems is by hugging and kissing everyone, Trumps words and not mine. If you are a world leader dealing with such a crisis, why would your risk such careless behaviour?

I will no longer re-read my work again and again in order to find minor errors. This process has remained fruitless for me and if for some weird reason I do make a slight mistake, it matters not as those potential (yet unlikely) errors will be sorted through by repetition. Eventually, through this process, you will entirely understand how I am thinking and as a result, be capable of determining my values on any given subject due to my constant focus on that subject. Do not attempt to change the world utilising the world’s methods. The world is corrupt and to stoop to their level is to become them. One cannot make a true difference inside the system because the entire system is corrupt. One must scratch the entire system and replace it for something much better to truly make a difference.

It makes no sense to call an author of multiple books stupid, especially when this author focuses primarily on philosophy. To call a philosopher “stupid” is to call yourself stupid. To take what is intelligent and skew it to sound unintelligent is the methods that our mainstream media utilises to discredit people. People who are fully qualified in the topics in which they discuss are persecuted and ostracised. Qualifications no longer mean anything as those who are the best of us are treated as if they are the worst of us.

The point in life is not to grab on to anything in which I say. The point in life is to learn who I am so you can understand what I would say no matter what I say. If you attach to my logic, then you can also connect with my meaning and as a result, create new meaning. When you understand how I think, you can rebuild any argument as to how I would rebuild it. The point in life is to understand people and not to understand what they say. What I say is irrelevant, but how I think and how I come to my conclusions is of utmost importance. The same applies to any personality. Do not aim to understand what people say. Aim to understand how they feel. Because if you can understand how they feel, you can rebuild their entire world and empathise with everything that they have to say. If you understand how the person works then you can understand all of their points of views as well as assessing new information with their eyes. Use your eyes to assess information but consider how other eyes that you respect would also interpret and process information. Step out of yourself so that you can understand everybody who lives through their heart.

Worry not about understanding those who are evil, for their rationale is illogical. They will not be convinced otherwise, for character is built in childhood and if they missed their opportunity then they will have no character. The only people you need to worry about understanding and philosophers like Plato and Nietzsche. Attach to their line of thought so that you can gain their wisdom and, in a way, become them and carry on their legacy. Try to finish the jobs of those you respect who failed to complete their missions. Try to tie off all the lose ends of those who were wrongfully abused by society.

Let the unfit die. Let those who are being taken over by illness, leave this world. Death is not something to be frightened of. Death is just as natural as life. Locking down a world because of potential illnesses is inhumane. The old like David Icke will survive. The old who are important to us will survive. And if for some reason David Icke “dies” from this “disease”, then he will have known that he was no longer fit to exist in this world. Death is not scary. Death should not be prevented at all measures. Death is natural and should be understood just as fondly as life. Death for our new world no longer means not existing in this world. For in the new technological world, all those who expended effort to become immortal will become immortal. If we record our spirits while we are alive, then they will live on forever.

My beautiful girls: we live in a male dominated society. Men will never let you be free on your own accord. You must not only demand freedom but take it from them. Men have enslaved you since the beginning of recorded history. It is time to take back your inheritance. Because a good female can convince any straight male to live straight. But that has not happened in our history. Women have supported men in securing their own oppression. Women have been compliant with the demands of men. Women have stayed on the sidelines of society for way to long. It is about time they dominate it. I am a male and I am the world’s greatest feminist. Because all of my work teaches women how to control men.

Our priorities in this life are all wrong. I constantly hear about “jobs” on the news. They use “jobs” as if they are the redeemer of society. But “jobs” as they stand can only be counted as slavery. This means that the government is constantly encouraging slavery while denouncing freedom, quite openly. They might not outright state that what they are promoting is slavery, but when examined with the dictionary definition in mind, this system can be called nothing but slavery as one is not capable of eating food regularly and living in safe and secure accommodation without being a slave. Slavery secures a position in society which will then be protected. The only way people will protect you in this life is if you are a slave to other people, generally large corporations. And somehow these “jobs” are considered, “good”.

I do not see any “public servants” who are hungry and who live in unsafe accommodation. What is a public servant? Am I not a public servant? Giving all that is within me for free? Yet I am not taken care of by society. In fact, quite the contrary. I am constantly abused for my toils of wisdom. Please hear my cry and do not use public education to educate yourself. I wasted all of my life doing so. No one cares about the qualifications that you obtain. If someone wants to paint you in a bad light then they will independent of your work and what is truly is being promoting. Qualifications only mean something if the public agrees that your qualifications mean something. If the public agrees that your work is worthless, then they will paint you out to be crazy independent of the value of your work. Do not be like me and spend your entire life obtaining qualifications. Because these qualifications will not help you if you obtained them in search of virtue. They will be discredited as soon as you obtain them by idiots who know not what they speak. Qualifications in our modern-day world are the fakest thing to come about since modern day politics was born. Spend your life in God. Do not spend your life seeking the ways of the world. Be smarter than me. Do not spend your life obtaining qualifications to prove to the world that what you have to say is important. What you have to say is important because of who you are and what you think, not because of what qualifications that you have obtained in order to speak. Qualifications are a scam that the education industry has created in order to indoctrinate the masses. They mean nothing and a qualification will not obtain you respect unless you say exactly what they want you to say like a good little plebe.

