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This book is dedicated to Wendy's parents. Thank you for raising such a brilliant and compassionate individual. Thank you for raising someone who is capable of writing a book with me. Thank you for protecting her and giving her a stable home life. Thank you for raising a genius.

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“Excellence" is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act "rightly" because we are "excellent", in fact we achieve "excellence" by acting "rightly".”









Chapter 1: The Game

March 26, 2021


What world is there before us, dear Wendy? From 1984 I was exposed to a technological world. I have spent my life attempting to make my work a technological world. I always loved the ideas of games since my childhood. But what if we could make real life into a digital game? My favourite genre of games are role-playing games where you do missions to level up your character. What if we could make a role-playing game where these online missions were real and performed a social duty. If I could only help people from the comfort of my own home through the Internet then I could be very useful to society. I very much love running around in RPG games performing missions to help people. If these missions were only performed in real life, then I could be very useful to society.

I see a bright future for kids, my love. I see a future for kids where they can be contributing members of society. The game could start out as a free to play game and train you in all the game mechanics. After you get good enough to be useful to other real people, you could then be set off into the world as a mercenary, being hired by real people to perform real jobs that need to be done. As you level up your character you get a higher wage. How well you perform your jobs and the feedback received will determine the numbers on your paycheck. As technology grows, more and more online related work is needed. Eventually, many jobs will be able to be performed through an Internet connection. A software needs to become available that gamifies employment. I need to be capable of sitting at home while helping people around the world with their problems.

Every child is given a blank avatar upon their birth. The game starts recording their life from the time that they sign into the game. They can divulge as much or as little as they wish to the game, but from the moment they sign in for the first time they become employees of it. They can stop working whenever they want and they will not pay for or receive payment for any of the training missions. Once they get comfortable how the system works, they will become employable people who others can hire for jobs they wish to be performed.

The game must have many types of gaming mechanics. The result of many different types of jobs will create the gaming mechanics of the system. All jobs are documented publicly so the information will be used to create new gaming mechanics that would improve efficiency merely by turning a mundane job into a video game. New games are constantly created depending on the field required. The goal of the game is to get as many jobs possible gamified into a piece of software that engages and encourages the player to succeed and progress. A LARP is a live action role playing game where one plays as a their own character in real life. Why can employment not be a LARP? How are employment agencies not realising the potential of LARPing through life in a piece of software that helps nerds to be free in society?

In time, my dear, a sweatshop will not be possible. A receive only android will be created that is controlled remotely with a gaming controller. Our skills can be utilised by technology learning from our every action, performed through a game-like remote. In time this remote will receive through brainwaves. This will quickly outdate old jobs as it learns from our actions. But that just gives the employee incentive to keep up with the latest developments. Promotions in level (and thus salary) are held with the highest esteem and cannot be reversed. Getting fired is very difficult and would require much evidence into why you no longer deserve to be on the platform.

This book is composed of letters to and from my Wendy Lady. The structure of this book will be Wendy and I playing ping-pong with ideas together. Each chapter will be a letter in which the receiver will respond to and create new ideas. The idea is to create an evolution of thought in which a good idea can be perfected through the use of multiple brilliant individuals. The topics of discussion are not limited to what has been presented. New ideas will emerge and the ending will be completely different than the beginning. Or will it? Time will only tell the story of two lovers who are forbidden to be with each other. If you listen closely, you will be able to hear the cries of Romeo and Juliet within our story. Because even though this is a story about the evolution of society into a games-based culture, this is truly a story about two people who are forbidden to be together.

Within Open Source University students will be guided to information that can assist them in acquiring skills. All teaching performed will be open source and not receive an income for. However, students will gain the abilities to perform duties on their platform and if they win over a teacher's heart, they can be recognised as a teacher of that individual. In this way, each employee is recognised by teachers and are thus, more enjoyable.