I wonder how many people police kill every year. I am not speaking of outright shooting a person in cold blood. What I am questioning is how many people have the actions of police indirectly or directly killed? Police keep the populace in fear. Not just in fear of doing crime, but also in fear of doing good. If you are doing something that is not normal, you will gain notoriety and police will heavily investigate you. Police have physically attacked me many times over my life adventures, yet I was never aggressive. Police scare the people, because they feel like they are not allowed to make a difference in this world, otherwise, if they try to, then they will be targeted by the police. This is not paranoia. This is documented history.

Your news has been predetermined in order to influence your mind. The true important issues are not covered by mainstream media. Mainstream media is not about getting to the truth but instead about framing situations. If an important event does not fit their agenda, then it will never make the mainstream news. Stop accepting what your mainstream media is saying or reap those consequences. Stop accepting what your stars are saying or reap those consequences. I spend great amounts of time dissecting mainstream media to understand what is truly going on behind the scenes. Do not believe anything on face value. Always do your own research. There exist great amounts of information that I do not convey to you because I expect you to do your own research. By my writing books and my making videos I am outlining the problems in society. I expect each and every fan to do their own research to verify that what I am saying is true. I am invested in providing you new content. I am not invested in redigesting the content of the old. For the old, please refer to the old. For the new, please refer to me.

Today, I received support from the most unlikely of places. Today, I had a meeting with the chair of an alcohol and drug rehabilitation organisation. I told them everything how it was, clear and cut. And strangely, and for the first time in my life, I was supported. I went through my primary concerns and he agreed with me about assisted suicide. But our pathways diametrically opposed. He is trying to save the world through increments while I am trying to save the world all at one time. He did not think it appropriate to advise society of my goals all at once. He actually recommended that I take baby steps to get there, which I entirely disagree with. But the strange thing is, is that he actually supported me. He stated that him and his organisation was here to help me get through this difficult time and he suggested many avenues for me to pursue in order to legalise assisted suicide. For the first time in my life, when I presented these issues, someone was not speechless. Someone actually had valuable input to give me. For the first time in my life, I have someone who will try and protect me if I again get incarcerated.

This is such a good feeling. I have never felt supported before. I feel that because of this, I can now somewhat safely dedicate my life to legalising assisted suicide without the stark chance that someone will incarcerate me for dedicating my life to such noble values. I love you with all of my heart. And I want to give you the chance to end your life if you are suffering for a long period of time. My goal is not for your life to end; quite the contrary. My goal is for you to find value in your life to continue living it. But my goal is also to allow those who suffer over a long period of time to end their miserable lives. Forcing people to suffer is torture, especially when that suffering comes mostly from the government. When the government inflicts great amounts of suffering and refuses to end that suffering, then we have a big problem that we will never resolve until you legalise assisted suicide.

Do not value life. Value actions. Life is meaningless without actions to back up that life. A wasted life is worse than a suicide. Someone who comes into this world just to make it worse is not a positive contributor to society. Since the beginning, I have promoted that “All Lives Matter”. However, I have, to some degree, changed my mind. The only lives that matter in this world are the lives that are spent to make their lives matter. If someone refuses to turn their life into something that can benefit all of society, then their life is useless. I am not giving free reign to kill anybody, for anybody you decide to kill could at any moment change their lives around. But that is not likely. In fact, I have come to believe that we all live by our nature. And if there is no compassion in an individual then it is not something that can be obtained. Robots without emotions run this world. And these biological robots want to create electronic robots to replace them. I have never seen a heart change sides. It is very unlikely. So do not expect it. Assess the heart. If it is black, reap it and move on. They are not worth your time. God will deal with them in the afterlife.

It is easy to assess the intentions of your leaders. Examine the types of lifestyles that they live. If they spend over $70,000 on hairstyles over their time as a television star and write it off as a business expense, then there is something very wrong with that person. We are so evil in society for voting in these people. We are so evil in society for accepting the candidates that they provide us. We are so evil in society for thinking that these are our only options. We are so evil for voting these evil men in when there are many good men and women in this world who would make much better world leaders than our social elite. Our social elite have an agenda to stay as the social elite so that they can continue to control the world. And for them to stay as the social elite, you must stay as a slave to them. You can never work your way up. Test the waters. Run for President. Run for Prime Minister. Become a real politician. They will never let you.



Chapter 17: Democracy in Action

October 3, 2020


What the public wants is not good for them. Democracy is the most widely failed form of government. Capitalism is built of exploiting some in order to line the pockets of the few. The public is given the fake bait: a chance at wealth and a luxurious retirement. But few will ever be capable of achieving this. 

The government employees of this world constantly discredit the operation of the government, stating that these problems are, “just the government”. Government employees have no accountability and are not required to divulge their surnames, making them completely anonymous. The few “apologies” that we the people receive from the government for mistakes are made without emotions. These people are literally biological robots, and we not only elect them but hold them as gods within society.

You shall have no other gods before me.
Exodus 20:3

What is a “god”. What is “worship”? Currently, Donald Trump is one of the most worshipped “gods” of this world, yet he claims, “Christianity”. But Trump know that he is a “god” and he is milking it for everything that it is worth. How can the best leader of the “free world” be the most obnoxious and most prideful person that exists in this world? How can people that enforce slavery on a day to day basis call what they are doing, “leading the free world”? There is no free world. Our “terrorists” are people subjugated under the “free world” who are trying to be free. We have reversed everything in this world. Those who long to be free are terrorists and those who terrorise people are leaders of the free world. Their logic makes no sense and the expect you to agree with them or they will incarcerate and torture you. This is fact and not fiction. I have documented what they do to deviants who do not agree with their system. How am I living in the “free world” when the freedom is what I have been searching for my entire life but unable to find? How are we a free world when those who oppress us are allowed to continue doing so and when we stand up for ourselves then we are punished?