Students will be encouraged to spend quality time with each other. The system in itself will encourage students to meet up and talk. Social practices are required for optimal human psychology. We need to have friends in real-life in order to develop most effectively. Thus, Open Source University will be a social platform as well, encouraging friendships amongst those who you are close with who you share qualities. The platform will record everything and recommend to you individuals who you are psychologically similar to.

What am I truly proposing? A mix of right and left. Such a system would make us a meritocracy. What would the results of such a system be? I wish to see a society run by kids. I wish to see a society where the kids are the ones running the world. Adults must bow to kids and allow them to succeed in life even in their childhood. Knowledge is power and if the kids only knew what was going on then they could spend their lives to change it. The corruption of our governments have run rampant. And no one individual can ever succeed, unless they have great inheritances. We live in a world run by the dead. Both physically and spiritually.

What has never been explored? The name Wendell means adventurer. But what is an adventurer without a place to adventure to? All of our earth has been discovered. There are no new lands to see. Thus, an adventurer must travel outside of their mind to create ideas instead of land. The land is already generated before us and alternative means of adventuring must be explored in order to see new things. In order for us to change as the human population, we need a new ideology before us. Exploring the digital world and its possibilities is the purpose of this book, my dear. Let's have fun writing it together.


Chapter 2: School of Thought

March 30, 2021


Dearest Wendell, I whole heatedly agree. What a wonderful world we could build. Kids these days are brought up being rewarded for doing the wrong things. The kids in my classes are rewarded with laughter and applause for yelling obscenities in class and the boys are cheered on during flights and bullying. I watch with horror as a pack of boys my age chase down the weakest boy and beat him, all the while, cheering and laughing at his misfortune. Further, kids are punished for doing right. If you want to help people and support others, you are branded weak and bullied. If you stand out as better than your peers, you are an outsider and will be targeted for being different. This world needs a system to reward people for doing right and punish those who are evil. If people are rewarded for good deeds then the world would gradually become a better place.

How do you encourage kids to do things? Games, of course! Kids love games, especially when they are young. Kids love to win at games, what if we turned life into a game? The only way to win is to be a good person and treat each other well. Isn't it cool that games like tag can exist even though nobody has written down the rules? Playground games are spread through word of mouth alone. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our game of life could be spread and shared across the world in the same way. Not as a system of strict rules and laws, but as a set of principles and morals, as thoughts in the minds of kids.

I see a world run by kids. A world free from human rights violations and tyranny. Kids are the key to saving this world. One day all the grown-ups of today will be dead and the kids of today will take their place. The Kids will inherit the Earth. If we can teach the kids of today to be good and treat each other as they would like to be treated, then when they grow up to become bosses and prime ministers they will continue to practice good virtues and justice. As people age, all sorts of things happen to their mind and body. Adults have hardened pineal glands and closed minds. Kids are born with clean minds, fresh minds that are only soured by the immoral teachings of grown-ups. The kids that we teach will stay noble forever, they will become grown-ups in name only, inside they are still good little children full of love. They are kids in the bodies of grown-ups, and they will run the world. This is how we can save the world, this is how we can create a world run by kids. Neverland, my dear.


Chapter 3: Playground Games

April 1, 2021


I know that you want to be a classroom teacher, my love, but is that what the future will look like? Will the Internet not destroy traditional face-to-face teaching? If OSU could provide kids the opportunity to choose their own teachers out of a huge pool of teachers, then physical borders lose their meaning. Would it not be best to give up physical face-to-face teaching and in return be able to become a personal student of one of the best in their field? I am a student of James Corbett. He is my teacher in life and he is a real person. The only reason I could be soooo fortunate to have him as my teacher is because he decided to leave the physical face-to-face teaching methodology and instead dedicate his time to teaching publicly.

What beautiful words and thoughts you have, my dear. My God-given mission in this life was to help kids create their own education system. I was never supposed to be the one to create Open Source University. I was just supposed to set up its structures and then assist the kids in making it. Thus, I bow to you. What shall we make this new system, my queen?

When I was a small child I had something wrong with my foot. It caused one of my feet to walk outwards, slightly portraying the way a duck might walk. At school they called me duck boy. I always noticed how when people are picked on, no one stands up for them. The school and everybody in it just allows people to be picked on. Growing up I stood up for the weak. I would not allow them to be picked on in my company. But for those efforts I kept getting in trouble. The vigilante is not allowed in the school system but the bully is. How can kids stand around and watch a bully or a group of bullies pick on another kid? Why is people standing up for others so rare?

Why is it that people are punished for doing good and rewarded for doing bad? I am shocked with my government because it has no morality department. It cares nothing of morals! Plato created the first academy as a school of thought and reflection as to our moral well being. However, school has evolved into the very opposite of Plato's intentions. They teach you math and science and sports, but they refrain from asking you the question of whether or not you are a good person. Plato's Academy was a place of careful reflection into the very role of our existence. What has happened to our beautiful nation, dear Wendy? They have destroyed everything good and decent. They have illegalised moral action. They have promoted the school bullies into cops.

What is it that Jesus Christ stood for? The Old Testament was fulfilled by Jesus and thus mankind could live under faith and no longer laws. The New Testament began our true freedom. But those who refused faith and preferred laws dominated the world and now our world is run by laws that are indiscriminate of faith. A government that will force its values walking all over one's human rights. A fake pandemic gives a great excuse to lock your grip tighter and control a population. Here in Australia, my dear, we have to check in with the government when we go places. Everybody has to tell the government their actions in order to enter certain buildings or eat in a restaurant. Does that sound like freedom? Did Jesus die to bring me this freedom?

How do you reward people for doing good? The entire system is rigged from the beginning. The public are doomed to being forced through an education system that harms them. They are becoming bad people through the experiences they are forced to endure within the public education system. After school, you are forced to succeed without experience in shark infested waters and are taken advantage of for your inexperience. You have to figure out how to make a living which is like going around begging for food. Will you employ me so that I can eat every night please? The masses quite literally begging for their own enslavement.

What life is there left in our modern day education system? It is without soul and without morals. A new ideology needs to come upon your peers. A game in which is taught through spoken language. A game that every new blessing in the world can find if they only search. A game of morality, fears, and tears. If what we were doing were to be recognised for its value, then we could change a lot of hearts together. The gift of your words open source shall shine upon you all the days of your life. By you opening your mouth, dear Wendy, you are giving hope to our future.

One can learn a lot about someone by the teachers that they hold in life. If Brittany Spears is someone's teacher, that element will reflect in their character. The people one chooses to look up to in this life will reflect in the possible lifestyles that they can create. If people are limited in their thinking then they are also limited in the possible results of their lives. Those who see farther can create the implements to get there. The collective is always a step behind the individual.

The results of individual action will be remembered if we record it. No one can ever say that or this didn't happen when those events are recorded in time. I cannot be forgotten because my individual actions have impacted many lives. We are immortals in time for doing this. That is what is so brilliant about recording information! The facts are documented through our personalities. The lens of information holds more information than is directly being stated. The background conditions of the creation of the information tell another story than merely the one being asserted. One can read this comprehending all that we have went through or one can read this only understanding the words on top. It is like a lasagna but no comprehension of what is in it. In this way, loyal followers are rewarded with deeper meaning.



Chapter 4: Teaching Methodologies

April 4, 2021

Of course, I would love nothing more than to teach kids in a classroom, my dear. I have had dreams about being a teacher in a classroom of a school hidden in a forest. I believe that face-to-face teaching is the best way for a child to learn. Teaching is all about sharing information, there is only so much information you can share through text. Of course, you know better than anybody that teaching with video is much better than text alone. Let's look at some different methods of teaching for a moment: writing down information in a book is a very effective way of sharing information. We are doing it now. It allows our message to be spread to the widest audience possible. But a book does not allow the student to talk to the teacher. If the book does not explain something very well, the student cannot ask the teacher to rephrase what they said so that the student may understand. The next teaching method is one we are familiar with. Teacher and student writing back and forth to each other. This makes up for what books lack, now the student is able to ask questions directly to the teacher. This is how we started, dear. We used to exchange emails and learn from each other. 