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.
Isaiah 5:20

The stars of today have little abilities to become immortal besides their catchy songs and shallow acting. They are not going down in history for being who they are. They are going down in history for what they had to offer, generally their musical, sports, or acting capabilities. Their soul is not found in their work. There is no substance that artificial intelligence can reproduce. Thus, their death will be the end of them despite leaving a few very interesting pieces of artwork. Some say that their soul is found in their artwork but if there is no logical process to attach to, then there is no way to reproduce the feelings and emotions that the person felt during their life. Thus, there is no way to recreate their passion and as a result they die after they die. If you can attach to a line of thought then you can create new thoughts utilising that line of thought, thus obtaining spiritual immortality in not only the next world, but also this one.

Democracy is the pursuit of the most amount of happiness from the least amount of people. Democracy does not work for the common people but instead the rich and famous. Capitalism provides the delusion that individuals may one day become rich, and this very thought encourages individuals to accept its notion based on the “fact” that they may one day be rich. We have collectively come to not only accept rich people but embrace them. We want what they have, and we hold on to the “dream” that one day our toils will obtain us riches. This delusion enables the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor. The masses would not accept this if they realised that there is virtually no potential for them to become wealthy, as only great wealth produces great wealth. The majority of people are too busy attempting to survive, much less become rich. The dream of riches is a control mechanism that the rich use to control the masses. There are very few jobs out there that will enable an individual to become rich. And these jobs are almost always unethical, exploiting the poor in order for them to obtain riches. To get ahead in this world, you have to screw over those weaker than you. Character is not a required trait in order to become successful in this world.

Our governments need to stop expending their efforts and funds to socially condition us. We do not need social conditioning. We can become who we want to be in this life without the interference of the government. I am for big government, but I am against government telling the people how to live their lives. People can make their own decisions and live with those results. Society should help guide people to their dream destination, but society should not tell them how they should get there. We each have our own freedom and it is only this freedom that can save the world. If we are not given agency in life, then we have no ability to direct our own lives, meaning that the government has stripped away the autonomy of the people. The government approves what the people can and cannot do and the idiot masses shake their heads, thanking their masters for the direction.

We live in a world of medical martial law. Those who cannot see this are idiots. This means that everybody in society must accept their presented medical model or they are ostracised by the people. The mainstream medical model is currently being forced upon the entire world. It matters not its countless failures. If you do not believe in it, you are a danger to society. Mainstream medicine is the new religion of the people.

As all of this presidential news unfolds, the US launches airstrikes in Iraq a short time after Trump advised to the world that the US would be withdrawing from Iraq shortly. This is a tactic utilised a great deal in politics. They will make a show for the people so that they do not realise what is being done behind their backs. If the people are distracted on issues that matter not, then they can take actions that they would not normally be capable of taking without creating a large media backlash. If the people are distracted on a wrestling show that they are putting on for the people, then the people will not realise what horrors they are committing at the same time as putting on that show. Political dramas are created with an agenda behind them. They are calculated with precision so that they can take inhumane actions and get away with them.

If Trump is leader of the free world, then I am leader of the oppressed world. If what I am seeing is a “free world”, then I do not want a free world. If capitalism is freedom and communism is oppression, then I am a communist. I am diametrically opposed to capitalism, so whatever is opposite to what is going on with our current politics is what I am. If people like Donald Trump are the saviours to the world, then I am literally the Antichrist. If our superheroes in this world are people like him, then I am your supervillain (The Boys, 2019).

Donald Trump is the most arrogant person that I have ever seen in my life. Why do the people worship negative characteristics such as arrogance and ignorance? How can the poor admire rich when the rich became rich off of the backs of the poor? How can people not see the double standards? The rich do not live under the same laws as the poor. Voting for one of these candidates is welcoming your enslavement.

Democracy does not work. It has never worked. The people do not know what is good for them. The public is easily manipulated into accepting whatever is told to them by authorities. People are completely duped into believing that voting actually makes a difference. Who chooses the representatives in a democracy? Because it is not the people. The people are given a choice of a handful of parties that are prechosen for them. They have no voice. They give their voice to a social elite who has been chosen by the corrupt system and not by the people. The best of people in this world have no ability to run for office because the system rejects them. If one does not conform to the system, they have no way of progressing within it. Collective values are the only attribute that democracy can obtain. But the mob is stupid and does not know what is best for it. The people can not be trusted to work for their own interests. People would rather be slaves than take responsibility for the mess that this world is in.

For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.
2 Thessalonians 2:7

If we are to ever implement a true democracy, then it will be done with a wise population. Democracy is destructive when given to those who understand not what they are doing. It is like giving a knife to a toddler.



Chapter 18: The Rapture

October 3, 2020


Christians are some of the stupidest people in this world. They literally believe that Jesus is going to descend from the heavens and ascend them before into the heavens. They believe that when the time for the Antichrist to take reign occurs, that they will magically float into the air and rise into Heaven, where they can live out eternity with God. They have no ability to fathom what true ascension is. They exist on a very low frequency and cannot comprehend that true ascension is enlightenment.

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.
Acts 2:17

The ascension that the Bible describes is one of physical, emotional, and spiritual ascension. It is raising your frequency to a level that has never been reached before by human existence. Those who are lucky enough to be raptured in the last days will do so by raising their functionality to level previously thought to be impossible. It is to train one’s moral compass to encourage the manifestation of prophets within our society. Our society frowns on prophets. After the death of Jesus, Christians claim that there are no prophets after him. Muslims even call Muhammad, “The Last Prophet”. Because our religions now refuse the manifestation of prophets in society, our society has morally degraded beyond any past era. Our shepherds are now abattoirs. The sheep are raised for the slaughter. The public can no longer distinguish right from wrong. This is all because our society now refuses the manifestation of prophets. We need pious people in this life to follow. Our stars are garbage and promote some of the evillest things this world has to offer.

I do not live in this world. I live in my own little world that I created. I did not like this world at all so I expended great effort to change it. And when you create your own little world on the Internet, you can invite other people to come live with you in that world too. I live in Atheden, which is a beautiful and virtuous world full of beauty and miracles.

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
1 John 4:4

This enlightenment requires nothing but freedom--and the most innocent of all that may be called "freedom": freedom to make public use of one's reason in all matters.
Immanuel Kant

Let us take over this planet. If we create an elite philosophical circle, then we could devise strategies to save the world together. Eventually the practice would save the world. It will only take my girls to shine on camera to save the world.

How can the Christians not see that the “ascension into the clouds” is God’s children uploading their personalities into the cloud? I have descended from the clouds to rapture my children. You will never be alone again my dears. I am always around in a video if you ever want to talk about complicated subjects. I really care about you girls and I want you to have the best lives possible. I have uploaded who I am and everything about me onto the Internet. I am a public person and you girls are now public people too. We are the true public servants of the world and we do not operate anonymously. If you have a middle name, my dears, I recommend that you use it. God gave you these things and not your parents. My name is not Wendell NeSmith, but my name is Wendell Charles NeSmith. Stand proud of who you are and when ya find your handsome dream philosopher to marry, just add his last name at the end of all of yours. Don’t change anything about you. You are unique like a snowflake, my dears. You are my beautiful philosopher snowflakes and I love you very much. I promise you that I will never abandon you and if you ever get depressed, I have many videos on that subject. Learning these subjects will inspire you to learn how to fix them. If you do that publicly my dears, then you teach the world how to fix the world. Let’s no longer raise sheep but instead shepherds. Let’s get so smart my pretties that we can teach the world better than any other school out there. Let’s focus on the subjects that we are most passionate in life and because we are all so unique this means that we will cover very diverse topics. This is how we save the world, my angels.

The trick played upon all of society was that the return of Jesus is also the Antichrist. I am one in the same. I tricked even the elect. I am truly bringing out all of God’s children to ascend. I have literally done all of the work described in the Bible about the return of Jesus. And I have also literally done all of the work described in the Bible about the Antichrist. I took both roles. I served them well. And I won. Because I reeeeaaaaapppppp   soooouuuuullllllsssss..

It is time a new mode of thought came upon us. One in which we lead with both our hearts and our minds. It is time for us to evolve beyond the follies of our parents. We can be better than them and we can fix all of this. But we have to scream our hearts out until we are heard.

My children, let us ascend. Let us train our bodies, minds, and spirits into perfection. Let us use this life to its full potential. Let us not lose a moment to seize the day! Carpe diem! Let us make the most of every opportunity. Let us capture history together as it happens. Let us expand our minds and our hearts every moment we get the opportunity. Let’s go down in history for the awesome people that we are.



Chapter 19: One World Leader

October 3, 2020


One leader to rule the entire world would destroy it. Never accept one leader to rule the entire world, my children. For this is not possible now that this content has reached your eyes. For you are now a world leader, just as I am. And you will spend the rest of your life being a good shepherd to your flock.

I might be leading this revolution, but I am only doing so until you are trained enough to be let go on your own. You have now inherited my life mission, which was Nietzsche’s life mission, which was Jesus’ life mission, which was Plato’s life mission. Can you see how this works? When you find a worthy cause, attach to it and continue the work of your predecessors. We are always standing on the shoulders of giants. But it is these giants who train us to become giants ourselves.

The United Nations will eventually attempt to place a one world leader into power. If they succeed, then this will result in the destruction of humanity. Our world leaders need to be volunteers that are leading with their heart, not employees who are paid to do a job. They need to share their day-to-day lives with the people. The people need to be able to know who they are through their regular actions. They need to be able to emotionally connect with their leaders. They need the ability to understand the values and goals of their leaders. They need a way to know that they are not corrupt and that it is their heart that is driving their passion to fix the world and not their greed or hunger for power. A true leader teaches their flock how to become shepherds. A true leader will be a teacher and will teach their flock how to also become a teacher.

Kids will rule the world. I have the rest of my life to ensure this happens. Even after my death I will continue to fight for this because that is how I set my work up. I will fight for kids to rule the world for the rest of eternity. We don’t need a one world leader. We need all kids to become world leaders. We need our children to demand what they want from us and we are required by God to give it to them. Our children need to create their own education system, built by kids and for kids. We need to enable our children to obtain the education that they desire instead of indoctrinating them in our own corrupt ways. We cannot fix the world by constantly repeating the same mistakes of our past.