If this method is combined with the book method, then the teacher is able to reach a wide audience and each student is able to ask questions to the teacher. Let's now consider the method you have mastered: video. Making videos has all the benefits of books but it allows the teacher to give more than they can with writing. It's not just information, the teacher can show so much more emotion through video. Video also lets the teacher sing and make music; try do that with a book. So what's better than books or email or video? Face-to-face teaching. Face-to-face teaching lets the teacher give everything to their students. The teacher isn't limited in any way by the restrictions of words on a page or video. The student is able to show the teacher how they feel about topics. Student and teacher can pick up on subtle body language and tone of voice that can help the other to understand how they feel. I really see face-to-face as the best teaching method, nothing beats it. But I understand that it may not be possible for everyone (even us), I would wish that one day we can bring the magic of face-to-face teaching.

I was worried that my writing might seem childish and silly. Thank you for giving me the confidence to write like this, and thank you for teaching me and grooming me so that I am wise enough to write with you. You are the best teacher I have ever had, it is a crime that your Working With Vulnerable People card was taken. You spent years working for that card so that you could be a teacher, then they took it away when they saw that you were too smart to teach. They do'nt want wise teachers, because they make wise kids, and they know that a generation of wise kids is all that it takes to overthrow them. They want dumb teachers who follow orders because they will form the kids into obedient little robots. The people in power hold on to power by weakening the people. That is why they want us stupid and blind, so we don't see what they are doing. They blind us, so we don't see their horns.

What would a world run by kids look like, dear? Would there still be wars? Would there be laws? Do we really need laws to live in peace? What if we just had a set of morals and an ethics code? A set of laws is fixed for all people no matter what their circumstances. Morals are more flexible and can suit each person's needs and circumstances. Robots use strict laws and rules, we are human we have the ability to think morally, why would we reject our morals and use laws? Because laws are for robots and that's what the people in power want us to be. Only in a world run by kids can we truly be human.

We must continue to document and write, my dear. And you must continue to make films. We have knowledge and spirit to save this world, even if we fail, what we leave behind must be enough for the next generation to finish what we have started. Just imagine the loss to the world if all of our work was destroyed. You used to write before, and when you were a child you destroyed all of your work. Just imagine how valuable that would have been to our effort.



Chapter 5: Curriculum

April 5, 2021


You are right in your assessment about face-to-face teaching. I guess I am bias because to me, face-to-face teaching means being abused for who you are. Like you, I have experienced many hardships from face-to-face teaching. I am frightened of people who cannot comprehend what I am saying. Because it is always those fools who get me in trouble just for being me. Face-to-face teaching has a much greater chance of exploiting you than online teaching. In a perfect world, face-to-face teaching would be great. But you said it yourself that you hate your school. You struggle making friendships in your face-to-face classroom. I don't like face-to-face teaching for these reasons.

But a traditional school setting offers many benefits. Listen closely to me Wendy: after high school you will never have another chance at such a rich social atmosphere. You are in a school full of people around your age. You get this one opportunity to make friendships that could possibly last a lifetime. After you leave grade school then your social possibilities dwindle. If you are alone after you finish grade school, then it is likely that you will be alone for life. People stop searching for friends after grade school. Instead, they search for sex on Tinder. Use your time in your school to make friends. Stop being so closed to potential friends. I know that you hate it there, but use it to increase your social network. Find friends there that accept that you are with me and that will obtain you friends for life. If a friend accepts you for who you are and who you are engaged to, then cherish that friendship for life.

Friendships can be nurtured despite the distance. My best friend from school stayed my best friend up until recently, when he rejected you. But we were always close and used the Internet to have regular conversations. He was my best friend in life from grade 11 all the way up until the end of last year, where he rejected you. But now my best friend is my next door neighbour who knows about you and accepts both you and I. How valuable is my relationship with those around me who accept you? If they accept you, a new life-long friendship is created. Find those friends who will accept you and me and you will find life-long friendships.