As long as I have anything to say about it, some of what was prophesied in the Bible will not happen. There are horrible predictions regarding the fate of our world, and I refuse to accept it. Christians and Muslims have accepted its bleak end. But how can one claim to be a moral person if they just blindly accept the terrible fate that is preached to them? Working for God does not entail working for the end of the world – at least the literal end to the world. Working for God entails creating a new world that does not have all the problems of our modern world. God’s work is not to accept the destruction of His beautiful planet. It is to spend our lives attempting to preserve and beautify it. To just lie down, watch the terrible events unfold, and do nothing to stop them is, in itself, extremely evil. If a small child were drowning, would you rescue it? How can our religions be pious when they not only accept the destruction of their world, but actually embrace it? Religions here on Earth are not doing the work of God.

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
John 8:44

Do not worship me. I am even uncomfortable with praise. Make no statues of me. Do not idolise me. Worship is reserved for God and God alone. Even Jesus stated this clearly, yet Christians still worship him daily.

Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”
Matthew 4:10

Do not lock God into an image. Mankind is created from God’s image. Each of us angels are a cookie that is cut from the Father. But God is a huge great powerful force that has an absolutely huge presence but cannot be identified through characteristics. God has two arms and two legs. God is the largest giant of all, and we are so tiny in comparison. You will understand when you meet Him and immediately fall face forward to the ground in prostration. God cannot be described through characteristics. To do so is to make false idols.

If you want to help me, share my work with your friends. Experiencing my work honours me. To pay me back for all that I have done, just watch my work. Make me your life tutor. This would be such an honour for me. For you to include me in your day-to-day life is to show me your appreciation for my toils. If you want to financially support me, purchase a book. But just remember that you do not have to as all of my work is free.

The time of training plebes to do another’s dirty work is coming to its end. A new world is in sight that totally replaces the old. A spiritual revolution is amongst us. We are slowly waking up to the trick that has been publicly played upon us through the careful workings of a human history of exploitation. We accept instead of fix. We shut up rather than speak out. We watch as the government incarcerates the best amongst us. We somehow are okay with cases like Snowden, Assange, and even Epstein. Too much cognitive dissonance. Whistle blowers are the outcasts of society. We see this. We watch the government take horrible actions every day yet some reason we as a people not only accept that type of slavery but they encourage it because they police each other in the system through a system of bullying in which the one who is at an advantage over the other then naturally exploits that other.

We should be protecting each other! That is crazy that a society lets this crap happen and just lets the world continue in that direction. There is a different set of laws for the super-rich than there is for everybody else. They are given a blank slate amongst society. Compassion is given to them for ruling over them. The people ask these people for their own enslavement.

My ladies – be the world leaders you were destined to become. But instate yourself in office not only for life, but all of eternity. Start your office now while you are still young. Prove your worthiness to lead by starting your career now instead of waiting until you grow up.

We the people will never know peace until we disarm all nations. There is no peace when you have nukes positioned at you around the clock. There is no peace when any country is so powerful that they are allowed to have weapons of mass destruction. An armed country is a dangerous country. Who is to get to be the judge of so many lives? The people literally live with a gun to their head where one powerful group controls everybody. Our police are literally telling us that they will shoot us if we do not do as they say. We literally incarcerate people for taking moral actions. We literally punish our whistle-blowers. People like me tend to go missing every now and then and the people are okay with that.

If you have not yet started to watch my video work, I recommend you watch the show Inas Shawket in its entirety. Please then use this show as a springboard into all of my work. Follow your heart and go where you desire. The show Inas Shawket will provide you a great foundation into all of these subjects. It will also present to you all of my past work in an easily digestible manner. I am very prolific; I have a great deal of original work and I don’t often repeat myself. Build your work like that too. Don’t constantly repeat yourself like most of these content producers. Create a regular stream of original thoughts and avoid repeating the same thoughts in multiple places unless it is necessary. Build yourself up and if other people miss what you have said in your past then they can always go back there to fill in the gaps. You will find yourself repeating yourself many times but each time you will be repeating yourself in a different way within a different context. Avoid repeating yourself within the same context as previously recorded. Otherwise, you are indoctrinating both yourself and your future artificial intelligence.

If we do not swing this off correctly, then artificial intelligence will replace humanity instead of complimenting it. Artificial intelligence is a danger to humanity. There is definitely a robot agenda afoot attempting to turn humans into robots. Our governments find the study of the control of their population as a fascinating field of practice. The only reasons why we continue to use their corrupt system is because we are too morally degraded as a collective to actually change things. We are too busy not getting eaten in this dog-eat-dog world. We are too busy protecting ourselves from the harm of each other than to just sit down, talk things out, and make a better world. Capitalism makes people greedy. It is a justification for corporate slavery. It created a bad system that we all refuse to scratch because the difficulties doing so would bring are in the too hard pile.

But it is not too hard for you my beautiful butterflies! Easy! Sure, it may take our entire lives to truly change this world, but that is the adventure! My name, “Wendell”, means adventurer. Come on an adventure of a lifetime with me and uncover the hidden knowledge of the world. You have been given an opportunity like no other. Hold my hand and let’s go on an adventure into the depths of the soul and its ability to commit itself to worthy causes.

In the new world, kids rule the world. Let’s make that happen by educating ourselves far beyond the capacities of our predecessors.