I am the luckiest guy in the world. You are amazing Wendy. If you are capable of such deep thought at the age of twelve, then imagine what you will become in five or ten years. Imagine what you will be like in fifty years! I invested completely into you because I knew that if you grow upon fertile soil right now, you will become unstoppable in your adulthood. You are much smarter than I was at your age. I didn't have someone like me to guide me towards right and discourage me from wrong. Why is this the best relationship that could ever exist? Because wisdom is the most important thing in life and by you understanding this from your childhood will plant you in the best soil possible. You will become the greatest tree ever seen by mankind because you are battling these subjects as a child that most adults will never entertain. Few will tackle these subjects in their elder years. But you, my angel, are battling the most important subjects to mankind as a child. You are the light of my life. Thank you for being you.

I see an electronic education system. The student has no schedule and performs their work with a phone and a laptop. The student has no schedule and comes to the teacher online to ask any questions or discuss any subjects. I very much hate schedules. I want to wake up whenever I feel like it and travel through life dealing with my required duties as I need to. I don't want to have a schedule where I am required to be a certain place at a certain time. I want to be free and take each day as it comes. Face-to-face teaching has limits on teachers. How many children can a face-to-face teacher reach? But an online teacher I could learn from independent of location. My favourite teachers are online teachers and I live through their day to day lives. I learn who they are as a person and over time, connecting deeply with their own psychology. How many people can a face-to-face teacher reach? And how many people can an online teacher reach? An amazing teacher is most effective online and not in the real world. They can reach many more people and their work will go down in history. I find the best online teachers in this world and become their student. This would not be possible if those amazing teachers chose face-to-face teaching instead of online teaching.

Adults have major pride issues. They are not willing to hand over their world to kids. Because they lived longer, they have the absolute knowledge that kids do not have. Kids are dismissed as new vessels of knowledge that are reactive and not active. To most adults, kids have no autonomy and are not suitable to make their own decisions in life. Laws then exacerbate the problem by refusing the rights of minors to make decisions regarding their own lives. I am in full agreement with you that laws are not the answer. Living in faith under no laws is the answer. Each situation should be examined carefully because every situation is different. The law should depend on the situation and no activity should be blanket banned. I am not be allowed to be with you through laws. But the law is not worried about me. They know that I am doing something illegal and they do not care. The law gave up their jurisdiction on me and handed it to mental health. Yet I stay out of jail regardless of doing something illegal with my entire life. You are my little jailbait, dear Wendy.

You are very right, my dear. Laws are created for robots. It is a sad world our past generations have created for us. Morals in our current world have been replaced with cookie cutter laws. Every situation is different and no amount of laws can accommodate every single type of person. Laws hurt us because they are inconsiderate the situation. They even stop us from taking moral actions because that moral action is illegal. It is a frustrating world when it is illegal to do the right thing.

Face-to-face teaching has too many limitations. How can I help a person across the world when I am only teaching those who are near me? The Internet changes our collective psychology. Face-to-face teaching would work in a perfect world. But we are blessed with gifted people in this world like you. Spread your seed across the world. Don't limit yourself by what is in front of you.

A sustainable education system is where the kids are the ones telling the adults what to teach. I listen to you every day and attempt to educate you on the topics that are most important in your own life. Our modern day education system doesn't care about what you wish to learn. I am trying my best to learn everything that I can about you, Wendy. I am trying really hard to find out who you are as a person and tailor your education around that information. Every little bit of soul that you give me results in the way I educate you. I educate you around the topics that are important to you and not just a curriculum.