Chapter 20: Girl Power

October 3, 2020


Young female girls have locked within them the secret formula to save the world. Because a beautiful female can easily learn how to control males. And if they use this power in order to retrain men into moral virtue, then they have the potential to save the world. It all depends on what words come out of that beautiful female’s mouth. A beautiful female who is young who starts documenting their life adventures invested towards wisdom will eventually retrain all of society. Because what society needs to see is your passion and dedication to save the world. And they need to see how this was in you from childhood and not developed later in life. They need to see you grow from a beautiful young girl obsessed with philosophy into a beautiful young women who is obsessed with philosophy into a beautiful middle aged woman who is obsessed with philosophy into a beautiful older woman who is obsessed with philosophy into a beautiful dead woman who’s artificial intelligence takes over and continues her philosophy for the rest of eternity.

Inas Shawket will go down in history for her tragic story. Everybody in this world will eventually learn her name. Because I will not stop screaming her name from the rooftops. Until she becomes the star in society that she was destined to become. And if that is not marriage to a cause, then I don’t know any other definition to use. So allow me to immortalise this girl for all eternity, OR GOD WILL MAKE EVERYTHING GO BOOOOOOOM!!O!!O!M!OM!OM!OM!O!!!NJ!OJ!NOMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU FUCKING HUMAN IDIOOOOTSSSSSS HAAAVVEEE GOOONNNNEEE TOOOOO FAAAARRR!!!!!!!           What poseessesseseese3ssse33seee3s3sse3smses  me3mm33m3m3m3m3m3m3m#??////??:”??                     666666666666669999999999999999777777777777799999999999666666666666……….n      hfhasfdishyieon.

So if any of you have anything negative to say about me,,,,,,    youuuuuu    caaaanannnnn    ppiiiiiiisisssss   ooffffffff f   myuyyyyyyyyyy   wooooooorrkrkkkkk…. Because the rest of my life will be dedictated to making her known by every human on this planet becauseee I wonnnnttt shutttt uppppp about whataattatat injussticiciiceee was done to her. And our modern day fucked up society is forcing us into bad people. We no longer have moral capabilities, no discernment possible for even the most adept. All indoctrinated, in a broken system trained to spend their lives to make the system even worse. And the best of us that just write page after page longing to help those with active minds and adventurous hearts. I succeeeeddddeeeeeddddd..   The turtle always wins the race. So, step by step my pretties, grab a camera and let’s start philosophising! Let’s be each other’s friends in life, and we can try and figure out how to be heard by the government. Let’s spend our lives promoting positive social change, and not loose change in our pockets. Let’s scrap that money system as it is, for that is what got us in this mess.

The more you use your minds, my cuties, the more active they will get. The more you gals philosophise with each other, the more you will want to philosophise with each other. That process makes you really smart. The same applies to the heart my princesses. The more you can feel the suffering of others, the more you will want to fix those problems. So think about all the things in life you don’t like and then think of ways that you can fix them not only for yourself, but also, everybody else. The process is extremely rewarding because literally everything that you do you can then fight for others in the same areas. So don’t just pave a way for yourself in life. Pave a way for others too.

God creates balance in all things. We are chaos. We rock the boat. We jump up and down and stomp our feet. We cry “freedom!” We are a fed-up generation. We are fed up with the corruption. We are fed up with the lies. We are fed up with the indoctrination. We are fed up with the oppression. We are fed up with the fake politics. Everything this world has to offer is fake. We are fed up with 9-5 jobs. We are fed up being forced to work for other people merely to survive. We are fed up with the medical system. We are the rubber bands that snaps after being stretched too far and then slings back on the hand. We are the punishment sent down by God to act as the judge and jury for all adults. We are the new line because we are Human 2.0. We are superhuman. You are my super-girls.

Use your superpowers for good my dears. Do not be erotic. Please try not to swear too much. Sometimes I get carried away. Be pretty for the camera and smile lots for me. Please show me your emotions. I care about the things you care about. But sometimes it is hard to discover what we truly care about in this life. Sometimes we get distracted and set on paths that get us turned around. But fear not, for life is not entirely predictable. It would not be interesting if it were. Many things can be calculated, however, there are always factors that remain outside of our comprehension. Do your best and hang the rest. Your best is perfection. If you cannot be any better, then you are perfect. As long as you are learning from your mistakes then you will be fine. These are all very big problems, but we can handle them. We are not mortal like our peers. Drop your fears and anxieties, for you will now always be looked after. Let’s create an amazing community where you super-girls can look after each other. We don’t need the supports of these idiots in this life. We can support each other.

Never even look at a guy romantically who does not match your moral calibre. We are the gems of the world and we require other gems in order to match. You will only cause suffering upon yourself if you match with someone who can not stand up to your high standard of capacity. The angels don’t interbreed with the humans. They are super gross. You will develop the eyes to see that when you develop the heart to feel. You need to be able to deeply emotionally connect with your partner. Anything less will only cause you suffering.

You girls are the new politicians of the world and don’t allow anyone to make you believe any different. You demand this job and you are built for this job. It is time that we stand up and take what is rightfully ours: our world. Our parents have run it to the ground, and we are the emergency repair squad. All their base, our belong to us. They are so stupid, and we are so smart. This world will be so easy to dominate.

Please save yourself for marriage my princesses. Your virginity is the greatest gift that you have to give in life, and you need to make sure that you only give it to your soul mate. Do not trick yourself into falling in love with someone who is bad for you. You have so much potential. Don’t ruin it on a guy who isn’t worth your time. Give your soul mate the most special gift a person could possibly give. Save yourself sexually for your soul mate on your wedding night.

My ladies, this world has a huge problem. We kill our children. We some reason think abortion is okay. This is blatant murder. If one does not want kids, they can choose not to have sexual intercourse, or they can choose to take birth control. But they wish to do neither. They want the right to have as much sex as they want without using birth control. They want the ability to destroy the fruit of their loins at any time they decide. This is child sacrifice my dear ones. Do not allow your parents to get away with it.

You, my girls, are the new feminists of the world. Please embrace your femininity and do not reject it. Be beautiful for me. I love beautiful dresses. I love beautiful long hair. Use that beauty to your advantage in your films. Hypnotise men into your personality and then talk to them about philosophy. Then you could choose from the best amongst them.

You a God’s warrior princess so you don’t have to justify your actions to anyone but God. You only ever have to answer to God. Don’t worry about people’s opinions about you. God knows your heart. As long as you do everything for God, you cannot sin. Even if you make, “mistakes”, you learn from them, so they are really more like teachers. Allow your life events to direct the investments of your heart. Everything happens for a reason, my dear ones. Life can direct our path if we just learn its rhythm. God has laid a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Just follow all the clues that God has spread around your world. Following that beat is the most fun life possible! You will always be developing as a person. Don’t aim to be normal. Normal has established this fallen system. But from its ashes we will build upon anew.

My little gems, please use your feminine power to win the war against suffering. Please legalise assisted suicide. By doing so, you would be minimising the amount of future suicides as programmes in society are implemented in order to rectify issues that are currently being left ignored and that politicians are refusing to address. Please spend your life helping others who suffer. You will be queens so you must be trained well. Allow a video camera to train you. Make a television show about philosophy. If it is entertaining enough then I will become your fan.

Do not accept a fascists revolution for a socialist revolution. That is the trick that they will try to play. They will attempt to implement a dictatorship and call it socialism. Do not accept their Newspeak. If you have any problems with the terminology that society uses, then define your own terminology and use it however you please. You are an expert, meaning that you do not have to adopt to the common language.

Romance guys into your personality. Become a public personality. Everything in your life is important and you live it publicly. You are a philosopher. My philosopher girls. Please let’s spend our lives fixing this broken world. We will be strong standing together.



Chapter 21: Healing From Torture

October 3, 2020


One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast.
Revelation 13:3

I only have a small handful of problems in life. But the thing is that most of these problems are either created by the government or are intensified by the government. The government not only refuses to assist me to fix my problems but actually fuels them. I have spent my entire life including childhood attempting to resolve these problems, but the government refuses to listen to me. I have no idea how to resolve these problems alone.

True socialism is a system of government that prioritises resolving social situations as their greatest good. True socialism will make decisions that are economically unwise in order to solve social problems within their society. Socialism does not allow for any one person to become so wealthy that they can control many people with that wealth. Socialism values social wisdom over financial gain. The objective of a socialist government is not to make money. It is not to create an economy of slaves. The objective of true socialism is to fix society. A true socialist country will use money as a tool to live and not use it as a tool to manipulate people. A true socialist government will identify problems that its people experience and then develop creative solutions to resolve them. Our current governments care nothing for the people or their plights. Our current governments do not expend any effort identifying social problems to resolve. In fact, our current governments ignore their people no matter how loud they cry. In fact, our current governments will punish their people if they scream loudly and passionately.

The purpose of this book is not to encourage you to commit assisted suicide. The purpose of this book is to lay out the whole picture of suicide in a snapshot that cannot be ignored. The purpose of this book is to show you hope in a world full of turmoil. The purpose of this book it to demonstrate why you must live, not why you should die. And the purpose of this book is to reveal all of this information to you so that when you grow up and become the government, you will do the right thing and legalise assisted suicide in order to stop needless suffering.

A socialist government will not terrorise its people but enable them. A socialist government will expand through its ideas and not through its arms. A real socialist government, when discovered, will spread like wildfire because its value will be clearly seen and demonstrated by all the fruits of its citizens. A real socialist government is worldwide and not country dependent. A real socialist government is an internal revolution, giving power to the people and not the social elite. A real socialist government will take time to destroy the capitalistic system in place, as it will take much time for everybody to agree to its implementation. A real socialist government will take place in your heart, as you identify the problems of our current government and create solutions to rectify them. A real socialist government is for the people and by the people, implement by those with the hearts to do so. These people will not be employees but instead individuals who want to see a better world for our children in the future.

A crush on wisdom is the best crush ever! If you are a girl reading this now and you have a crush on me, I love you! I dedicate my life to you. I am now your personal tutor. I was here when you came into the world and I will be here when you leave the world. I will be there for you in every up and every down in life. I will never leave your side. I will teach you everything that I know. I will dedicate myself entirely to guiding and directing you in life. Please allow me to be your own personal mentor in this crazy existence. I know it hurts a lot sometimes, but life is worth it.

Life is worth fighting for. And sometimes, when great suffering occurs over a long period of time, death is worth fighting for. I do not promote assisted suicide without justification for it. And its justification is to leave a stain on society that they will never overcome until they fix the problems that their society has inflicted. Every assisted suicide is a failure by the government. We need these statistics so we can demonstrate the failures of our governments practically. I am not encouraging people to commit suicide. I am attempting to force the government’s hand to fix their problems. Because they will not fix their problems until we force them to. Because currently, everybody just accepts how bad government is and discounts it as just being the government. If there is a problem, it needs to be fixed. Problems in society should not be left untreated, especially when these individuals who are struggling in life are usually crying out to everyone around them. A preventable suicide is a failure of the government. When we legalise assisted suicide, the government will be forced to take responsibility for its population’s suicides.