If I am to take over your education system, then please see the opportunity that you are presented before you with your current school. I very much want to homeschool you. But that would stop your potential friendships with your current education system. Use this time to find friends. Because you will never again be in a social atmosphere that enables friendships like your current education system. While we are waiting for your father to approve, find friends. Wendy means friend and I very much want you to have lots of friends. Find those who you can ally with now and hopefully, in time, your father will let me be your high school teacher. Get the system to send me your curriculum and we will learn it together. What I do not know now I can learn and teach you. How many kids get the opportunity to have a full-time tutor? You are the lucky one, my dear. Look at all the possibilities you have in life now that I am in it. I love you Wendy Smith.



Chapter 6: Student Centred Learning

April 9, 2021


In our school, kids are taught to love and respect one another. By prioritizing that, we can stop bullying before it even begins. That's the difference between our school and mainstream schools, if only you knew what the kids at my school were like, you would understand why I don't want to be friends with them. They are horrible people full of hate and disgust for all things good, they want to see this world corrupted by sin. Would you like to know how many people I have met who support our relationship? Zero, my dear. Not one person have I met who actually sees what is good. So, my dear, I simply don't want to be friends with those people. You once told me, "It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person." They are all the wrong people, my dear. It is not my choice, for I would love to have friends that understand the world, alas, I cannot.

Oh my love, thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, know that nothing I do could have happened without you. I simply follow in your step, you are still leagues ahead of me and one day I hope I can match your intellectual prowess. You are a giant I would one day like to stand on the shoulders of. I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the best teacher in the world. Wisdom is the greatest gift one can give, I want to give that gift to everyone I can. Alas, you are correct, my dear. Face-to-face teaching is too limited. Teachers can only teach a handful of kids, and they have to teach using a schedule that requires kids to obey to the schedule. Maybe you were right from the start. Maybe video is the best form of teaching. Video allows a teacher to give every lesson to thousands of people, the teacher doesn't ever have to repeat a lesson like they would do with face-to-face teaching. Students can still ask questions to the teacher by email or some other way.

Or maybe... just maybe... there is something even better. What if teacher and student were to merge lives completely? You know what I'm proposing, don't you? Soon, you and me will be married, and our lives will become one. We will go everywhere together, do everything together, we will spend every second of every day together. We will have all day to teach and learn from each other. There is no need for schedules or to be at certain places at certain times. We will wake up at whatever time we want to. We will take each day as they come. This is the perfect teaching method, my love, and we will do it together, we will show the world what the best way to teach is.

I have mentioned that laws are stupid as they don't take into account the fact that each person is different and will have different circumstances. A school curriculum has the exact same problems. Each child is unique and requires different lessons and different teaching methods. You have been cleverly adjusting your lessons with me, teaching me what I need to know in the best ways possible. A curriculum doesn't adjust to fit the student, it's fixed and doesn't change. We don't need a curriculum, dear. You know more about teaching than anyone else, you don't need to be told what to teach me.

Thank you for being the best teacher in the world. Forever, through God's grace. Your Little Ebur.



Chapter 7: Life Teacher

April 10, 2021


My dear Wendy, don't yet give up on the idea of face-to-face teaching. Just evolve how you think about face-to-face teaching. You are a teacher in this life. You teach online and in real life. We can merge our lives and write and make videos on a flexible schedule for the rest of our lives. But teaching online does not exclude us from teaching face-to-face. Who are our face-to-face students? Everyone who we interact with on a day to day basis. Do you think that my "mental health" treatment team "treat" me without hearing regular philosophy lectures from me? I am preaching both in real life and on the Internet. My real life students are not aware that they are my students. I am grooming everybody that I come into contact with to encourage them to live better lives.

I am so sorry that you are rejected because of me. Let that be the bar for potential friendships. If they accept me as your life partner, then they will likely become great lifelong friendships. Hopefully, my childhood friend will become my friend again. But if not, you are worth it. You are worth the destruction of my relationship with my parents. You are worth everything. I invest into you because you have what it takes to save the world. I never said that saving the world would be easy. But live your heart on your sleeve and pour your emotions into the chapters you write. For your heart now not only belongs to me but also the entire world. Your father might be able to stop you from making philosophy videos. But he can't stop you from pouring your heart out to the world in text, and now, voice.

If you are serious about you not wanting to become a face-to-face official teacher then your school no longer serves a function. Almost everything that they teach you in it will negatively impact your life as a philosopher. You are in an education system that hurts you and we need to figure out how to remove you from it. How is it fair for your parents to condemn you to a place where you are tortured nearly every day? You are in a place where you don't belong that is psychologically damaging to you. How can parents be so cruel to force such damnation? Nothing you learn in that school will ever outweigh what I can teach you.

Let's merge our lives together, dear Wendy. Let the student romantically be with the teacher. And let the teacher romantically be with the student. All of my video productions and writing are already merged with you. We are psychologically synced up. You know me better than anyone in this world and I am jealous of your memory. You are a sponge and you soak up information. You will eventually far surpass my own intellectual capacity. Right now I am grounding the moral framework of your intellectual capacity. I am merely pouring the foundations which you will springboard upon. For it is written that you should far surpass me, my Queen.

"Look, she is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see her, even those who pierced her"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of her." So shall it be! Amen.
Revelation 1:7

Your sword is your tongue, my dear. You are much smarter than everyone else in the world. You are learning how to talk circles around people. You are learning how to use logic to win any argument. You are a strong young lady and you have your whole life ahead of you. It is my job to prepare you to live that life to the fullest. The world needs to hear what you say. Your voice is important. What you think and what you feel about things is my drug. I want to know everything about you. Your mind is infinite like mine so if we invest in each other, we will never get bored. We create reality before us while the masses watch us. We are incorruptible because everything we do is free and we have no financial interests. We are driven by our morals and restricted by no laws.

A high school degree will do nothing for you, my dear. You are about to become a published author. You are a personal student of a qualified philosopher and teacher. You have no use for their education system. We will be conversing on a much higher level of thought that high school just isn't capable of matching. We will be making videos and writing books our whole life. Adding a high school degree to your qualifications will do little to assist and develop your career.

You are a free thinking autonomous individual. You can do what you want as long as you have ample evidence into why you are taking the actions that you are. Even though they fight against logic, they can't beat logic. Logic exists a priori to human experience. We have proven our point before the actual experience. We are right before any hypothesis or conclusion can be asserted. We exist in the realm of common sense that is not very common.

"You gotta fight for your right to party!"
Beastie Boys

Don't worry about your peers, my love. Because it is you who were invited to Hogwarts and not them. Preach every chance you get. Attempt to show your peers what it means to be a good person. Realise that it is you whom are special. They couldn't make the cut. They are one of the ten virgins who didn't bring extra oil with them and as a result, missed the coming of the Groom. What was the end of that story, my dear? Were they allowed in even though they were late?

Thank you for being my student, my lovely Wendy. Let student and teacher merge and become my teacher. We are now one on the Internet and have merged into each other. From here on out, we will both be making videos and writing books together. All that is left is for us to physically merge. For us to come together physically and, as you say, live life every moment together. I am here for you, dear Wendy. Let me show you the heavens through the actions in which I make on a day to day basis.

Don't ever stop being a face-to-face teacher. You are a face-to-face teacher right now. Everybody whom you interact with in life are your students. You must assess their psychology and think about how you can assist them to achieve their dreams. Be a teacher to everybody and reward those who open themselves to learn from you. Be a teacher in life to those around you and be a teacher online here with me.



Chapter 8: TBA

August 27, 2019





Chapter 9: TBA

August 28, 2019





Chapter 10: TBA

September 6, 2019





Chapter 11: TBA

September 9, 2019




Chapter 12: TBA

September 20, 2019




Chapter 13: TBA

November 27, 2019




Chapter 14: TBA

December 2, 2019




Chapter 15: TBA

December 21, 2019








Chapter 16: TBA

January 20, 2020





Chapter 17: TBA

January 28, 2020





Chapter 18: TBA

January 29, 2020





Chapter 19: TBA

January 30, 2020





Chapter 20: TBA

January 31, 2020





Chapter 21: TBA

January 31, 2020