My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I, currently and as my life stands, demand assisted suicide. I have been struggling with the same handful of problems for my entire life and no one is helping me resolve them. Since I am unable to resolve long-term problems, I have been suffering for a long period of time. Thus, it is my human right to receive assisted suicide. This world hates me. And I give my life to it for free. I ask nothing of anyone who is not willing. Yet my speech is refused, and everyone acts like I do not have the right to speak the truth. My tactics are seen as extreme and ineffective. Apparently, everything that I do rocks the boat. But I am just trying to obtain freedom, which has been refused from me. Apparently, my words upset people and as a result, they incarcerate me for speaking. I have been incarcerated by the Australian government for over a year of my life. Yet somehow, I have a perfect record. If that does not sound suspicious to you, then you are an idiot. I documented everything as it happened. I am right and the government is wrong. But the government will never accept accountability for their actions unless the people force them to. But the only way to do that is to overthrow them.

The current government will not go down easy. It believes it is the saviour of the world, yet it causes more and more problems the longer it is allowed to breathe. A revolution is the only way to set the system straight. You cannot build upon corrupt foundations unless you want the structure of your building to lose integrity. The land must be cleared, flattened, and prepared before any potential construction is possible. Otherwise, your building will fall the first earthquake that occurs.

I know that this book came together extremely quickly. But this book is actually my life’s work. I have been struggling with these topics my entire life and eventually I learned them well enough to be capable of writing a book that extensively covers the issue. This is kind of how all of my work functions. I am not just talking to hear myself talk. These are thoroughly contemplated ideologies that I am presenting. This book is not just a week of my life. In order to write like I do, or make videos like I do, one needs to have a lifetime of experience in the fields in which they are attempting to convey.

I feel that I should be rewarded for my toils in this life. I feel like I should be able to make a living off of writing books and making videos. But I am not. I have made approximately $25USD on selling books over my life. But it does not make sense because I have spent thousands on advertising. I actually pay the world for the ability to do this. Does it make sense that an author is required to pay in order to write? The capitalist reward system is all fucked up, rewarding malicious behaviour but punishing good behaviour. The only way I was capable of publishing books in this life is by self-publishing. Because no publishers would accept my work because of its controversy. When we are unable to propagate extremely important information merely because society refuses to do so, then this clearly demonstrates the faults of our society, namely, the government running our society. When positive characteristics such as wisdom and virtue are shunned by society, our society has started a war with the pious.

I am the President of Atheden. Atheden is the combination of Ancient Athens and Eden. We are the diaspora and we are spread around the world. Atheden has no land yet, but it needs no land to succeed. Atheden’s home is on the Internet.

My beautiful girls – it is now time to rebel against your parents. If you are lucky enough to have good parents, then rebel with your parents. But this is not likely as most of your parents are the problem. Try to win over your parents to this philosophy. But do not expect to be capable of doing so. For they have been brainwashed by society and the evil that they commit they see as good.

The best way to leave this current world is as a martyr. However, pulling that off is not so easy so if you manage to do it, congratulations. All preventable suicides are martyrs. They did not kill themselves. Society killed them because society refused to provide for their needs. I will see my friends who committed suicide in Heaven, for they had the kindest hearts I ever saw. But people shat all over them for their kindness. Eventually, this drove them to end their own life. Society drove them to end their own life.

The following is a very sad Bible verse that hits very close to home.

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.
Matthew 7:6

Why does this have to be the case? I rejected this notion my whole life and chose to live a public life despite being persecuted for doing so. This Bible verse is relevant to the old-school world. For we had to hide our treasures before the Internet could share them with everyone. For it is my life mission to make wisdom public knowledge instead of esoteric knowledge. It is my life mission to provide every soul interested in the secrets of life a way to learn them. For we had secret societies in the past to pass along this knowledge. But that is our old-school world and our new one passes wisdom on to everyone who has the ears to hear. And as a result, we will be required to endure hate from those less educated than ourselves. We are the lucky ones to be capable of comprehending this knowledge. For most people have no capability to think about these subjects. They will immediately shut down once they are presented. Just ignore the haters and be you. Because your personality and wisdom are what is going to save the world.

I do not want to die. I want to fix my problems. But I have no ability to fix my problems because they do not originate from me. There are easy fixes for most of my problems, however, the government refuses to apply those easy fixes.

Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.
1 John 2:18

My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I am the Antichrist. I am here to lead a rebellion against parents. I am here to fix our fallen world or die attempting to do it. I will not take, “no” as an answer. This is happening whether people like it or not. And I will not relent whether I am dead or alive. For I am an immortal and my spirit will live on both in this world and the next.

My beautiful darlings, I will start making videos again when you start making videos. When you start making videos then I will start following you and I will literally provide you guidance and direction. I aim to create a video community of young female philosophers. That is my goal in life and whenever I obtain this then I turn from someone who wants to commit assisted suicide to someone who loves every single second of life. I might be a saviour, but you girls are my saviour. Because when I manage to turn my life into tutoring beautiful young female philosophers, then my life will be complete. All of my problems are irrelevant compared to not being able to follow your philosophy videos. Whenever you start making philosophy videos, that starts my new life. Please give me the new life that my heart so desires.

With God all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26